Pure believe and trust in it

Well, this is the dark side of feeling power and wisdom, if you didn’t learn the peaceful way first. Because then you might be able to gain all this power and use all the knowledge, but only for bad and in the end either die or be left alone because everyone else died. There is no pleasure in taking someone’s life or life in general.

I eat meat from cows, chicken and pigs, but I wouldn’t want to kill animals.

This is actually a paradox thing because I eat dead animals something or someone else killed for me. So I killed them, but didn’t have to do it.

Does this make me evil? In a way it does. But it depends on the perspective.

For myself I grew up eating meat, so it was normal for me and still is in a way, while during the years I more and more changed my perspectives towards it.

So I would be totally fine with potatoes or potatoe based food, but sometimes I just feel the need for meat. But wouldn’t I have meat, then I could probably live without it. Strange, but I guess that is true.

So why do I still eat meat, while I don’t want to kill life?

For me it is in a way strange to eat anyways, but the body needs it, right?

At least at the moment our bodies need food. But do they need meat? I think that they can work without it. What is the problem with healthy food or the need to eat heathly (whatever this exactly means)?

From my personal views eating meat is not necessary to live and survive and should the body get used to food without meat, it could be totally fine.

The main problem with health in general is our own feeling towards it. So for example, if you are stressed and in general not very happy, healthy food won’t make you healthy. And on the other hand, should you be happy in general, even unhealthy food could make you healthy. Why is that? Well, we forget, that food is basically fuel for our body, the cells etc.

When we don’t see it as “unhealthy” and “healthy” food, it suddenly turns out to be “just” food. The key to eat healthy is of course more complex to the core, but we aren’t all the same. And therefor, some people might actually need meat or at least for the moment, while others naturally don’t need it.

I believe that over time we could all live without it, but forcing it, will only make us sick. It is the same with most things. Those who feel pleasure by doing bad / evil things, will do bad no matter what. Only if they maybe by chance fall deep down one day, they maybe realize that there are other ways.

Some people I know and knew ate “healthy” according to what was said to be healthy. And then they got cancer. This is of course not scientific, I guess that what I write usually is not scientific or in any way based on what the majority accepts etc. What this meant for me was, that they of course didn’t got cancer because of healthy food, but because they forced themselves to eat it or always check whether the things were good and healthy.

The stress involved with always checking what is in the food or on how to get the most healthy meal in the end might make you sick as well.

The same goes for spiritual awakening, knowledge growing, power gain, money gain and so on.

And then usually people come and say, it is about the balance or things like that, but this is also not totally right in my eyes.

The word “balance” can be interpreted very wrong and in so many ways, that for me it should actually be either changed or not used anymore.

Why is that? Well, you could say that “balance” means, that there always has to be someone bad in order to have someone good. But this would mean, that our existence would imply the need for bad and evil people. I don’t believe that. I mean, sure in a way we need something evil, but it depends. So for example, if you are scared because of a scary story someone told, it might teach you something. While the same story getting real, probably breaks something in you or kills you or something. This means, that a fictional evil might be okay to some level, but a real evil is not necessary. Meaning, that a fictional evil in order to learn or teach a lesson could actually be good to some degree, while the actual thing in reality wouldn’t be wanted or needed to keep a so called “balance”. (I really started to hate that word, sorry.)

Like a training. You still sharpen your senses, learn something or at least keep some skills, while there wasn’t the need for actual harm or problems. For example through video games you can learn to handle very stressful situations, still keep calm and even make it out alive. Of course would some of these experiences in reality be way more difficult, but at least you would have had survived something similar while playing or at least have an idea on what to do. Be it first aid, self-defense, building things, growing plants, etc. Of course a game is not reality, but some games are pretty realistic.

I probably wrote about these things already some times, but for me it is really important. Because I have seen some unhappy vegetarians or vegans, have had some people who got cancer because they where too serious about their health and such things. The body is capable of dealing with so many things by nature, but we or at least many people run to the doctors for little things. I usually didn’t went to the doctors, whenever I could avoid it and I didn’t die from sickness, my body found the healthy way on its own and I am still here.

Medicine is good when you are in a hurry, for example surgery or for someone with a temporary weak immune system etc.

But when you start to give the children medicine for every little sickness or injury they have, what do you expect the body to do? Well, it obviously learns that there will always come external help. And if there isn’t it will be helpless. Also it starts to need more and more after some time, depending on the medicine type and sickness/issue.

