Use your brain

And listen to your gut.

Because what he is talking about is possible.

I mean, I am not sure about every detail, but everyone knows something.

And people forget that our body is capable of developing an anti-virus and many more things. So whether there is a virus or not (I think there is one), people who have a strong will to survive or don’t care that much about it, survive. Only those who already are too stressed, to scared and fear could actually die or died from the virus.

There of course is always the possiblity for something else. So this is why it is important to wake up. People don’t have to be enemies, we should focus on getting our lives back and first of all not freak out.

I am pretty calm the last months. I didn’t watch the news almost the whole time. I wasn’t sick, I even forgot about the whole situation for the most time. And guess what, despite some problems of my past or my father etc. I felt pretty good and now I actually feel great. Like a pretty amazing day.

The people in my area also don’t seem to pay to much attention to it and despite their family problems, they have some fun together and use the time for things like camp fire, playing and walks.

And then I look what is happening elsewhere and I think, what is this mess?

I mean in this video Bill Gates or other people where kind of presented as the ones who profit. Maybe, but even them will have a problem in the end, should they actually be involved. I personally think that these people are just driven by some idea, fear or a false believe or something.

So either way, we people will survive this.

And maybe think about the technology you are using and what it could be capable of.

I knew from a young age that these things are possible, but back then people weren’t ready for this knowledge and still many might not be.

If those who have the power to stop this (politicians, corporation CEO’s etc.) wake up, we might be able to stop it. Because it will come at some point, if no one is going to change it.

Again, we are not property nor machines, we are human with rights, with our own immune system at least if you developed some and we are capable of making things without mass control. Love is the key folks and opening up.

Whatever fear and hate or whatever horrible things are in your mind, speak about them, write about them and open up. And this is for everyone, not just some people. I think most people have something to tell.

It is not about spreading hate, spreading fear and anger etc. it is about releasing it from yourself and show that you are human, that you are not perfect all the time or maybe not at all. That you have fears, problems and maybe some crazy thoughts as well.

I know what is possible… so I wouldn’t judge, as long as you take your time and face it. Otherwise we might all be actually doomed. The truth is bitter, the truth is hard and we all have different parts of it inside of us.

We are not meant to be one big slave system or whatever. We are free. And if we want to be connected with other people, we can do this. It should more be about the freedom to live your life together with those you want to live and share your time and not to work for someone or something taking your time and life.

So work for yourself and those you can and want to help. Together we can do this.

Consider the world to be infected by some kind of madness, caused by constant stress, fear and pressure. Who ever has some kind of control or power to stop this mess, please wake up and press the brakes. We don’t need mass control, surveilance and an enemy perspective.

Even some people in my area started to call authorities because people were not doing things in a “correct” way. My mother noticed that and couldn’t believe it. Because it were people she worked with, who did that.

While the one person wasn’t actually doing harm or something.

It reminds me a lot of the DDR / GDR – the east german country which was developed after WW2. There was something called “Stasi” or “Staatssicherheit” which means something like “state security”. And it was some kind of police secret agency thing. They spied on everyone, at least everyone who said a little something against the state or maybe tried to escape or start something. Many people were secretly killed or silenced.

Many were said that their future would be gone, if they say a word and things like that. The walls of the GDR actually were built to hold people in the country. So the main defense was actually to hold people in, instead of protecting from the outside. Because the propaganda was that “the west” (USA, BRD/FRG, …) would want to invade, so they had to build the wall to protect. Total rubbish. They also said: “Niemand hat die Absicht eine Mauer zu bauen.” (No one has planned to build a wall.)

And soon after some barricades were placed and then a wall built. Partially over night.

You have to understand, that most people are probably not involved because they are also either just following orders or simply don’t think that someone could do such a thing. People with power often make silly jokes or make fun of people who say something critical, as if the people who are critical are stupid or crazy. Maybe sometimes that could be true to some degree, but you still always have to question things and be able to question things. But maybe the important questions.

You have to be aware that during history usually people in positions of power often pointed towards a group of people or a certain behavior of people. And then said that it was wrong, harmful or the cause of problems.

Nero did that for example, while he burned down Rome himself and said it were the Christians. Only because he wanted to build it up again in a new way.

Look at the world wars, who profited? Oil companies, weapon factories and banks etc. But you have to think that these people are maybe so trapped in their own head, that they don’t realize that at some point they will be alone or that they are missing the best part of life. To love and to give.

The thing is, that you can always say, that some people are evil and some people definitely became evil at some point. But you can always make them change and give them a chance.

My mother told me about a woman who was a victim in WW2 who survived. And at one day when she was talking about it and about forgiveness, a man asked whether it would be possible for him as well.

