I never saw the sense in war.

But what I hated even more, when people kill their own people, just because they couldn’t fight anymore.

Why killing people at all… why…

We are better than this. At least I thought. But when I look around me, I still see violence, still see war, still see money ruling the world. Still see corrupt governments, banks who play with us and industries destroying all what lives in the long run.

Are we human? Or are we already dead, while we are still breathing?

Or are we so blind, that we don’t want to see or can’t see what is going on?

That people are suffering.

People in western countries or so called civilized countries suffer from mental health issues, while in my eyes it is more about not getting the point of working for companies who just use you as a number, a working unit in the end.

And in other countries people still kill each other with weapons, we produce.

The second world war could have been stopped easy, if the germans wouldn’t have got oil. No oil, no cars, no tanks. At least back then.

But american oil companies (if I remember correct) sold them oil.

What a nonsense, don’t you think? Well… wake up people. It is all a game, a horrible game.

And we got told to play by its rules, otherwise we are called crazy, cowards, psycho, weirdos, loser, outsider, insane, etc.

But in my eyes there are only people who suffer visibly, who suffer inside and those who maybe have fun causing it. While the rest either ignores it, is already dead inside or too naive.

If you would stop working for others right now, would you be able to live?

Ask yourself this question.

And do you really work for your own dream and what you love or are you always just buying things you don’t need, working to pay the bills and because everyone seems to do so?

Are you working for yourself or for someone or something else?

And I personally believe that those who speak about it, will sooner or later vanish. Either because they kill themselves because they can’t stand it anymore or because they get killed or locked away. Until there are only worker drones left, people who follow the rules. Rules which make them sick, which are meant to break them.

Do you think you will be able to retire one day? Do you still think that?

When Bismark (at least in Germany) brought up retirement. The age of retirement was set to an age where the average human would be dead already. If you now look at the numbers, it still is like this. Now the average age was between 70-80 I think. And the retirement age is 67 I think and some wanted it to be 70. Do you see what I am talking about?

It will always be this way, if people still believe that capitalism is the way.

If they think, gaining money will make a difference or working for companies and not yourself. Because if you work from your heart to truely help people, you won’t need money. People would give you food or invite you to play with them, sing with them. Money can’t buy that. Money is dead.

Are you DEAD?

I sure was the last years, because I couldn’t stand my ground any longer and gave in. Accepted that I had to die for nothing, but not anymore.

If there wouldn’t be money, we wouldn’t need things like EU, US, (USSR) etc. because without money, there would be no need for taxes, no need for trouble at borders. You would either trade goods you have more of against goods you have less of or stay with what you got.

Because goods have value and so you have. But money has none and gold or whatever also has no value when it comes to resource. The only value gold, silver etc. has is the metal and what you can make out of it (e.g. computer chips). Understand what something is really worth. Not what is written on a price shield or shown in your bank account or your monthly pay check (if you got one). You are a free being, able to think for yourself, act for yourself, work for yourself and those you love, but not for companies who tell you they care, while they don’t. And if they care, usually they get bought at some point, a new manager comes or whatever and then they all of a sudden don’t care anymore.

Are you still with me?


I know you are breathing and stuff. But are you really yourself?

What do you see in the mirror? Yourself or your enemy?

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