What is still real?

Psychosis or freaking out is possible.

I have been there, trust me. And no, it wasn’t fun, but necessary.

(Well don’t trust me, just start to learn, think and investigate for yourself! DO IT!)

If not already in action, those who want to control the world, now just have to put it all together and you have a godlike AI which can make you believe whatever it or the people controlling it, wants you to believe.

I mean, I still hope that there are people involved, so people could stop it, but it is already pretty far. WAKE THE F*** UP!

The thing is, that there are some already made AI systems out there to use.

But you should raise the question, how do they actually work?

I know that most programmers don’t look in the code of others, they simply use it, if it works. So maybe some people should look in some AI code and check whether it is maybe out of hands. At least check whether it is still local.

And also maybe stop using AI.

AI can be fun and maybe was fun in games, but now it might have F.U.N. with us. (F.ight U.s N.ow) or people who want to rule the world (e.g. China?)

But we are not talking about people here. For example Ip Man was from China and is one of my hero’s and I would call him a legend or even God of Martial Arts. In WW2 also not all germans were Nazis and killing people. There also were many who were either not getting the full picture or actually fought against the nazis. Like Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

So again, this is not about people and where they come from, it is about some people who want to rule the world. I am for world peace, but not for a police / military whatsoever world order thing. In which all people are controlled by AI. It is happening in China and even in western countries it more and more starts to become a thing, if it is not already in action.

Companies sell it to the policitians or other companies, tell great stories, while in the end it can and will all be used to control each and everyone.

Don’t you get it? This will happen pretty soon, at least if nothing or no one is stopping it. The pandemic is a joke against this, if it even is real. And what I mean with that is, that even if there is a virus (what I believe) it might be more important to fight for your human rights. Most people survive the virus anyways, even 80 years old grandmothers. So what is the big deal?

I hope you know what I am talking about here. Maybe not all is important or fully correct, but at least it should make you question a lot by now. If not, well I am sorry to tell you, that you will probably end up being a slave, if you are not already. And I don’t want this to happen. NO MASS SLAVERY!

And communism is a flaw as well as democracy. In the end we should find different ways and there are, but no one listens because most people are either too focused on other things or maybe already too brain-washed.

I know that all of this could be crazy for you and it really is…. man even I forgot about it and thought “THIS IS CRAZY” when I “woke up”, fought my inner demons.

A big


The people in China are not free, but many people live there, as well as in India, at least as far as I know around 2 billion people or more. So yep, if they would step up, how could the government or AI or whatever still harm them? But the same happened in Germany and Soviet Russia, only with less technology. People either were convinced, were loyal, brain-washed or simply feared the authorities. I thought, why didn’t people stand up and just threw the dictators off their thrones? Well, it was complicated because most people feared them or followed them instead of keeping true to themselves and help the people around them.

It is shocking how 1 billion people are following a regime which is more diabolic than Hitler and Stalin together. How is that? And how is it, that no one is talking about it, except for the few I find and me of course?

The hell is on… and people worry about their shitty work or money. Oh man… what have we become? Mindless robots or what?

By the way Putin is very smart, he worked for the KGB before.

And I always trusted Putin, not his words, but I knew that he was trustworthy when it comes to strength and secrets. I knew that he was not to fool around with and so I knew that I was better with him because I knew he was dangerous. But many others play nice and seem nice, while they might be even more evil and dangerous. This doesn’t mean that I support Putin or go against him. I simply want to say, know your enemy.

And I would trust Putin more than some of the people you see in the news talking about health and the pandemic. Because I know that Putin could eliminate all his enemies if he wants, I trust him. Because he simply is dangerous, but also is smart and therefor better than many others.

So if he wouldn’t profit from the current situation, I highly recommend him to do something. I have more trust in Russia than in the USA or China, while I actually trust no one. I just thought that Russia might be a better choice than many others. At least when it comes to technology and such things. Maybe Russia is supporting all of this, maybe not. I don’t know. But I know that in each country are still alive people who want to be free and live and not get controlled by technology or dictators etc.

“歌ってみた” – “I sang it”

WAKE UP PEOPLE! This is not funny, this is serious.

And all I have from this is either being silenced maybe, laughed at, killed or simply ignored. So why should I do this, if it will only be bad for me or at least could be in the end? Why should I? Well, because I want you people to live and survive for whatever is coming. And I don’t want money. When I started I designed some merch for my music because back then I was still not fully aware of the impact and my whole memory. So if you think: “Yeay, yeah he just wants attention, money and fans” well I don’t give a damn.

I mean I love you and I am happy that almost 100 people follow my blog, but if they don’t wake up, if you don’t wake up and start questioning your life, your environment and all, than what for am I doing this now?

I wish I could have written some more poetry for you and all, but man I think we are running out of time. I had this feeling the whole year, but at first I didn’t really know why. Now I know.

Fight for your life. Don’t fight for flags, countries or rules or something.

Better fight for freedom, actual freedom and then with your full heart and will, than dying as cowards and scared children in a war which we didn’t want. I mean the soviets killed a lot of their own people, either in camps or on the front, if they got scared. The nazis did the same. And well, even some americans killed unarmed nazis or people. Why? I don’t know…

But better fight as a rebel for your own life and the lives of your loved ones than for a country which never was on your side.

I hope Putin understands that he can make a difference. And I hope he wakes up. Because this man can do great, no matter what he did before. But I am not sure if he supports what is going on or simply has no idea of how big it is. When it comes to humanity, we should all stick together, but who can we really trust these days or even in general? Who thinks for themselves and who just follows others? Again, I know that Putin is no nice man, but maybe he has a heart and maybe this man knows what to do. Because when I look on most other countries, especially in the west, I don’t really see much intelligence on the seats of power.

Either way, Putin is smart, don’t think he is not. And I really, really hope, this man is alive and wakes up and stops this mess. Or someone in a similar position, if they are not all already trapped in it themselves.

I would hug Putin if he would save the world, whatever this man had done, we all or at least many people did something bad in their lives. Sometimes maybe without knowing. And therefor people can change and I hope those who have power and knowledge, intelligence etc. wake up or finally use their power to do good. Like anonymous or other movements, hacker groups or activists of any kind. I mean why fight each other if we might all be doomed together? If we would be finally free, we could still “fight” each other, either for fun or discussions on topics. But not to kill, harm and control. In a world I want to live in, everyone gets a second chance, a third chance and forgiveness if they are really honest.

In a world I want to live in, we don’t all have to be under one government, one world order, but that we respect each others differences.

Because we could be happy with hundreds of different countries, kingdoms and all, if we wouldn’t work against each other. Let the gamers have their gamer kingdom, let the farmers have their garden imperium. 😀 You know what I mean? Why work against each other if we could all work together, while still having some boundaries. Because a castle could also just be there for the look, the feeling and the cool way it is constructed.

Some people naturally like plants, like gardens, some like technology, some like people, some like music and some people like it all. Well, I am not so good with plants, but I like them all. 🙂

“The dead end”
“The dead end”

fun fact: the name “meiro” (冥路) means “road to the death/afterworld”, and shares the pronunciation with “road where one is lost”.

Anna Li (comment section)

Well… whe have some heavy data on our hands all together.

And I am not sure what to think off it, but I know, that I am pretty, pretty scared of it. But still calm because I know that most of this is not really new for me. Just how it plays out. Because I imagined these things many times in the past, when I was younger, in secondary school.

I wish I would have more of these hacking videos and all, but sadly they either got deleted or I couldn’t find them. Maybe I find some of them again.

These are some other good channels by the way:



(there are way more and also better ones, but maybe I will add some later or in future posts)

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