Knowing all matters

Being in a state of knowing all what matters, makes it easy to move forward, because knowing all is not required to know it all.

If creativity is the knowledge of the universe, I sure got it all. Not in all areas, not all of it, but because it isn’t about me, I know it all.

Would it be about me, I would only think that I know it all, but would only think and know nothing of importance.

It was never about me, so what I know is true and solid like my second name. Good like my first and able to be mixed new and shaped again and again like the name which isn’t mine. And I could be my third name I never got, but I am good with what I have.

The state of all the knowledge is not what you think, but what you feel and see. Knowing all facts, knowing all paths, all words all outcomes, isn’t knowing all. It actually is only a tiny part of it. Knowing all, is actually less than that. Knowing all means, that there can be whatever you want. Maybe not now, but at some point. And knowing all means, that you can do what you want, because what you want is good.

So knowing all is not so much about data, it is more about knowing on how to use it, how to get it and how to interpret and process it.

So knowing it all is more about understanding who and how you are and less about how everything is or seems to be. Knowing these things are additional and helpful, but not required. And knowing it all shows that everything you learned, saw, experienced and felt etc. can and will help you in the future and in the very moment.

Because you learn each day, but maybe not when and where you think you do. Sometimes what you learn is actually blocking some paths. Some of it is holding you back. When you know it “all”, all what matters, you know that what holds you back, only waited for the right moment. Waited for you, to make the move and break the wall.

Things want to break you, people want to, but they teach you each day, no matter what. The more you see how wrong things are, the more you know it all.

And when you see that no matter what you did, you will do good when you understand what it is all about, you see that it wasn’t much at all. The infinite knowledge of the universe (or whatever you wanna call it) could be facts, data, words and numbers. And it is a part of it, but wouldn’t it be for love, all of it would be pointless.

Like a never ending sequence of numbers after the dot.

You already know the value you needed through the first few numbers, so why would you need to have them all? I would say, you don’t need them, but I don’t know everything. But what I know is, that out of never ending number sequences can become wonderful music tracks. 😀

So there you go with love.

While others chase the numbers without really understanding why or for what.

The numbers won’t bring you love, but you can make them to.

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