Take your time

And care for yourself and others

This made me weep. Such a wonderful girl.

Why was no one there to safe her?

Maybe she also couldn’t open up, I don’t know what happened, but I wish I could have been there to say her that.

The life we get presented is garbage and if we only see the garbage or maybe other people who seem to be happy, it is depressing.

While they don’t or just don’t really know that there could be more in their life. And again, I have no idea how she was, who she was and what she went through. But maybe all she needed was someone who she could really trust or love or who gave her trust and love.

People often say, that they loved someone or that they can’t understand why they took their own life. But that is the problem, maybe they didn’t really care for what was inside. Just what they wanted to see. I know what I am talking about, I have been there.

I hope I didn’t say anything wrong and I hope you are not planning on leaving. But if so, just tell me or your best friend maybe, if you got one.

I think these days many people have no real friends. They just have people to hang out with, maybe drink or go party. There is nothing wrong with having fun with some people, but sometimes we need someone to talk about the questions we have, the things which burden us.

A real friend will listen, no matter what you have to say and will at least try to understand. Sometimes a stranger on a park bench might be more a real friend than all the friends you have, if you got friends at all.

We need to put the stress away and also these stupid and strict rules and tests. We are no machines you can train the same way or use just like that.

School also makes people take their lives, especially if they can’t handle the stress, have no one to talk about it (at least no one who really cares). And I also had some people in my area who took their life or broke because of the school process. School should be fun, should be for the children and give them freedom, strength and a good sense of self-worth. Instead most schools teach the opposite.

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