Remember – we are not alone

and never have been completely

If we think, that we can’t be saved, but we see that there are good things too, why shouldn’t we able to be free, happy and feel good one day?

We turn on to the dark side because we loose hope, feel not worthy of love, of life or why it all is how it is. But we all just need real love and we can give it to others and maybe others give some back. But giving love is getting love because real love is unconditional. So if they give you love back, it would be even more love.

Giving a homeless person a meal is love. Giving a hug is love, helping without the need for return is love.

Offer to others, what you would want for yourself. If it is peace, give them peace. If it is a meal, then a meal. But only if they want, otherwise you are doing what most people do, thinking what is best for someone, while it might be the opposite for them.

Talk honest, for yourself, for others who can’t. Say what really is on your mind and not what you think is okay to say. Silence brought us here, those who see and understand.

“Silence must be heard!”

Because the others had so much to say, but nothing at all, while you should have talked, but no one listened. Or you feared their judgement. So talk at least to those who seem similar, who feel similar and look for them.

Maybe there are more than you first thought. Stay true to yourself and those who really want to be true and free and love, will thank you, even if they first said things against you or nothing at all.

We are all a little scared, full of fear or just lost.

Let us be found, brave and hope for those who can’t see it at all.

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