Silence must be heard

If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.

Mark 3:25 (NIV)

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

Abraham Lincoln (based on the bible)

Therefor we shouldn’t fight each other, but fight for each others lives and rights. Together and not against each other. To understand each other and not hate one another. It is hard, but only if we give up completely, we will loose.

— Again, this is not about religion, it is about freedom.

We are able and made for self-validation and growth. But others are all about keeping their power for themselves.

Each story gives us a goal or inspiration. And this is our way of growing, otherwise we would still sit in caves.

Industries will never make you grow, if so, only to harvest all of you.

You can be and are your own hero, if you allow yourself to be one.

Because we are born to be free, but told to be not.

If you understand that we are already in a war without weapons, we know that weapons like guns won’t help.

But the fight ain’t easy. So I would say it is even harder than a war with guns. So don’t think it is easy, don’t think it is. But it is worth it because of it.

And a good defense in the physical and emotional world can’t be bad.

Just in case, just in case something goes wrong.

Words are weapons, music can be a weapon. But instead of guns, it can make us win through action bound to them, instead of physical attacks and damage made by destructive weapons. Actions of freedom and peace are not destructive. So those who destroy, maybe have to learn a lesson first.


“Do not stop him,” Jesus said, “for whoever is not against you is for you.”

Luke 9:50 (NIV)

Anyone who is not against us is for us.

Mark 9:40 (NLT)

So, I am not going to tell you how you have to do it, I just say, what might be the best way from my perspectives.

First comes the war within. First you face the evil inside, but you can also face some of it on the outside. It depends on the situation.

If you know that inside of you isn’t an enemy, but only a friend, you yourself, you can face the evils outside. So first make sure, that you know who you are inside.

If you think that you won’t be able to succeed, you are my choice. Because you know how hard it is and can be. Therefor you will succeed.

The teachers really are everywhere and they won’t call themselves as such.

Therefor they are teachers because they know, that they will always learn more and together with you will learn. A real teacher never stops learning themselves. A dead teacher only does what a system tells them, but the others do what feels right and what the people want to know and actually helps them. A true teacher learns for themselves and follows the heart, not what others present them as given and true.

Questioning things for yourself will teach you. Because while it is said that we should ask questions, those we often ask, can’t answer them themselves or even think the question is “stupid”. So if you know that, just ask it for yourself and search for answer for yourself.

And maybe then, you can show the others, what they should ask themselves. It is more about asking questions to yourself and searching for yourself than to ask others and apply or commit to thier answers. Because they don’t know more than you know. Maybe only from another perspective if even.

When I thought about the words Jesus said when the people were leaving him, I thought, well he just wanted to test them whether they would ask questions and see beyond the surface. But they didn’t and so the left. Only the ones closest to him stayed. And not even them asked enough questions.

Instead today we have a lot of people who value some words, who weren’t questioned, while they were meant to be questioned.

So what does this make them? Mindless, when said in a radical way.

Or just not open for new things, when more medium.

And in a polite way, they are just not ready yet to see the beyond the curtain.

Instead they try to drag those who see beyond it back inside the insane bottomless hole, they never wanted be part of or never belonged to.

If Jesus was one thing, then it was smart.

So whether you think his story is a miracle, whether you believe it is true or whatever, it doesn’t matter. As long as you take the value out of it and see the actual messages and teaching. Not what churches and so called preachers tell you.

They have to learn it their way and I just hope they will one day.

But we, the outsiders, we know more they maybe will ever know. And yet we feel as if we are dumb, or crazy or unwanted. Because they make us think this way. So don’t let them do this to you. Be free.

And I am not going against believe, I am speaking for believing. But I am against dead believe and worship of words instead of humans. Because we are and the words are only because of us and for us, but without us, the words have no meaning. So don’t forget to be kind, at least to yourself.

No matter what you did or do wrong, you can and will come out of it. And there is only learning, love, caring and freedom when it comes to you. But because you don’t really have it or get it, you feel pain, weird and bad. So you ask the right question: “Why is everything so pointless? Why is everything pain?” Well, because you have to take control over your life now and do what you want and not what others say you should do.

At first you have to forget all the garbage they put into your head, but it can happen more or less automatically, if you really want to be free for yourself.

You are allowed to be yourself, to be you and free and have dreams and wishes just for yourself. We are the ones who tend to torture ourselves, but we really shouldn’t. Because those who say mean things, don’t do it. So why should we? Why torture at all.

Video games can teach your mind how to deal with real life scenarios.

Therefor playing video games can make you brave, if you play them serious and if you play games which challenge you.

Everyone has their games, so there is not a specific game, but some games are more supporting, especially those with story and with many things to do.

Games in which most things happen on their own aren’t that much of a challenge. (For example games in which you always do the same thing over and over to get something and that is all you do, aren’t that good. But maybe you need it at the moment. So hey, it is alright okay? Just don’t get lost.)

Those who think they did everything right in life, who think they learned the right things, turned all the right switches, they will see, that most of what they did was either wrong or unimportant. Systems were their teacher.

Those who think they learned nothing, who think they did all wrong, are worthless and maybe don’t see a point in it all. They will see that what they did was good, was helpful and while they couldn’t see it at the time, they are now grateful for what they did and went through because now it actually helps them or will in the future. Experience was their teacher and their own life, not school.

There never only is one way, because otherwise, what would be the point of growing.

Most of the greatest mind in history learned for themselves and made their own conclusions, created their own questions and found answers sometimes.

Other people could never give them what they needed.

Albert Einstein was first seen as a slow learner and they worried about his future and whether he would get a job and such things. And now look at his story, when he finally had time for himself he learned for himself and became one of the greatest of all time. School wasn’t his teacher. He was his own teacher and the world around him.

So why should I learn how to learn in a system which doesn’t want progress, while I always knew how to actually learn?

Who said only men could be brothers. Who said that the word brother and sister is necessary to be seen as a divide? We are friends, brothers, sisters and humans. We should use these words to unite and not to fight against each other. So if someone calls you brother, while you are a woman or maybe you are trans or whatever else there is, why should it be a problem? If if you are a man, why can’t someone call you sister? We are all still humans, right? Or did I miss the part with the aliens and the androids taking over? Maybe… sometimes it feels this way.

Ask questions. Ask them, for your own good.

There is hope as long as we live.

There is hope as long as someone asks questions. The questions which are important, who aren’t always easy to ask, it seems.

And people who give answers as well, sometimes the same.

But we can only survive together in the long run.


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