Give yourself attention

I hate to be in the middle.

I hate when people ask for my opinion.

I hate when people say that I have to do what I hate.

I hate that people think I want to be famous.

I hate that people don’t understand that all I want is to be free, together with them.

I hate to see how the world is burning, but everyone continues as if nothing important is going on. As if all is normal, life continue, people die, that’s normal.

I hate that so many before me got called crazy, got called criminals, got locked away, killed and forgotten.


But maybe people are not to blame, but only the money and power it gave.

I don’t hate you guys. I love you. But I am not sure what will happen now.

Will I die, will we die, will we live?

Should I do what I think is right now?

But I guess I will never be ready and time is running out.

And I am just calm sitting here.

My mind is doing this because it felt right.

Is it? Is it right? It feels good. But it also hurts.

But I know it is right. Only my timing… it never was good.

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