Ghost in the Shell

Maybe the whole world is being brainwashed for decades, centuries?

And those who are still awake are people like you maybe, people like me who woke up again, some children and often people who are in danger at the moment. People who don’t feel good right now, or who feel that something is wrong. Wake up, okay?

I can’t win this one alone. I never could. And I am not strong enough.

Where are all the people who want freedom? Did you believe that freedom is working for others? Did you believe freedom is serving for a country 50 years and more only to realize that money is fake?

Don’t you understand who big this is? I mean for me each day it gets bigger and bigger, but even for you it must at least have opened and raised some questions.

If the last bit of our freedom is taken away, who will save us then?

We can always hope for others, but maybe they hope for us to stand up first. And then no one stands up, until we all forget or are dead.

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