Not every human has every ability, that is for sure. But in general, or usually I should say, we can survive many things without medicine. I mean, some people even survive broken bones because their body replaced it with muscles. Heavy stuff. Of course they wouldn’t be the same in all cases and be able to do what they could before, but at least something happened.

Sometimes it feels as if we are robots which constantly need maintenance and “new” parts. But our bodies are actually capable of self-repair in most areas. I mean, I am not sure how far we are on regenerating fingers, but why not, some time in the future.

But if we more and more get used to external substances etc., we might devolve instead of evolve and I bet we already did in a way.

Healthy food depends on your need and if you listen to your body, you might know what would be “healthy” or need at the moment.

If you have a construction side and let’s say the workers need some boards and maybe some wood blocks, wouldn’t it be stupid to just give them some steal poles and plates instead, only because they are seen as more stable?

I hope you know what I mean with this example. Because of course is steal pretty strong and all, but if the house was meant to be made out of wood, the steal wouldn’t be a good idea nor needed.

So why force your body to eat salad, while you might need some potatoes or bread instead? (I mean of course the body would need the underlying biological structures and not the look. But maybe it is clearer now.)

I even heard things about babies and that they often know what they need to grow and develop, be it for food or things like knowledge and understanding. So for example, some babies or children maybe grow some things first on in a certain way and therefor now want a specific food or learning source etc. But because people got used to “standard” methods or so called “healthcare” or “learning” experts, they actually do harm to their kids. So if a baby maybe wants the same kind of meal for a period of one or two weeks, why would it be a problem?

But because of so called “balance” or variation, some parents force their children to eat other food or at least try to. And at some point the children probably accept it and give up in a way. Be it learning, eating or other things.

And then you wonder why people get depressed, feel numb, helpless, lonely, broken, overwhelmed, misunderstood and dead inside? Then you wonder that people get cancer and so many other illnesses and even develop new ones? Then you wonder that school is not working, healthcare has problems and people are dying? Well, I sure don’t wonder about it for many years, I just resignated to the fact, that most people either believe in these flaws, don’t understand it or simply accept it. I didn’t accept these things, I simply tried to forget all this nonsense and that people like me seemed to be ignored. From my view most people could and should be like me. Maybe not all of me and of course not exactly like me, but open like me, able to love people like me and able to love themselves, able to see so many opportunities, ideas, dreams and hope. I believe that most people start with these things or at least have the ability for these things, but the already older people “teach” them how to behave, how to think and how to be in general.

Maybe not willingly all the time, not even in an evil way (while there are of course cults and such who do these things on purpose in a way). If your father or mother went to the doctor because of many things, you probably will go too. This of course is no rule or something, but it is more likely. And even if you don’t do what your mother or father did, you probably do what many other people do. Why? Because we often base our own actions upon other people and their actions, believes and thoughts. But wouldn’t this mean, that at some point we would just all follow someone else until we run in a circle? (A devils circle.)

Because in an extreme thought experiment in which no one thinks for themselves, a random or accidental difference in behavior could lead to our end. For example, if no one would at least think a little for themselves and just follow orders or other people, this would be bad (already seen many, many times to this day). One could start a war, one could jump from a bridge, build a weapon etc. and if no one asks questions or thinks about it, just accepts it or just does the same, well good bye humanity.

As I said, I believe that most people are passivly manipulated because they try to work inside given boxes and never really question them. Because they believe what most people believe or think or do. If all fight wars, they will fight wars. If all go to work, they will go to work. If all eat meat, they will eat meat. If all hate people with other skin color, they … and so on. Of course the word “all” would not work with everything. But you should have seen the point.

People who don’t question everything in a healthy way, will probably never be really free or at least have the chance to be.

Because even if you question everything, it could turn out to be interpreted inside the box and therefor the answers you would get would be useless in the end.

Let’s say you question death. People would say that people die, that is how it is. So you accept it because it simply “is how it is”. And with this simple example, you would have already accepted it (if you already stopped there).

But if you look deeper into science and think about it without forcing the answers to be appropiate with “the box”, you might come to the conclusion, that the body could actually be immortal. And I am not talking about the possibility to become immortal through evolution over millions of years, but that maybe You could become immortal, would you want to.

I already heard that death should be seen as some kind of sickness and less as something which has to happen.

I mean, without death we would also face a lot of problems in almost every area (science, ethics, religion, politics, education, food, resources, etc.), or wouldn’t we?

