We are still alive

I also heard from one plane which was found crashed elsewhere and that it maybe should have hit another building. Could add up to the building which demolished without a plane.

Also, do some of you remember or even noticed the flight 370 / MH370 / MAS370?

It was this Malasian Airlines plane which got lost. There were some strange things going on around it and the signal was long after communication failed recevied again on a completely different location on earth. Where it never was planned to fly. Remote control cars, remote control planes, remote control everything. I mean just think about it. Your computer, your phone, your car and most other vehicles are in some way hackable or remote controllable. And for those who have no remote control included, you can place a transmitter under or in the car near the board computer which then can manipulate the signals. I watched a video on that probably 7 years ago on which some young hackers built a board (computer chip with sensors, transmittors etc.) for $5 on cost and then they could remote control a car. And most of these systems use the same base system. Because it is easier, cheaper and so on. The same goes for nuclear plants etc. there was a book, I read it in german, it was called “Blackout” and the author said, that he had spoken with many experts and they said, that the scenario was possible. And it was very shocking. Although at the moment we don’t have the scenario from the book, it is still worth a read maybe.

So while a blackout doesn’t have to happen, the more important message is, that basically every part of our technology could be compromised for decades, by who ever was so evil to plan on taking over the world, that they started this. We are talking about decades in planning in some cases.


I don’t know the name of the movie, but there once was a sci-fi movie, (maybe 30 years old?) which was already showing something like this. That an AI controlled airplanes, factories and also deep fakes. Although back then it was not possible or called this way. So sci-fi and other movies are very important these days.

I knew that these things are or could be possible soon and didn’t talk about it. If even than with my mother or father maybe. Most people just didn’t understand or would have called me crazy, obviously, because they all trust in their technology, government etc. I really hope that some more people are waking up. Just in theory, the whole government could be replaced by deep fake AI at this moment, while no one asks questions because of Corona.

People all stay at home or at least distant etc. and guess what is pretty good if you want to take over the world? Well, that those who could make a difference, yes the politicians and people in charge or experts, that those if they are real (not corrupt or deep fake) should take action now and check whether they actually know what they are doing.

In the end while we maybe hated them before, they could be our only hope now, if they are still alive. I hope so. So yeah, this is pretty serious stuff going on. And I hope it isn’t as far as I think it will get, but it might go this way anyways. So please START TO USE YOUR OWN BRAIN people.

I have developed some apps on my own and I can tell you, that what data privacy will tell you, is all garbage. You can hack a phone with a simple app. And people would not notice it because it is all silent, while you have full access in the background.

I also watched a lot about hacking different kinds of operating system with different kinds of ways. The best was still to create a useful tool, software or website and silently get full control over a device while the user might even be happy. Because you presented a useful something in front, while in the background you got all what you wanted. Be it for a Bot-Net, for back information or simply to spy and stalk on someone or else.

This IS SERIOUS. And it is all around the world, but no one asks questions and some who do, disappear or get silenced. Those who still talk, I am proud of you that you are still true and that you did it for such a long time.

I wasn’t that confident and thought that it wouldn’t matter, but now I just can’t stop because it is SO real that I just have to put it all out.

So even if only half of this is true, you should be worried and I personally believe that most of this is true, especially information from channels like “The Hated One”.

And even if you have no apps or something, well guess who produced your computer parts? Or at least in most cases. Because most companies produce their hardware in China and then simply change the software a little or add some features. But the base parts are from China. And these could have secret codes. One hacker found out about this in CPU from the early 2000’s

Things like Intel ME should raise some eyebrows.

This is a very small playlist:

Not all of these videos are helpful or important, but I just thought maybe now is the time to just make my private playlist public.

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