One message in many scenes

Seconds before the crash, a white light appeared on the road.

Seconds after, two lights left the scene.

An empty car, next to the road, broken.

The walls were white and empty.

Only a small yellow light bulb was lighting up the room.

Then thunder and lighting.

The windows were shattered and the light bulb was gone.

At the center of the waterfall was a little cave.

No one else seemed to notice it so far.

Then, one evening the cave was filled with people.

Screams, hammering, shouting – then silence.

“There is only hope, if I want hope to be a thing. There is only hope, if I let it be.”, said the man with the gun and walked outside of the shop.

The cashier was shocked and couldn’t make a move.

Then the man came back, still with the gun in his hand.

“Here, take it. Take it and shoot me, my life is over.”

The man gave the gun to the cashier, letting her point the trigger right on his forehead.

“Just pull the trigger.”, he said.

Then he realized, how pale and shocked she was. He looked at the gun and took it again.

“I am sorry for draging you into my mess. I didn’t plan to do this.”

Silence for a few seconds.

Then he added: “Take this and promise me to not make the same mistakes I did. I know you can do, what I couldn’t.” And gave her a key.

After that he walked out the front door, turned towards the bridge.

A minute later they heard a gun shot in the distance.

The customers went outside to see what happened, but the woman with the key just stood there, looking at it.

Water was surrounding the little metal box.

Slowly filling up the first room, then the second.

Then a knocking outside. A door was broken up.

Voices, noises.

Then the box was moved, dragged outside.

Cold, old and pale, but the child survied.

When the hammer fall on the ground, the earth started to shake.

Thousands of ants ran away, while a hole as big as a plane opened up beneath them.

Hot molten stone and metal filled the air around it.

The smell of burned flesh, burned plants and smoke was in the air.

A long time only the fire and a dark cloud of smoke were seen from everywhere.

Then rain, a lot of water together wish the ashes of what was before.

And where once was the hammer, is now a tree.

Nora knew the fire wasn’t meant to play around with.

She did it anyway, knowing the risk.

The fire was little and she just burned a few sticks and a piece of paper she found on the floor.

After the fire was out again, she went to bed. A little earlier than usual.

When she woke up, an angry man was standing in her bedroom shaking her, shouting at her, beating her.

She didn’t understand. What did she do wrong?

Then she fell against her closet. The whole thing fell all over her and buried the man.

Now she was an orphan it seemed.

Countless cars drove by.

A man stood at the bridge looking down at the dusty bottom of a long gone river.

He moved his legs around the railing.

A high voice from behind wishpered: “Tomorrow you will find the solution.”

Two hands pulled him back behind the railing.

When the man turned around, there was no one.

Just countless cars driving by.

Michael walked down the street. A young boy waved at him.

He couldn’t believe his eyes. Tears rolled down and he couldn’t hold them back.

It was the boy he stot during the last operation.

He tried to wipe away the tears to look again at the face, but the boy was gone.

Then he heard a shot and felt a warm liquid on his chest.

The boy waved again and ran towards him.

Together they walked towards the morning sun.

The metal was molten, the water was cold.

A few hits with the hammer, then in the water it went.

The water turned into steam and the metal burned a hole into the bottom of the water bucket.

A big crater, were once was the smiths beloved house, when the fire fighters moved in.

All of it is not worth a penny.

All these words, won’t give me what I need.

All the money of the world, not worth it.

So why are they here?

For the few who will read them.

For the few who will understand.

For they are the ones to see the hope.

So why are they here?

One day, the power will shift.

One day, the world will change.

One day and the whole world will see.

So why are they here?

You are here because you matter.

You are here because you will do better.

You are here and will stay.

That’s why we are here.

Could need more of these videos. Sadly no one seems to care, not enough. Or do they?

There is always a new video about cars, beauty and money. Why should anyone care about things like this, am I right?

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