Silent (R)evolution

We should really care for each other more and look at the world around us. The beauty of (the still existing) nature (which we [hopefully] will safe) and the people along the way.

Feelings should be cared about, should be noticed and not ignored, for they tell more than words, more than what is visible.

We all can experience things and come up with ideas and make the world better and more interesting. Big difference, can teach us more about ourselves and the world around us, more than words will ever do. But we can still use them sometimes. 🙂

What you see with your eyes is a tiny bit of all light there is. What you see with your eyes, is a small bit of the things around you. What you see with your eyes is only a visual reflection of matter. But what actually matters, is behind or within the people you are locking at, the animals surrounding you and the trees on your way back home or on a roadtrip.

What you should see, is not visible, at least not without the ability to feel love and give love. I just feel it and give it. Others can then explain how it works, if they want. But first, we all need to feel it. Otherwise what’s the point of explaining something which isn’t present (it is but not enough), but everyone wants and needs it?


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