Introverts – Legends are we

It doesn’t matter how fast or whether it happens at all, but at some point it may occur, that you realize that the things around you are pretty insane, pretty strange.

A riddle, puzzle, maze solve will find themselves in a world where no one understands them, everyone seems to commit to old and weird ways, habits and ideas. You see, that it can’t be good for you, but you feel alone, left to die or just to burn.

You expect someone to show up and tell you, that you are not crazy. But at best you see a movie or some music relating to your thoughts. But as soon as you mention it, it is all burning. Isn’t it?

When something doesn’t make sense, maybe it just doesn’t make sense, but people think it does because they believe in it.

And because the ones who fear to speak up or just can’t really speak, would they get together and know that they are not alone, they can do incredible things.

If even alone people can do, what would be if they would all work together?

Well, in a way they did, they do. I found it and am a part of it. Numbers might just be numbers, but people are people and no one should die for being different in whatever way. Be it to die inside or to fully die. So many lives could have been saved, would they have known that they are not alone. Not just words, but shown, visible and felt.

We are the future and because of that, the future will be great because we know that we don’t want things to be how they always has been. Whatever may come tomorrow, we are ready for it. Are you?

The power is within you. Maybe more power than you think you have.

I mean, I guess not a “halo” or something, but who knows. 😀

You have unique skills and even if not, you can use them in a unique way where ever life will lead you, if you start living.

Depending on your situation it might first need an escape in a way.

Don’t forget your instincts and to love yourself more and more.

I see that people with gifts and special abilities often get called dumb, weird and all that. Then they often feel this way and maybe break down or just hide from people. And man… can I relate to that. But it is because they don’t understand the value of each an everyone. The people who say such things maybe are just focused on themselves or simply on what seems to be normal (or whatever). But you can just hope that they one day understand what they did, it happens sometimes. At least you know, that you can be better than this. And that being different is not bad, it can only be painful at first or for a long time. But when you find people who understand you, who have things in common with you and just love you for who you are, no matter what – then all the pain will be worth it.

And I know, it doesn’t feel this way at first, maybe many times, again and again. Because there still is something which you couldn’t solve, well maybe solve, but couldn’t fix. We all together can, with whatever may comes in mind out of intuition, inspiration and the love and empathy towards those who may experience the same or worse things than you yourself.

The world is big, the world is small, a world full of wonder after all.

And we aren’t dead yet and won’t be, you don’t want to be dead. Because when you feel like dying, you feel it because there is something missing. But you don’t really want to die. You just feel the loss, the pain and that something might never will be alright and therefor want to die. But would you be able to save someone else instead, wouldn’t you do it?

If there should be no one for you right now, take my hand and together we will find a way. Or look out and see another empty hand like yours, maybe many and hold them close to you. And you will see, that you are not alone, they are not alone and we are together in this. And we will live, be free, one day. But it depends, maybe we can be free already. It depends on how you see it. If your small step of holding someones hand reaching out for help, might seem so small and unimportant, maybe you changed the whole world just by this one little act of empathy.

What would do a lot small steps?

They would shape the world new, to something never seen before.

What does it say? What does it scream?

We are the walking dead already, most of us. And why? Because we think it is a life what they gave us, while it was only a one way ticket to hell. But we came back anyways, not dead, but finally alive. Alive to see, that things are how they are, but also not. Alive to see that we can change it all for the better and that nothing is lost. Alive to stay alive. To create, make, help and find better ways, not really explored and walked by most.

No one said you can’t fight, but it depends how and for what.

Using guns won’t change a thing, wasn’t it for guns to cause the trouble and making it worse.


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