It was one of the men who were responsible for her suffering and those of many others. And at first she was a little shocked and confused, but then she saw that he was serious and so she could forgive him.

It is possible. So I hope that those people like Elon Musk, Zuckerberg etc. that they wake up or if they know, that they maybe change their ways.

It doesn’t help if people are all like machines, drones or such. If people fear each other and authority, while it actually should be the opposite. People should love each other and those who are in a position of authority should fear them. And should not use their power or maybe let themselves controlled by people outside of the system.

We are many people with brains, hearts and we also have a will or at least had one at some point until others broke it maybe. Fight your inner demons and don’t let the fear consume you. There is nothing to fear if you know that you could die any second, but that there always is a possiblity that things go better. And that maybe one day, you actually don’t have to die. Who knows.

Again, it is possible. So start to analyze your environment yourself and start to think for yourself. Not in a freak out way or “kill all police” or something. Think and think wisely. Okay? Don’t act stupid because we are smarter than this, aren’t we? If something is possible, how can we proof it to be right or wrong? This is the question. How can you and maybe people around you make a difference? This is why this is so important. Because I can’t proof most of what this man says, but I also have investigated these things on my own and must say, that these things are possible.

You have to be aware that there is technology which can fake videos, fake articles. You have to be aware of the fact that Google, YouTube etc. is using AI and that this AI is out of hands.

Because I myself found sometimes very interesting things happening with and around the Google AI. For example before I started to kind of decide for myself on what I wanted to watch, while I was depressed, YouTube recommended me more and more videos supporting my feelings. In some way it first felt good but then it started to get scary and I also started to get sucked into it.

Also with Netflix etc.

Why is that? Well, all of it uses AI to some degree, to analyze your data.

Some people found out that the Google translation service would sometimes show emails, websites and other messages, while the person simply wrote something like “la la la la la …” or other repeating codes. For example when using Somali as a translation language. There could be other explanations, but either way, we should be prepared. Because either some people who want to play God or already are for a long time want to use all of this to make us their slaves, while we might be already to some degree, or there could even be some kind of Skynet running, while we don’t even know.

Either way, don’t give up. As long as you breath, we didn’t lose.

So for me it is more about defending myself, knowing who I really am and what I can do to make a difference. To help people who want to give up or maybe are trapped. Whatever exactly is going on, I don’t know for sure, but soon we will find out. Always remember, that your life is priceless and that you are free, if you want to be free. We people have to support each other and not fight each other. This is what “they” whoever or whatever we are talking about here. Because you have to admit, that when economy goes down, when your money is gone and everyone is spying or starting to spy on each other, that we are already in some kind of Matrix. While we hopefully are still only in it from a mindset perspective.

Most people might be “inside” the Matrix because they watch the news, are scared, follow weird rules and don’t question anything. And if even, then only those who are actually questioning what is going on, for example me.

I don’t want to kill people, I don’t want to harm people and I also don’t want power or money or something, these things are all worth nothing for me. All I want is that people start to actually think for themselves and what they really know. And what they can do to cheer people up or at least support their loved ones to not give up. Whatever happens.

If we give up, we are doomed.

But I can’t tell you what to do, because I also don’t know all. So I can’t say what is right or wrong in your situations. There often is no right or wrong. Therefor you have to trust your own senses more and don’t rely too much on others. Don’t start to think that everyone is an enemy, most people are trapped and simply don’t understand what is possible and what is going on.

Most people are either focused on the pandemic or the economy crash or both. But what really is important, is that you are still alive and that we humans can always build things up again and survived a lot. So killing yourself is the worst, please don’t do it. And killing others is also not a solution. Sometimes their might be a situation where it might happen to be, but at best not get into such a situation. Humans shouldn’t kill eachother, yet we did it for all this time. Why?

I hope you are not freaking out. Please, don’t. I am pretty calm right now because I know that I can’t do much about it other than writing and sharing things.

As you should know by now, I have no specific goal or topic. I write about so many different things. About my life and basically everything in some way.

My goal is peace and freedom, but actual peace and freedom, without the need for police, military and weapons. Where people can do what they want deep down in their heart. Not what they got told they want.

And free people could of course still do something bad, but then most people around could help the one who got harmed or hurt etc. and catch the one who did bad and teach them a lesson maybe, so that they know that they did wrong.

In a world full of love, there is no need for weapons. Because those who wanted to fight for freedom, peace and all with weapons and war, were either fake or not thinking far enough. You can’t end war, with war. That is insane.

