Enough, is enough.

Me: *Holds himself back*

Dr. Handros: You will fall if you run now, you will fall.

Me: But why?

Dr. Handros: You will not be able to do it alone.

Me: I know.

Dr. Handros: You are not alone, but you will be too few.

Me: And?

Dr. Handros: How will you show that you mean it, if you waste it all now?

Me: I don’t know… But when is the point where we say “Go for it!” ?

Dr. Handros: I don’t know. Maybe I am not as wise as you thought I am.

Me: But for sure wiser than me.

Dr. Handros: But we are the same.

Me: I know.

Dr. Handros: What about the system?

J.SYS: Ready.

Me: But we can’t, you said it yourself.

Dr. Handros: You said it yourself, yes.

Me: And when do we know it actually is enough?

Dr. Handros: When you hear the sound.

Me: What sound?

Dr. Handros: The sound of your voice.

Me: What are you talking about?

Dr. Handros: Speak!

Me: But…

Dr. Handros: It is the only way.

Me: I can’t… they won’t…

Dr. Handros: I said my part.

Me: *stares on the screen without emotions*

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