Knight of hope

And if there is no knight coming for you, to help, be one yourself.

If there is no one helping those who suffer, be the one to take action.

Everyone can be a knight or warrior or hero of and for hope.

This night I drove around at night and then I saw a man walking next to the road. I didn’t have a bad feeling about him and he seemed to have a long way to walk. So I asked whether I could give him a ride home and he was very happy. He would have had to walk around 15 km otherwise because his phone wasn’t working anymore, so he couldn’t call anyone. There were many cars passing by, but no one even asked whether he was alright.

So I drove him to his home village and wished him a good night.

It just felt right and I got this feeling to help this man. I didn’t know him, but maybe if I wouldn’t have been he could have been hit by a car or something else could have happen.

Follow your gut feeling and trust in yourself. Be it to help others or yourself.

Because if you can’t trust your feelings, someone who might need help could be ignored and others might play the role of a person in need to harm you or kill you. Things can happen.

So trust in your own senses, you gut, heart and mind.

If you can’t trust yourself, how should others?

Help others, help yourself and if you can’t, don’t lose hope!


You are worth the fight!

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