Just watch the series.

DARK is a german sci-fi series. Watch if you can. Maybe alone, it depends.

And it is pretty dark, but also giving answers to questions you never asked.

And it opens space to ask more of them. Hopefully to find better answers.

We will see.

Edit: Maybe I should not continue with whatever I am doing the last week and instead go for nature again as I did partially.

Dark actually is too heavy for me at the moment. Maybe you shouldn’t watch it while being depressed. (Says the one with a lifetime depression. well…)

Edit – 2: I was out near water and trees. Have seen a fox and a young deer. It was calm and refreshing.

But now that I am back home again, just entering the house gave me this heavy pain again. There really is more to it than just myself and the past and present experiences in and around my house.

But I aim to have a good sleep anyway.

Thanks for staying with me and helping me out by your presence. 🙂