Tired of knowing

Tired of seeing all the puzzle pieces together.

And the same goes for ourselves.

We are animals and our lives gets wasted away.

And only a few see that this is actually the case.

For jobs we hate, jobs which kill us.

We live for work. We live to enjoy the moment until we die, until we served enough and get useless.

We are not resource, not machines nor are animals.

We are not property but get treated as such.

And those who speak up, get called crazy, locked away or killed.

Then maybe replaced by some puppets who make you calm down, make you laugh or cry, but only to make you not question life.

And if you do, you feel like dying, feel like being alone. Because you most likely are alone. Not completely, but almost. Because most people don’t really recognize the impact, power and control governments, industries, banks and what else have over them.

People just try to wash it all away, drink alcohol to forget, take drugs to forget until they forgot why, if they even realized it at all.

I have been there, although it wasn’t alcohol or drugs for me.

I lost the focus myself. Forgot about my dreams, my hope and that life actually was controlled by others and that I had to make it change. So that people are actually free.

But it seemed impossible. All my dreams and visions came to the conclusion that either I die or no one will understand it because they are all trapped inside. Some maybe talk about it, but still don’t realize it. Just talking.

They don’t realize that we humans are not meant to work or die, but to fully live and make beautiful work from our hearts.

We would have end hunger, end suffering by now, would we have stopped follow others who tell lies only to control you.

You have to learn for yourself. You have to think for yourself. Analyze the world around you with your own hand, mind and senses. Otherwise you are just following others and they could tell you whatever they want or whatever others told them.

Most people are not your enemy, they are trapped themselves. And maybe in the end there actually are just a few who are in charge. Either way. We all are powerful, we all are worth living for. No one is useless, no is meant to die and yet we accept it because we believe what those before us told us. What they got told, and then their parents and others told them and so on.

We are not free. Society is scam. Most people are lying to each other and themselves. And as soon as you notice it and say something, you will be watched. You will be noticed because you would be different.

We are all getting brainwashed from an early age. Heck, in the recent past it even seemed to be normal to break a childs will. And sadly this still happens. Many people tell us that things are complicated, that you have to learn a lot, make a lot, but in the end you die anyway. So better stay safe… STAY SAFE?! ARE YOU SERIOUS? WORKING IS NOT SAFE! WORKING IS SAFE DEATH! That is for sure. At least if you hate your job or your job consumes you. Most people live such a life.

Others are maybe too good hearted and don’t realize it and might actually be happy with their job at least for some time. But it is always the same, you work for someone else. Even if you have your own company, you usually work for someone or some company in the end or they buy you.

And if you don’t accept, should you realize your power, you get either convinced or killed. This is reality my friends. This is the nightmare. This is the hell we are living in. And people think everything is fine. Life is good….

Oh I bet no one understands this and I am just the only one after all.

Will be called crazy, locked away, so everyone else can live their happy, crapy drama lives, which all end with sickness and then death. And if not, they were not harmful and not questioning. So yeah… better not waste your life for others.

Whenever I do something with my heart, I achieve things I thought I couldn’t. I learn new things and I feel good and happy. But I might be alone with that… and will be dead soon or in a nut house because people would say I am crazy to say such things.

Do we have a right to speak? Do we have? Or is everyone just allowed to say what is okay to say, while they say you have the right. But as soon as you start talking, they say you are crazy. And everyone else will agree.

And when you are crazy or called crazy, no one will believe you.

Because “obviously” a crazy person doesn’t know what they are talking about.

But you should really look into the mirror.

When I look into the mirror I see myself. I can look into my eyes and say, yep thats me. I am free and I feel good about myself. But before I saw a killer, I saw a monster or just a machine. What do you see?

Do you see a problem?

I am tired…

Don’t give up on yourself. DON’T GIVE UP GUYS!!!

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