I mean, if you reduce all which surrounds us to the basics (we know about), then we have different kinds of energies, we have a big space called universe (maybe even multiple). Immortality actually wouldn’t be so much of a problem, when you think far enough. But before we go there, we should of course first give up on the need for bad things, like harming others or our selves and harming life in general.

Death could be optional, could be seen as something honorable, like going to sleep to give new life or be one with all energies.

People wouldn’t have to fear so much.

But I am not talking about ultimate immortality, at least when it comes to the body. I simply talk about the abilty to survive usual things like sickness, injury and such, to a handable level. But for example a mega explosion would still kill the otherwise immortal body. If this makes sense to you.

So you could for example live forever in a way, would you have enough “fuel” / food and water, unless something or someone would make your body explode for example. Because while hurt parts could be healed, the whole body damaged as one, would still cause mortality. It actually makes way more sense for me and seems possible at some point, then to say, that your body is completely undestroyable or something like that.

I mean, could all be possible in a way, but for me at the moment, a fast and self-healing and natural body is already a high goal and enough. No need for “super” powers beyond this, while cool and possible nonetheless. 🙂

Be aware of yourself and you will be aware of everything. Be aware of all the people and you will know you won’t be alone. Be aware of your feelings and you will know there is love. Be aware of the energies and you will know, that there is so much we didn’t see yet. At least not with our own eyes and hearts.

If you need to survive, even things which are bad could turn into something good in a way. If you are hungry, better eat chips instead of nothing at all. If you are thursty, better drink muddy water than nothing at all. Because would you only have death or life as a choice, knowing of all the possiblities, why would you choose death? At least give it a chance and if it kills you, at least you did something instead of nothing at all.

It doesn’t mean, that you should just eat unhealthy from now on because you like it. But more that it might not has to harm you or maybe that your body is even able to use it for good anyways. Even if it might be unhealthy as hell. People who crashed with a plane in the middle of nowhere and started to eat the dead people after the supplies ran out. Wouldn’t they have done it, they would have died altogether. But in the end they survived, were found and saved. Sure traumatic, weird, disgusting, painful, scary and all that, but otherwise they would have all been dead and even more families would have had to suffer from loss.

This doesn’t mean that we should eat each other or something, but that we should not always focus so much on what is good or bad and what is right and wrong. Because in the end, you might think differently anyway depending on the situation. It is more about the overall experience, about us, you and me and all the people. And about our paths, what we share and how we can survive, live and be free together.

For example, wouldn’t we need most of the medicine anymore because our bodies would finally learn (again maybe) how to survive on their owns, I wouldn’t see a problem. Because those who say: “But what is with all the workplaces, the healthcare sector and …” They either want to stay in charge, have their money income save or simply don’t understand the whole problem. For now we need healthcare, more than ever because not everyone is still able to learn for themselves, most people aren’t I suppose. So they actually need these things for now. But maybe in the future we could change these things.

Wouldn’t it be cool to not need medicine at all? At least when it comes to the already known world(s)?

In order to overcome the world, you have to be able to actually think about what you would want. So usually we wrap the given world around our actual dreams, needs, wishes and hopes. The result usually is the loss of it because we more and more start to adapt our thoughts to the boxes others put us in or most people feel trapped in and so we get trapped as well.

If your original wish as a kid would have been to become astronaut, by the age of 12 or 14 you probably already changed it or less believe in it (depending on environment, intelligence etc. as well, but yea…). Why is that?

Well, you already learned that only a few people get even accepted for training and even they not all succeed. You learned, that life is hard, that school is shit and people usually do what they hate. So you question your dreams and give up on them. At least many of us did and do. Instead we start to find new wishes and dreams within the box, which is getting smaller and smaller over the years. While at first you might think about a job at NASA, then you think about a job in a big city, then about a job in a local store and maybe end up working as a cleaner, only to get fired – ending up homeless after you couldn’t pay the rent. I won’t continue, you know what I am talking about, I suppose.

Did someone question it, of course, did enough people question it? I don’t know, but we are still doing the same things, so at least something is still not good. It is still this taught fear, this hopelessness. I am watching the next season of “The Order” on Netlfix and I was kind of shocked and interested at the same time since the first season, but this one was even better so far. No matter what others may say, for me it is. Why? Because they also came up with fear itself and the concept of fear.

