This is war

But you do listen to what they sing, right?

And words are weapons, so maybe a riot can also be what I am doing right now. Not to flood the internet with information which is just stupid or weird, but to at least try to draw some lines and make it more visible.

And if something is wrong, that is very possible because I am human and we make mistakes. So not everything has to be exactly the way I see it, but I am pretty sure it is more like this than like most people think it is. At least when they finally wake up and see, that they don’t really are in control of their life. At least most people, as I said.

The following is a very good movie in my opinion, which is well-made and you should watch if you got an hour. 🙂 It is actually more realistic than most movies and the hacking scenes or the view on how a hacker looks or thinks etc. So maybe you will get a little more open for the idea that your data might actually be in “save” hands.

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