Good people

Speak and speak louder!

If we only see the result or the mistakes someone made out of wrong believes or wrong friends, everyone might be evil.

Instead try to see the good in everyone, even people who act as if they were devils.

Hitler believed in world peace. As weird as it sounds.

He understood that the money and global market was the problem. Sadly his friends convinced him that jews are the problem and later that everyone else was an enemy.

If Hitler would have had the right friends, maybe he could have instead actually make the world a better place. He was an artist, had a great heart, a big understanding and visions. Sadly he wanted to fight a war, to end war and a world controlled by money. Sadly he killed so many innocent people. Sadly instead of helping, he destroyed the world. He could have been a hero. So better think twice. I also could have been a nazi, would I have been born back then.

We have to learn from everyone, what they did good and look on their whole life, not just how it ended or turned out after a while.

Otherwise how should we learn, grow and develop to be better instead of worse?

As long as we call other people the enemy or problem, we will never end war. Because they might do bad things, horrible things, but instead of doing the same as them, try to show them, that they could be better and have something better than whatever it is they think they have now.

But sometimes you gotta teach a lesson. 🙂

Not to kill, but to wake up.

No one woke Hitler up, so he fell deeper and deeper into the dark hole.

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