This is from the german market with DAX

And as you can see, it went from around 13,500 points to 8,500 just in a couple of weeks only to get up again, almost to the same level. Now tell me, how does that work, if it is not a fake game? Because when something goes down like this, it can’t just go up, especially not in times like these.

The same happened in 2008/09 and probably similar things in the past.

Some people are either trying to fix what can’t be fixed or just fooling around with your lives and “money” or whatever the numbers on your bank account mean. I personally don’t believe that gold or whatever will save you either. Because while these rich people are talking about ways to survive the crisis, I think they still don’t understand what will happen. Or maybe they don’t want to talk about it. I mean, many things could happen, but most importantly, shit will go down real bad.

This is why I want you to stop fighting each other and instead focus on important things, like “am I able to survive on my own?” or “Can I trust my friends and family?” Again, I hope you have at least someone or better a handful of people you can trust. Because family doesn’t always mean that you can trust them and friends can become enemies, if they never really were honest with you. It is not about making friendship and families broken and disappear, we should try to now more than ever build them up, but with honesty and care for each other and not “I only accept you, if you do what I say”. The last one is no love or friendship, it is a dependency. A real friend let’s you decide, gives you space but also will help you as best as they can, if they can. Honesty, it is a rare thing. These days and probably ever.

As a kid I thought, “Why do all these people make their life so complicated? They could just say what they need and say what they want to say.”

But later I learned that everyone is forced to think this way or at least that most people seem to get turned into this thinking. Only some stay true to themselves, speak what they want to say and do what feels right for them.

My mother was like this when she was young and she gets there again. I am getting there again and you should too, or stay true to yourself. My mother wanted to help people in need, animals in need. And while I maybe was a little different as a kid, I also liked animals, other people and wanted to be happy together with them. I was weird and often silenced until I was silent, but not because I wanted to be. Because I thought, that my opinion was not wanted, my existence was not wanted. This is what people teach kids, they don’t say it directly, but the actions and words speak for themselves.

If even school teachers started to think that what they teach is stupid or weird and a school principal of mine thought that marks are bad and he wanted to actually see how students develop and how they make progress. Not what some marks say about them.

But even if it would get this way, than probably only to control us even more and tell us even more that we are worthless, while we are not.

Smart people in my class, or kind people, cool people and in general, just the people around me, most of them if not all started to work as an employee as well as me, when my will was broken. While at least many of them could have done incredible things with their lives and hopefully found a way, but I am not so sure.

Don’t sell your life, your soul to a system which was meant to fail.

I don’t know whether these exact images or values on the website are correct, but it looks similar to what I have seen in the past years. And if you still wonder or maybe didn’t wonder at all how the 2008/09 money crisis got fix, it wasn’t. Because everyone who has a little bit of brain power left, should at least ask the question: “Wait, if it looked that bad, why did it go up so fast in such a short time? Or when it comes to the inflation, why did it go down so hard all of a sudden? Because inflation is the rate with which the money loses its worth. Usually it is around 1-3%, at least from what you see.

And that alone should be a warning because if it is NORMAL that money loses worth each year around 2% or more, you can calculate for yourself.

When I look back on food and other things from 13 years ago, these things were half the price if not even cheaper. So what happened? Well, they didn’t get more expensive, at least not from a inflation perspective. Money just got more useless. I mean it is useless, but even from the money game it got more useless. So you have to understand that things are not always getting more expensive, but that you simply get fooled and maybe you just get less money. Or in other words, you can’t fix money because money was the problem the whole time. At least the money system we have.

For me personally there is no need for any kind of money, but if you want some kind of selling thing, than not that. Because it is all garbage.

Let’s hope that people like Himmler or Hitler etc. will not get control or stay in control. Because everyone has a right to live. Evil is on the rise, evil is present every day. But we can stop it. Because we are not satanists, we are no nazis, no communists or whatever people call themselves and say that they will make things better. People say many things, make cool uniforms, cool flags and and tell stories, but in the end, we are still people, still humans and others laugh about the pain we go through.

Communists or so called ones, killed millions of people in camps as well. They hated jews as well, while even some were fighting on their side.

Americans also killed people in prisons out of sight. In the end, there always has been people with a heart and soul who fought against it, many died.

But we are still here. Stand your ground, be the free bird you were born as.

Don’t let others say you what to do and who or what you are.

You are free!

I hope you are actually free and loved and don’t pretend as I did for many years. Real love only exists if you can be honest and speak about everything, not just some things, but everything without getting a weird look or mean word.

Talking open means speaking your truth, even if it means that some of it might be a little too weird and that you are wrong sometimes. But better wrong than dead inside while everything and everyone seems positive, alright and good, when in the end all do the same maybe.

I personally don’t like when people put color in their face because their face is beautiful the way it is. And well, if not, then a mask won’t make it better.

An old woman’s or old man’s face which isn’t altered or masked, is often more beautiful than all the color you can put in your face.

I want all people to live free, live their life and be happy.

Because good people shouldn’t die young, they are needed here, needed more than ever. And not all good people die young. Some live a long life.

So don’t die young and at least be true to yourself, if you can’t be to the people around you. If they don’t understand you, at least you understand yourself. I hope you can and I hope you will live a long life and that we maybe meet one day.

I won’t judge, well maybe I will make a confused face because I didn’t know how you look in reality, but I mean you probably would do the same. 😀

And if then we could still hug each other and say hello, then things are good. ^^

You don’t have to be perfect, “perfect people” are usually only perfect when others watch.

We are not meant to be happy positive fake smile machines. We are meant to feel all of our feelings and show all of our emotions. And learn to understand them, so that those who may could harm others, like anger and hate, get under control. So that we don’t let ourselves controlled by them, but use them if we need them to give us strength. For example to help someone in need.

And then we can actually be happy because when we can cry open, when we can scream open and speak free, we can also laugh and be happy. Because we wouldn’t have a thing to fear, at least not when it comes to ourselves and the people around us. But often it seems to be different.

Children are the future, don’t let them drown in stupid things and tell them that they are enough the way they are, that you love them and actually listen to them. Parents often don’t really listen to their children because they think it is not important and that children can’t be smart or know things better. That is why they have to go to school, right? Well…. I tell you, I learned more outside of school, but you know. People say, what people say.


  1. You are free.
    Unfortunately we need money in this world. I’d create it differently but being that I can’t…
    Keep being awesome
    Love, light and glitter

    Liked by 1 person

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