Beautiful people

– all around the world –

Music can be a weapon of love.

Music can heal.

Music can be heard all around the world.

Let it all out. Let the music be heard.

Without music we are like dead machines.

Without love we are like robots in a line.

“It’s happening… it’s happening…”

Maybe the dream comes true. Maybe this time, it isn’t just a dream.

Not anymore.

Forgiveness is necessary. Start with yourself. I forgive you.

You survived to this day because of the actions and choices you made.

Maybe you are broken to the core, I know… but you survived and together we can make it count. So that no one shall ever go through, what we went through. The pain, the injustice and what else, what other horrors there are.

You name it, you felt it, you lived them, lived through them and you survived. If that isn’t a warrior, then I don’t know what is.

You trained your whole life, every day. Because your brain always does.

Always learns, always processes. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but it does. Otherwise you would just be a chip on a board inside a mechanical machine made for contruction, destruction and war.

But you are not. You are free. You develop on your own and if you let yourself be free, you will better than you thought you were because you were perfect, the day you were born. At least for me. Now you are just a little broken, but nothing we can’t heal. We will always find a way.

Kids can dance, youth can dance, old can dance. People can dance.

People can sing, people can be, because people are. We are.

Thanks people for letting me do this.

This is a very emotional ride, a good ride with tears, heartache, but in a good way. Fighting for the love.

“Love is never wasted!”

That’s why I am here and you are too. We are not waste, we are gold, we are rocks, we are stars, heros, artists, we are workers, homeless, helpless, healers, helpers, we are. WE ARE THE PEOPLE!!!








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