The whirlwind in the head

— Der Wirbelsturm im Kopf —

(I wrote the following in school probably 4-5 years ago, so just that you know. And I found it today in my old school stuff.)


Ein Sturm des Unheils Wesen,

kommt bald schon wieder in die Nähe,

fegt wieder wie ein Besen,

hinweg über all die Lande – soweit man sehe.

Die Meinung und Glauben, gut gläubig man ist,

vorbei bald die Harmonie,

die Fahne des Bösen, die Flagge des Todes gehisst,

doch fort von hier wollt ich ja nie.

Ist es verrückt oder die Wahrheit?

Eine Theorie oder Tatsache?

Angegriffen werden Mensch und Freiheit,

im Geheimen das Böse mit teuflischer Lache.

Grau, Kontrolle, Untergang und Schrecken,

wie kann man nur all die Menschen wecken,

wecken von ihrem Bilderschlaf der Kästen,

blutbefleckt sind viele Westen.

Ob Gott, ob Mensch es bringen,

lasst es uns singen.

Das Ende, das Ende gibt uns die Wende,

Am Ende, das Ende bald kommen die Waagen

gehalten von des Richter’s Händen.


A tempest of doom like creature,

is coming up soon,

sweeps again like a broom,

across all the lands – as far as you can see.

The opinion and faith, good faith one has,

harmony will soon pass,

the flag of evil, the flag of death raised,

but yeah, I never wanted to leave here.

Is it crazy or the truth?

A theory or fact?

The attack is on humans and freedom,

secretly evil with devilish laughter.

Grey, control, doom and gloom,

how can you wake up all those people

awaken from their picture sleep of boxes,

bloodstained are many vests.

Whether God, whether human can do it,

let’s sing it.

The end, the end gives us the turn,

In the end, the end soon come the scales

held by the judge’s hands.

A pretty depressing and dark poem or whatever it is.

Sadly I have no date, so I can only assume that it must be around 4-5 years old because it was in school stuff from this time period. So we are talking about 2014 – 2017, when I was at a technical highschool / secondary school. And well, I guess probably around 2016 – 2017 because it was then when I was getting more and more depressed again.

But I thought, maybe I should post it anyways. So I get a better understanding of my past and maybe you as well. ❤


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