We should fight like Ip Man

If you don’t know Ip Man or the movies around this man, now might be a good time to watch them. Especially the first three. This man was one of the most inspiring, powerful and good-hearted human beings which ever lived.

He fought like a true master and was not giving up, no matter how hard the fight or life got. He even trained people like Bruce Lee.

This man fought with a fighting style originally used by women, tried to help the people and teach others a lesson. He never was about killing people because he always tried to make them learn and get better.

He knew how to defend himself and also how to get an enemy down. But for him it was about learning, teaching and a trial to get peace. You can learn a lot from his movies and also his actual life.

You can win without killing your enemy, if you are smart, fast and willing enough to fight. Depending on what and how you are fighting and with what, the fight might look a lot different, but you can always win the war.

You don’t have to win every battle, I lost a lot, way too many, but each lost battle in the end made me stronger. Now it was worth going through all these lost and painful experiences. While last year it all seemed pointless, worthless and forever lost. Now I can shine, now I can see hope and try to spread it. Together with what is on my mind. Be it weird, be it good, as long as it helps you or makes you think a little, that’s all I want.

Don’t give up, whatever you are fighting with. It doesn’t matter whether you “fail” a lot or lose, as long as you live, it can get better and we can make it happen together. We can make it better, for you, me and others.

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