The messages in the stories

Since December I am in such a meta environment (sometimes less, sometimes more), that I often forget that all the people around me actually exist. That there are people and not just illusions, although some of them could be… 😀 But also that I sense all the fake, the flaws and problems, that I feel lost whenever I seem to be alone with it again.

Luckily I can find some ground now, with all the things I did set up in the meantime. Still it is as if I am away somewhere pretty often (because I am) and then I forget to check how you feel for example or how you are doing. It seems as if it is all just about my life, my ups and downs and you get totally ignored (it seems).

On the other side you also seem to not really feel like writing or talking about it, but still I want to know. It is boring and frustrating, when all I get is either other people who are busy with their minor problems or just ignore themselves at all. Then I feel as if my words are mean, inappropriate and unwanted. I also found out, that the more I dive into the meta environment, the more I feel to lose the sense for life (while it gives the actual sense). But only if I get stuck in it. The reason for it is, that then the “meta environment” seems to explain everything as a rational and logical behavior and result of action. Then this turns into resignation and acceptance, which then manifests into depression after some time again.

But the “meta” is just how things usually seem to work. It doesn’t describe the actual overall things and possibilities. Therefor the “meta” seeing or awake mind, seems to feel alone and lost because it sees how things work. The actual thing which makes it to get or feel lost is that it seems to be that most people are trapped in patterns.

And if then there is no one who seems to be outside of these patterns, the thing seems hopeless, endless and dead. But the mind then forgets, that itself actually was beyond these patterns. So the chance that someone else must also be at the same level or reached it before or maybe soon, is pretty high. Given that it was possible to see, makes it possible for everyone who wants to see. And when the mind doesn’t forget this or reminds itself about it (or gets by other external sources), it will fight the status quo. Or the trapped patterns to set others free.

There also shouldn’t be forgotten that the mind is able to work on several levels on different areas. So while I might experience something on my own and feel alone with it, my mind could transfer this experience to another mind. This could result in a dream, a feeling or idea for someone else. And so the experience I had could turn out into a book, an invention or something else.

Therefor the thoughts, feelings and experiences one has with those, could result in the growth of us all. We seem to ignore the possibility that this could be (and for me is) the case. So we try to communicate with words, with digital or physical paper etc.

And if someone doesn’t receive our message or misinterprets it, it could even cause the opposite of our intention. There also is the possibility that a dream or thought could manifest itself into something higher, than just a message on a screen or piece of paper. The for the eye visible message could of course trigger a thought as well, but might be interfered with other thoughts and messages in a specific context. So the actual meaning is not valid anymore and therefor could be ignored. But maybe the most powerful message is without words. And gets received by those who are open for it (e.g. writers / authors).

So then they write down the thoughts someone else had or created before them. And when they present it to the people who can’t see beyond the patterns, they get a little bit closer to the same level the original “author” had. So maybe most authors are also slave-minds, while people like me might be masterminds, giving them inspiration to write – while not necessarily writing or communicating with them. And then maybe when I write, I write what someone else gave me to write down. Maybe from the past or from whatever is hidden in our DNA, or what others experienced.

But in my case, I also write about what I personally think, experienced and learned. So maybe authors are half-sighted? They sometimes look beyond the patterns and then come back to write. But it seems as if they not always are aware of it. Because would they be aware of it, wouldn’t they use their power more efficiently? Wouldn’t they feel more confident about their words because they know it is true, helpful and part of a big growing process?

But then we get love romance after love romance and this isn’t what I am talking about. Books which are in the area I am talking about, usually are thrillers, horror or fantasy and sci-fi. So basically fiction. Fiction with a big taste of truth. But for most people it seems like “just” stories. And while the written or played story (the cloth, the place, the colorful data) might not be the actual message, there is then a message within.

A therapist once said in a TED talk that the horror genre can bring up society critics because most people are focused on the “horror” of the story, while the actual horror can only be seen by those who at least question things. I mean he didn’t say it this way, but for me it turned into this. It made sense this way.

I mean it is one thing if the one who creates the message knows about the message, but another if the author doesn’t really know what exactly they are doing. If the author knows, it could be problematic because then the feelings could overcome them and the whole message might be too obvious and then could lead to a negative result (or too positive).

I mean it would be good if the message would be obvious, no? It depends on the situation.

