A beautiful mind you got

Don’t you ever forget what wonders this little thing in your head can do.

It can create so wonderful stories, paint the world in many colors.

You see through it and with it, although it needs a heart to work. 🙂

People who see the world with other eyes, see the horror, injustice and feel the pain. Those are all also just people, but for those who can not see, we are deviants, psychos, weirdos, crazy, sick, autistic, etc.

But we are all human after all.

And only if we lay down these weapons, be it words or tools to kill, we might actually find the peace we were looking for all this time.

These days, the world seems gray, still so gray and hopeless, while it could be full of wonder.

If we could explore the world on our own, we would understand how all is working, or not.

And that there are so many colors, chances and possibilities, that science is only search for solutions on the tip of the iceberg, while there is so much more they can’t see or understand yet. And some scientists try to understand. They question how things used to work and they search for themselves. Be they young or old.

If you realize that most of what you do or think you want and should do is based on what got presented towards you, you understand that there must me so much more, you didn’t see yet.

Hope is like gold, like diamonds and oil these days. Those with hope are the richest humans of them all, while often all they have is hope.

Hope and love – not just words, but feeling it, experiencing it and sharing it.

Those who are facing themselves and fight through it, they know that it mainly wasn’t them, but what the world and others put upon them.

Resulting actions might happened out of it and developed into a monster or a broken soul at least. But these are actually all the feelings you never really could express or things you got told. Maybe things you did because of it.

If you know, that there are people who would love you no matter what, would you fight these inner “demons”, thoughts or whatever haunts you?

I think people often feel lost and that there is no future and they might be right. Still it is about the root of all the pain, so the sense of having no future or a future you never wanted, would cause it all to be so hard. A trauma on its own is hard to handle, multiple as well, but if the weight of the worlds comes on top of it all, you are going to fall.

But it isn’t the end and will not mean you failed. You simply couldn’t handle all of this unwanted pain, sorrow and problems. That’s alright, it is horrible that it is this way for you, for me, but still okay. We are still alive. We can do this.

So I think that healing trauma is easier than it seems and harder than most things in life. But first forget this last sentence. Trauma isn’t funny, but as weird as it sounds, if you can’t laugh about it, it might only get worse. And this is of course no expert advise or whatsoever. I don’t know what is good for you, but I know that a good taste of optimism and people to laugh about things can’t be all that bad.

I am not talking about joking, making fun of or praising traumatic events, as if they are fun and joyful. They aren’t, they can break you, harm you for decades and do horrible things to you in general. But if you see them as a threat, as an enemy or fear them, they will probably not go away just like that. So you have to face them and the good thing is, that you can do it by your conditions. At least this is how it should be. Otherwise it might not work at all.

You have to go into it, with someone else at best. Maybe write it down, record it or just tell your friend what is going on.

And then you need time to feel good about yourself because you faced your fears and what harms you. It has to feel good and you should be proud. Because otherwise, it might seem pointless or could make you feel worse. Experiencing the trauma again in the head could cause even more problems, if there is nothing to hold on. You could feel as if you should have never touched it, faced it in the first place. Therefor this experience should be rewarded in a way. Maybe you could drink a cup of hot chocolate with a friend after a battle. Or go for a joyful walk through the park. Maybe just watch a nice movie or listen to some music you like. Music could also help in general for facing a trauma and healing old wounds. Feel good about the trauma, as weird as it sounds. Because you are still alive and although it might still be in your head or even marks on your body, you live no matter what. And you can be okay again, even happy and you will. Be good to yourself, especially when you think you aren’t worth it. When it comes to worth, no one is worthy and on the other hand everyone is worth to live. So you are worth to live and do be free.

Just some examples, what I thought could help. Maybe you have your own ideas now as well. 🙂

If you realize that in a way we alraedy are zombies, who said, zombies can’t wake up again? The lack of love, is why we seem to be dead while still alive.

“Dead can dance”

People want to find love in things, in money, drugs and toys. But what they should do is love themselves and those around them. (Which doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to get some toys or “drugs” – substances and money, but maybe not as a need, just as a nice to have.)

Without the hope in some stories we tell, how should we see the difference between heaven or hell? I mean when it comes to our life?

Don’t you sometimes feel, as if hell is your life, while there is only that and nothing more? I can relate to it, probably way more than you think, by all of what I have written and shared.

But all the lost or broken people kept me going. And my own visions as well. All the hope from within and the love I have.

A little rusty sometimes, a little dusty, but not dead yet and won’t be dead for long.

And well, when we found our strength, we know that we can speak free.

Because being kind and loving towards those who need it, is one thing, but it doesn’t mean to play the role of a sheep or to be quiet. We all have been too quiet, but why? – Because people either don’t really listen or understand. At least it used to be this way, but now we have us and we can share our stories. Give each other strength, hope and love.

Without these things, why should we keep fighting? – Would be all pointless after all, if there would be no one to have fun with, to feel good with and to trust. Wasn’t it the cause of most problems after all? The lack of love and hope and strength. It got robbed from us, but we fight for it and get it back. So that we, who already count or counted to the fallen, might rise up again, so that the generations after us won’t have to suffer like us. So that their hope won’t get robbed, their love won’t be broken and their strength not be transformed into weakness. A big family we are! ❤💜💕❣

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