Fighting, reaching out

In programming you know when the info or tip you got was either a joke, not valid anymore or fake. Because you can test it within seconds and also you usually take a look at the code before you execute it. So a programmer usually not blindly executes code, before not investigating it.

So for a programmer to google or in general search for information based on a programming problem is okay. Because usually it is not critical, the actual solution is found over time and they can think for themselves, at least should to some point. But many people simply google for something and then just do whatever is recommended. I mean I joked about it with some people in the past, but this is actually not funny and pretty serious now.

You can’t simply trust the data you get presented. I mean even my information could be wrong. And some of the videos do not represent my personal values, believes and so on. But I use them to filter out the important information and then let my mind work around it. So that I find a possible conclusion to it. In school I often got told that something I said or wrote about a poem for example, was over interpreted, but what is over-interpreting? I mean, maybe I just knew something they didn’t. How should they know? (The teachers in that case.)

But I don’t blame them, they also just followed instructions or what they learned in their several years of studying. I personally think that a real teacher only needs a good load of confidence and if possible and at least love and interest for the children they are teaching. What I mean with that is, that they should actually care for them and learn with thme. And not present them given data and if they don’t commit to it, say it is not good. Progress is made through a lot of mistakes and also new ideas.

Programmers, hackers and hopefully a lot of other people know that. But I guess the younger generations don’t know that and even the older generations who didn’t start thinking for themselves don’t know that. As some people in previous videos / posts said.

Marching on! We are not soldiers and yet we are warriors in our heart.

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