I usually believe that fear should only be seen as a warning in a way, there is something unsure, something new. And then you slowly get closer to it, investigate it and learn about it until the fear goes away. But to remove fear completely would actually be bad. It is the way of dealing with fear, of interpreting fear which makes us hate it or “fear” it. I don’t fear the fear that much because I see it as something good, when you finally learned how to handle it. This doesn’t mean (at least for me), that you then have to always be aware of every detail, always make see things objective and don’t give in to the fear. No… because then you would actually avoid fear again, ignore it or worse, maybe use it for your advantage over others. But fear is just like pain, just like water falling down. You sense it, you feel it and then you make something out of it. So would you avoid fear, ignore fear or fear the fear (literally), you would only make it bigger or make yourself smaller.

But if you are scared sometimes even after learning how to see fear for real, this doesn’t mean that you failed. You just learned something new or just weren’t able to handle something at that point. But would you on the other hand see the fear as a motor, then you would probably drive towards death in the end. Because fear can also cause you to get sick and die. Heck, I learned that too much fear could cause your feet and hands to become cold because the heart wouldn’t really work, so the blood flow is broken. I mean I literally had that for many, many years. There even are phrases around it, but people don’t really pay attention to it, I suppose.

It is critical to talk about things when it comes to me and what I have to say. Because I know that my words can be misinterpreted and often are and were. So I again say, that words aren’t my first language or way of communication. In my head are feelings, thoughts, pictures and all kinds of things. I just know them, feel them, they are just there, but I can’t really describe them. So I try to write a lot of words only to always come to the same conclusion, that the words are dead, the words are open for interpretation and that people could mess around with it and will be.

What do you really want? Do you know that?

Well, I know. I want what all the people like Martin Luther King wanted, like Martin Luther with his act of change. I want heaven on earth. I want peace, I want freedom and what I don’t need for it is money, or weapons, or fear or hate. Fear only as a teacher, but never as a tool to control or to hold back. If you make people fear to talk with the dead it isn’t good and if you make it a game it is also not good. Because if you don’t understand the possibilites around it and not fear it in a healthy way, you are doomed either way. But not from a balance kind of thinking, more from a: “What if the ghost, spirit (or else) I am talking to is actually evil?” And then you may come to the thought, that maybe not all are evil, but could be. You understand that there are other worlds and dimensions and you see something you could learn. But if you are smart, you know that it is not worth the risk. Not meaning that it is evil, always wrong and should never be done, but that the possiblity for it to go wrong and be bad is way too high. Especially when you try it for fun, without fear or while ignoring it.

It doesn’t mean that something has to happen, that it has to be bad, but it could be and if so, you know that you shouldn’t have done it.

I think that Jesus or the other people in the bible warned about such things, simply because of the risk and what they knew, which was more than many people know today. They didn’t know everything, but they never said that. About some things Jesus also said, that only God knows.

And for this means many things, but especially that Jesus knew a lot, but not all.

So when someone makes a mistake, others should be there to help them, depending on the mistake. Churches, systems, leaders, people often used fear to control people. But what if the actual underlying core of it all was “believe”? Like literal the “believe”. Not meaning the believe in christianity, in God, in Jesus or other Gods, ghosts, spirits and so on, but believing in general.

Because these days most of us don’t believe much anymore. We usually sit in our rooms or vehicles and listen to music, watch movies and maybe read something. But we often don’t really believe the things. Just stories, just fiction, sometimes interesting, sometimes just garbage. Sometimes we might be scared about a horror story which turned out to be true, but still, we don’t believe that there is much, or do we?

When I look around the world, I often see the same situation. Governments, companies, money, destruction, garbage and more and more of it. There are still believers, still people who look beyond the given things and it is good. Without them we would have already died a long time. Hope is what they give in different ways. Some through art, some through inventions, ideas or just their presence and open heart.

I think it is less about what to do believe in and more about to believe in something at all. Because if you believe something, it is more likely to become reality, at least for you.

However it might turn out to be, actual believe can unite people, can develop us all and help us in the future. But actual believe is free, is not bound to words or people who probably misinterpreted them.

Some things should maybe not be there, but could be there anyways.

So if someone might believe in demons and wants them to help with something, maybe they are there, maybe they will come and help or do whatever they want. It depends on what you do with the believe. Because I believe that there could be demons, angels, aliens, ghosts and so much more. But why is that? Well, I never really saw them, but for me it made sense that there is a possiblity for it. And where is a possiblity, you should learn more about it. So I did.