If you are not really free, but want to be free and then you come up with false freedom, you would get attacked. But would you sing about it or write about it in a fictional sci-fi scenario for example, the ones who would attack, might not even get it.

They might think: “Oh great, this is ‘just’ a story. Let them have their little stories.”

But in the background people wake up, start to see the flaws for themselves until at one point maybe the majority is awake. At least that would be the hope. The goal.

Because an aggressive “wake up” often leads to problems and not gets to the message. So people destroying markets, people harming each other, that isn’t how it should be. But if you “wake up” people in an aggressive way, they are not really awake most of the time. They just got from one sleep into another. So if they are once in the other sleep mode, they might just push it to a point where there could be civil war. Or they blame a certain group of people – how people look or in what position they are etc.

Like with the jews for example. So, so often it was: “It must have been the jews. It is the jews fault!”

And also: “The witch, burn the witches.”

Or: “The kings and lords have to die.”

And such things.

But often when they succeeded, it was because they actually were on the wrong side. And if they didn’t. it was pointless after all.

Not every king was and is bad. The king who gets killed at an early stage of revolution, might have been a good one after all. You could have found a different path.

For example the russian revolution was such a case. The one were the Czar and his family got killed. This man actually never wanted the job, actually wanted to help the people and probably got fooled by his ministers or “supporters”. For what in the end? For a broke country, criminals on the street killing people and the whole system went down. Only to get another “king”, Czar or leader.

The revolution in that case actually brought more trouble than it solved. So you have to question, what did they do wrong? Well, they were driven by hate, some people projected. And usually the leaders (or the ones who profit), who are actually a problem don’t get killed or attacked so easily because they know how to manipulate, how to stay in control.

So when you have people leading in your country, who to you personally don’t seem like the worst, maybe your thoughts towards them could actually help them to do their job right. Not every country is evil, not every leader is evil. But in our “civilized” countries we often think there is only that. If we see, so to say.

Because if we don’t really see, we of course always be thankful for the next stupid president or leader to tell us how it goes, while they get money, power and control. Sometimes an action is required, but not an action of aggression or war, but peace. Because the hardest battle is that of actually fighting for peace.

Fighting for peace doesn’t involve physical weapons. Fighting for peace doesn’t use people.

Waving a white flag or towel on the street might be someone fighting for peace. And it is a peaceful action. Just imagine a million people doing that at the same time. But instead we see people throwing stones, others hitting them or shooting them. We see people with aggression (understandable but not helpful). And then we see how people who actually fight for peace getting hit as well. I have seen people who were peaceful and still got hit by police, got arrested, attacked.

The police could actually be your friend, if you know that they are also human. Sometimes people forget this.

Police sees people who are doing things not allowed or usually seen and sees enemies.

The other people see the police and sees enemies.

But what do we get? Only more enemies.

And in the end, maybe they are fighting themselves.

Even though others might throw stones anyways, don’t do what they do. Do what you think is good and helpful.In my case it would be to do peaceful actions. Protecting and helping up someone of the police team who maybe got hit by a stone. Helping those who got hit in general.

Do you know that the one who came up with the red cross originally did that during a war? He gave both sides water and medical help, not caring whether they were fighting for or against his country, before they got hit. The red cross then even was a symbol of peace in a way because when the soldiers saw a wagon or people with a red cross, they stopped shooting. The people inside or nearby could be their friends or allies.

So because they were from both sides, both sides didn’t shoot. At least in the beginning it was like this. I mean now the red cross is something completely different from what it was back then.

But things change over time, still we should not forget why and were things started.

Did I break the message? I think, it is part of it to be heard, also with words, clear and open. But usually it meant a sacrifice, often even death and many enemies.

But not everyone who fought such battles died. Luther didn’t die, people helped him and so he could finish his work and make the world a little better. He had his problems and wasn’t always right, but he could have been killed for what he did. Without him, language, believe and freedom would have taken way longer to develop.

So it is not given that one who speaks with truth gets killed or people they care about. But things are possible, so know why you are doing what you are doing. And have hope, that things will turn out well after some time. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not in a month, but who knows what the next years bring, right? 🙂

Stay open, feel good about your progress and don’t give up. But it is okay to feel like it. I often feel like giving up and ending it all, but still I am here and so you are.

Sending you love! 💜

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