Life above Technology

And Life above Productivity

The best ideas come when you are lazy my friends. Ask Albert Einstein. 🙂

Well, I don’t know about the part with Bitcoin and gold because you also don’t have control over it, except for some gold in your secret treasure room maybe. 😀 But yes, it is pretty real all of a sudden.

So don’t panic and try to focus on what is important for your life and your family or friends you trust, if you got some. Stop fighting each other and instead stick together maybe. Because whatever will happen this year or the next, you will most likely need people you can trust.

And also try to think about how possible these things are and what you experienced through out your life so far. Because before Edward Snowden came out, there were many others who talked about NSA and mass control and such things, but people didn’t listen. Called them crazy or conspiracy theorists and things like that. Even after Edward Snowden came out, people said: “Well, I have nothing to hide.” But they didn’t understand that it was not about something to hide and more about what companies, secret agencies or technology in general knows about you.

Someone who wants to kill you, just needs access to your phone, check where you have been throughout the month or maybe the year. Or if you are a working just the past week. Then they know where to find you and boom. Be it a criminal, be it a psychopath, be it a secret agency or who or whatever. That is the problem – and not whether you have illegal copies of you favorite TV series on your disk.

And also that others can place illegal data on your devices without you even knowing it. If you watched the old movie The Net (German: Das Netz) 1995, that shit is real yoo.

And I knew that it all is possible and sometimes might get used, but I didn’t speak about it because I knew that people wouldn’t understand. And also I was still a kid, so people would have said: “He is just a kid and doesn’t know what he is talking about.” or whatever.

I mean the TV series X-files or the spin off (if that is the right word) series “The Lone Gunman” were also about these things in some of the episodes or in the background story.

The first episode of “The Lone Gunman” was not even a year before 2001 and had a pretty similar scenario. Sure in the series they saved the day, as usual and it was different. But pretty similar in some ways. And even back then they were already talking about remote control cars.

The thing is, that modern cars are all remote control able. I have seen some funny videos of some engineers and hackers who played around with it a little. Scaring some of their friends. 😀

But they could control everything, brakes, wheels, gas, windows. All electronical things, at least all which were controlled to the car computer.

And some of these were from 8 years ago or something. So cars today are all like this. If you didn’t buy an old car or something which still is almost completely mechanical.

Back when I was young people were still laughing about such things, but now it might not be as funny as it was back then. Can you really trust your machines? Sci-fi movies and series made me skeptical about my environment and when I thought things through as a kid, it was scary, horrible, but I knew I was alone with it. At least in my area and probably at my age. Now I might seem like a crazy guy or whatever who wants attention. If you think so, it is your life, but I wouldn’t want you to die.

The thing is that just because something could happen and is already there, doesn’t mean it has to happen. So I simply want to give awareness about all these things and that you really should think about the technology you use every day. From your phone to your car and ask yourself, how much do you know about it? I know a lot about these things because, as I wrote previously, I just have to know how something works, before I trust it or at least feel comfortable using it.

This doesn’t mean that I trust these things, but that I know what could go wrong or happen, so I know the risk and can then decide freely whether I want to use it or not. The older I got this knowledge got heavier and heavier and while in school obviously almost no one was talking about it, I wanted to erase it or just die. I thought that we were doomed already, when I was a kid. But still, I am still here, you are still here. And that is a good sign in some way. It means, that we might be able to survive.

I mean, I don’t know enough about things, but probably more than most people and enough to start somewhere, should it be necessary.

I want you to think: ‘Do I really need my phone?’ And think about it maybe some times. And I am not talking about the ability to call someone. I also have a cable phone at home. But do you need all these apps, features and all? Sure some of it is helpful and interesting and can be useful, but that isn’t the question. Because if you only use these things when you need them, that is totally okay. But if you always use your phone, tablet or whatever, maybe that isn’t too good.

I am also a person who usually uses the computer every day. In the past I often used it to play games, watch videos and program some things. But now I often use it to write something here, watch videos or search for videos which I think could be helpful for me or others. And I try to support people who are struggling with either suicidal thoughts or other things.

Many people have no real friends who they trust or can talk to. Many people are depressed, not happy and trapped in some jobs or life situations they don’t really like. And they can’t get out.

Our brains are already so dependent on technology, for entertainment, work, exercise etc. that we can’t really think about anything without it. I mean some of you probably still can and do and that is great and important, but I find maybe people to almost always have their phone with them or something like that. As if there was nothing possible without that. And that is scary in my eyes. Because when I go for a walk through nature or maybe on a trip. I either take a basic mobile phone (only for calls) or nothing at all. Because I simply want to enjoy nature and the walk and fresh air. So no need for apps, photos or whatever. And I mean should I really want to make a photo, I could use a photograph. But I am not so much a photographer.

I make photos with my mind and if they fade, then they fade, but if not I can always remember them. So why should I take a photo if I could relive it in my head? But I guess not everyone can do that or is able anymore to do it, if they could before. Because technology made our brains more and more dependent and also less intelligent in some way. The brain thinks, well I can get this information in the internet. Or, I can save these on my disk for later or this software will do the trick. But in the end you are completely dependent on these things and if they fail, break or get manipulated, how are you able to see the difference or get the info you need?

Just think about it. Games like Half-Life, for example Half-Life: Alyx you think they are cool and maybe a futuristic story, but when you “read” between the lines, you understand that it actually is talking about the present more and more. Sure with a different setting and visuals and some extra features maybe, but the story can be applied to reality.

It is pretty fucked up, or games like The Last Of Us and things like that.

Just think about it and tell me that it doesn’t look familiar in some way, or that you don’t think it could become reality in some way maybe this or next year. Not all details or the obvious story, but the basic situation, that most people are either not themselves, controlled by others, dead or whatever.

This is why it is so important to keep calm, think about things for yourself more often and also look for people who maybe aren’t too well-known. I mean everyone could lie and tell stories, that is how it is, but at least you can listen and develop your own opinion. Most people don’t really have an opinion anymore. They do what others tell them and where do they get their instructions from? Questions, more questions.

We really have to ask more questions and whether we should maybe change our behavior. We can survive and we will. But only if we start thinking for ourselves. If everyone would do that, we maybe wouldn’t have so much strange laws, weird behavior and media all over the place.

(ignore the thumbnails okay?)

And young wonderful people are killing themselves.

Sadly as far as I know more than ever before. Even I could have been gone.

Stop being all time positive. It is toxic. What you should do instead, be all time honest, true and use your emotions and speak your mind, what you really have to say. But be careful. Maybe people will think you are crazy.

Stay safe people! Don’t give up and really, start thinking for yourself if you don’t do already. Our machines are getting scarrier each day.

Movie “They Live” – 1988 – based on the short story “Eight O’Clock in the Morning” 1963

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