Questions unanswered

The one who will call himself the savior of mankind, he is not the one.

The one who will sit on a throne, telling us how peace will now be for everyone. This one will tell lies.

Because no one should be placed above us. We are free and we don’t need others to tell us that we are not, while convicing us that what they give us is freedom. Lies, all lies.

Prepare yourself for the worst and maybe it will not be as worse at it seems right now. But You never know, right? Just keep calm or get calm and don’t do anything stupid and think about your actions and situation.

Based on what you know and what you have learned and what you have experienced. Is there a chance for survival and surviving? Oh yes there is, always was.

When it comes to me, I believe that the human body could actually be able to live forever, but that the things we do with it or others do with it will make it die. Because we lose the will to live.

Well, but who knows. At least there is a chance, right? And I mean the body is not so important if you have a strong will to live. Because then you will live. Either way, try to fight in a teaching way, in a defending way and not like everyone else. Others use weapons to kill, weapons to manipulate and all that, but you and me, we are better than this. We want to live and that others can and will live. So what is with all this hate, all this lockdown, all these wars and shit? I don’t know for sure, but stay calm and trust yourself.

It is important, because maybe I won’t be here forever writing and sharing.

And doing weird things, at least from your perspective maybe.

I know that this is all fucked up. I know that very well. That is why I kept my mouth shut most of my life. And now I can’t stop it, at least can’t stop my hands from writing. I just hope I am not making things worse. I want to help and not make it worse. Man…. what is happening in the world…

Stay safe beautiful people. Don’t lose hope and don’t forget to love yourself.

Whatever you have done to others or yourself, it doesn’t matter that much, as long as you stay alive now and trust your senses. Why should they lie, they are yours to use, not others to say what they can or can’t. Use all of what you got, your brain, your heart, you arms and legs. Fight!

With words, with music, with whatever you got. I don’t know what to do.

I am also just a human like you.

I don’t know what to do about it, I hope there are some people out there.

I really hope some more people start to question what is going on.

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