And for me it is clear that these things exist in a way, but for you it might not. I can’t say whether these things are real in an ultimative way, meaning for everyone and in general, but maybe in a subjective way? So if many people with the same believe come together, what they believe in could turn into reality or even when they are on their own. But would this effect all people? Only if these things are not bond to the people believing them.

When it comes to the placebo effect you also get a sense of believe. You believe in something to help you and it helps, but from an older scientific view it shouldn’t have helped.

Trust and believe are working together because believe only works with trust, but trust doesn’t have to mean that you totally believe something. (At least for me during this post.) You maybe trust someone who believes something, while you can’t fully understand the believe, but trust anyway. While believing it fully is an addition to trust. Believe is life. And if you believe you can fly, you can fly. The thing is, that only if you think you can or want to fly, this doesn’t mean you can. Because you don’t trust it and therefor can’t believe it.

And Peter answered him, “Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water.” He said, “Come.” So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus. But when he saw the wind, he was afraid, and beginning to sink he cried out, “Lord, save me.” Jesus immediately reached out his hand and took hold of him, saying to him, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?” And when they got into the boat, the wind ceased. And those in the boat worshiped him, saying, “Truly you are the Son of God.”

Matthew 14:28-33

If Jesus was talking simply about “faith”, the believe, then we all could walk on water. Like Peter, until he got too scared and believed more in the weather and his surroundings than in his friend Jesus. Peter couldn’t believe that he could “just” walk on water because no one could and does.

We are not talking about tricks or technology here, should you still not understand. Some call it magic, some call it energy, some God, some spirit and so on.

God has many names. But not everything you call God or a God, is what you say it is.

I don’t want people to jump from high places to try out whether they could fly or not and I also don’t want to try people to do dangerous things in general. But you can start small, as always. Little steps.

When I was younger I just combined all things with eachother in order to find out how they are connected. It was just naturally for me. But as soon as I found out I wanted to forget and so I did. Like a self-defense mechanism, but I think it wasn’t me alone. It also wasn’t the right time. So while I knew about many of these things for half of my life and some even longer (I am still 22, just saying), I often forgot about them because I felt so alone with them.

And most people I found who were at least not like most, also weren’t near it. I sometimes even got scared by them because of their weird believes and behavior. Now I think there are many authors, musicians and other people more and more going towards the same thing. Even if they might not realize it themselves and from an outside view do nothing different from 50 years ago. But they do, when you look at it without too much thinking about how it could fit into a box. I simply created a box (or just space) around all people and their believes, ideas and so on and then I was able to see. Otherwise you will only see parts because you try to make the rest fit into your box or leave it out because it doesn’t.

I also still use boxes or concepts like that, but only because I learned to use them and because I had to use them. It is of course not always bad to use boxes, but maybe you should see them more like boxes for shoes or clothes. You might have more or less clothes and shoes, but you usually have multiple (if you can afford it). So of course some people have shoes or clothes for special things and that is okay. But after all, these things are just there to either protect us, make us look different or just serve the need to hide our body (for reasons).

So you wouldn’t say that the shoes in the other boxes aren’t shoes for example. Because you just put them there to stay clean or you want to move somewhere else or don’t need them right now. The boxes are just boxes in this case. And if we would use this example for the boxes and concepts around believes, cultures and so on, we should see that the differences aren’t that big after all. There are only different tastes, looks and ways but we are all human for example. I mean, some maybe more than others 😀 but you know what I mean.

So why do we use boxes to hide, to blame, to make things complicated, while we all could have so much easier lives, be so much happier and peaceful?

(Conquest of Paradise is still one of my most favorite music of all time)

This music is beautiful on so many levels. It holds history, it holds future, present and has a soul. It is in a movie, it is made by many people. It sounds peaceful, yet was used in the context of the beginning of the end of a paradise (Columbus and America). It reminds me of what not to do again and what I actually want. It shows me the purity of love and the peace within.

The language is mysterious and yet interesting.

It is a mixture of classic and modern music. There is a choir and intruments playing together. It is already some years old, but still gold.

And this extended version makes the whole experience even longer and better in a way.

I listened to this the last days before I went to bed.

Have a good night, a good day and I wish you better times, a better life.

I am working on it, we are working on it together. You are part of it with whatever you do. And be it just taking part. Everyone counts, everyone can make a change for the better in their way. 🙂