But you also don’t have to surrender and let others with weapons do what they want. I just want to say, that you should always think about what you are doing and what for. So if you want peace and love and forgiveness and freedom, you have to be better than your “enemy” or the other people who might not be able to see it yet. Now is the time, now we got a chance to go inside and learn about ourselves. And then we can decide what we gonna do with whatever we found.

I still believe that we can stop this, but maybe it first has to get worse. Not that I want that, but because I can’t control it. I am just a young man the age 22, sitting at home and processing the past and present. Sharing what I got to share or what others I found have to say. Because I still believe we can survive. For those who still think for themselves or started to again, you are true warriors. Because for me someone who faces their fears, while on the other hand maybe not being strong or whatever from the outside, is actually strong. The inside is what makes you strong or weak. Because I am actually pretty tall, but for most of my life I let myself get bullied, made fun of and even little children made fun of me. From my body I could have shown them who is boss, but inside I was dead. I mean not hurting them or something, but you can also show that you are boss by making a smart joke or whatever.

I still have some problems with being strong inside while around people, but I am getting there. Writing and sharing here changed my life and I found back to who I was before all the mess in my life.

Thank you whoever you are for your trust, love and honesty.

It is again not about religion, even Jesus was not about religion, but religon added him to it instead of understanding what he wanted to say. Whether what he did was real or not. The message is clear, it was love.

If a whole army of humans wakes up. Imagine. Just imagine that. While democracy won’t help us, we have to learn from our mistakes. And this speech is still one of the best ever given. Because we are the people and we have the power. So we decide what will happen in the future. We can survive. At worst alone. But I hope we will not have to stay alone, die alone, but live together. Not as slaves united, but as the rules of the world united because we all are, all rule all are able to rule about something, be good at something and make the world better in some way.

Again it is not about religion. It is about the love you have inside or can get back by helping those around you or those you can reach. I try to reach as many people I can get here in the internet. Through my music, my blog and my comments. Because many people are losing hope these days, losing love or didn’t even see love as possible.

I know what happened to me, when I lost the love for myself. So I don’t want this to happen for others. I am me. You are you, at least I hope you are.

Like the cells we are made out. Each cells is a cell on its own, but together they make us who we are, at least when it comes to our body. So people are unique, are like cells, while we together build humanity. We don’t have to agree on everything, but that we can openly talk and discuss and find solutions together. Different ideas, thoughts and people can make wonderful solutions.

AI will not be able to help us because it won’t be better than us, if we are not better than AI. So why trust in AI if we can’t even trust ourselves? Without love, how are we different from machines? Isn’t it the only difference between us and machines in the end? Machines can work, can process data, create data, reproduce, destroy and repair and many more things. But for machines it is just a logical process or some kind of algoritm, some kind of process. For us humans it should be more than that, it should be about making our life and the live of the people around us better.

Don’t try to become a machine, try to become a living human being.

We don’t need more devices, we need to learn how to get along without.

At least without digital devices, at least for some time.

Otherwise we could become mindless, if most of us not already are in some way.

Use all you got, but you have to use it and not let yourself get used. If you use the internet to get information and help others, that is great, but if you just use it to distract yourself or forget, maybe think twice. Maybe you are already trapped.

I mean some things are funny and okay and we need funny things as well. 😀

Otherwise we would become cold and dead as well or again.

But just don’t shut off your brain completely, okay?

Your life matters, whoever you are.

And whatever I say, I also don’t know all, so please put yourself, your life first and then help those who are still trapped.

By reading and watching my stuff you are probably very different from most people, at least more open. And I hope we will meet one day, so that I can hug each one of you in person, laugh together and maybe sing a song or something.

We are all learning some way, at some point. Some people like me already know at a child age what is going on. I think children these days also know more, but then people don’t listen or they think they are crazy. Maybe listen more to your kids and don’t call everything they say wrong, crazy or whatever. Show respect and love. We harmed ourselves and each other for far too long. It finally has to stop. I want to be still alive in 50 years and I wish you to be alive as well. But not as slaves or close minded machine like creatures. We are better than this, so show them that we are. We are alive and we are strong and we love our life, don’t we? At least I love my life now again and also that you are still alive with me! It gives me hope and I hopefully for you as well. 🙂

Stay safe and don’t give up on yourself. Maybe cry a little or a lot, let all of what burdens you out, write it down, speak it out loud, whatever. But make room for yourself again. You are not your mistakes, problems or whatever dark evil thoughts haunt you. You are beautiful and loved, at least by me.


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  1. Very inspirational. Full of great information. I too don’t watch the news and don’t worry about the virus. My wife and daughter got it. They were sick for a week and then got better. I always say Faith over Fear. Thank you for sharing.

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