Dreamers change the world

Questions must be asked.

Today I also found some things from school about religion, God and the apocalypse. And that the word apocalypse actually means revelation, I mean obviously, but that it could mean that we start to understand who we are. Who we really are. And also something about God as a guide, supporter and friend along the way to freedom. Which was actually interesting because I forgot about it. So God wants freedom, that is why he gave us freedom. And the freedom to learn the way we want and can learn and make our own decisions. Therefor, God is love.

I mean of course can and probably is God also something outside of our current view, but pure love is something so good, that you know what I am talking about when you feel it.

I also found something my religion teacher drew on the board.

It was about how all peoples would be in peace, weapons would be used to plant and that everyone actually could be part of a positive change.

And this religion teacher was a very kind and open man.

We also learned about religion critics, like Feuerbach and Nietzsche and such. But back then I was still sometimes very focused on negative thoughts and was blocked to see what I saw before.

So when it came to their explanations of God, I thought, well, they must be angry or just evil or something. Because they said things about that humans would put God as a projection of themselves and that they killed him and such things. And back then I still thought, that they probably just wanted to go against God.

So when someone asked the teacher why we were learning about them and their ideas, the teacher made it an open question. And because no one (at least from what I remember) gave an answer, I raised my hand and said something like: “Because this way we can learn more about our enemy, to understand them.”

Now I again see what I saw when I was younger and that they also were just asking questions and tried to understand. And that some of it even was a good description. Because back then I thought “How can humans be God, if all they do is war and fighting each other? God is not like that.” And so I was pretty sure that they must be wrong. But it was only partially true. They didn’t know everything nor do I, but they asked questions to let us grow. And would it be against God, why would it support God? Depending on the perspectives and views of course.

So if you have a dream, an idea and it is weird. Maybe it is not the full answer to all questions and probably also not the only one, but it might be helpful later. So do it with love and an attitude to help others and yourself. Because if it is out of anger, it might lead to a negative outcome for yourself and others. So questions have to be asked and God wants to be questioned, otherwise we wouldn’t have a free will. God doesn’t want that we follow his / its / her rules without any question, only to understand, grow and be kind to yourself and those around you. And if you don’t question why others have to lose or have to be dead, what would be the point, right? So maybe they won’t have to after all. Isn’t it, that heaven will be made new and it might be more about our world? And that hell will be no more?

I mean, there is so much space for interpretation, that basically anything could happen or was meant. Okay not anything, but way more things than just what people think or might tell you.

So for example the end of the world could also just mean, that we all wake up and finally be free to do what we wanted. And that those who still want to manipulate us, control others and simply want to hate and destroy after all, that those will maybe die out, while those who are kind will survive.

So yeah, there are many options and it all is more complex and beautiful, if seen from Gods perspective. Bonhoeffer also was talking about seeing the world from Gods perspective.

For me it means, that everyone who suffers and then sees that there is something more or could be something more and they try to reach it, will reach it. But those who while knowing, still want to stay where they are, they simply can’t be helped.

There also was something about that magicians and other people who were doing bad to others and that they would be die the second death.

For me it meant that they were already dead and now would die again. Either because they were already dead physically or dead inside, while still alive. And a magician often is someone who uses magic or power to control others, gain power and try to get control over something which is not meant for them or at least not them alone. So a magician uses magic for their own good or some people and then gives them a benefit over others. At least usually I would say. Or they do weird rituals and stuff. This doesn’t mean that the magician is doomed, it just means that they shouldn’t continue to use what isn’t theirs to do bad. Because people could use magic for good.

But not magic in the way of ritual based things, at least not from my perspective.

As always, these are my thoughts and ideas.

Maybe look into the book of revelation once in a while and understand, that you won’t be dead, if you do what you do with love. For yourself and others you can help. Often these people are strangers at first and maybe will stay strangers to you. But some could become future friends. If God is love or love is a part of God, than why should you fear God to punish you, to hurt you and break you? People do, experiences do, but God / love doesn’t. Not the love I am talking about. It is a feeling where nothing hurts, nothing seems to make you worry and everything seems beaufitul, interesting and there always seems to be a possibility for good things.

It is not about rose red glasses, you also see bad things, but you then understand why they are happening and that the love can fix them. Love is not punishment, pain or judging and such thing, at least not the pure love. It feels like the best drug you will ever get, while it is none and also isn’t about giving up on yourself. It includes your dreams and wishes with those of others and creates something marvelous out of it.

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