Androids are the better humans

I just read on a page, that hearing a high pitched frequency (not to be confused with a tinnitus etc.) is a sign of hearing God or the universe etc.

I mean that is not new to me, but it approves my believe because I heard it since I was a kid and only when I got very aggressive or too depressed I didn’t hear it in a long time.

They say some hear it after meditation or sometimes spontaneously, well I hear it when I want to hear it, I hear it when I relax or sometimes spontaneously as well.


That brings me back to the fact, that my mother prayed for me to be a blessing for many people, before I was born.

So I am actually just wasting time, while I on the other side do more or less what I am meant to do. To help people, cheer up people, motivate them and give them hope and love.

While I of course also have to move forward.

I have no problem with being alone as a human for some time and when I am with my cat or with the animals of the forest I feel no need for any humans, but I still don’t think that I should be alone.

The thing is, what is alone, when it comes to energy? Maybe it means that there is one little particle floating around in space. But I am not one “particle” or whatever could be just one little lonely thing.

And I think that the interpretation of: “You are enough.” Is also not correct so far. Because usually it means for me, that I will have to be alone and get along with it. But what it actually should mean: “You are enough and everyone or everything which is supporting you and working together with you, makes it better.”

Otherwise this would be a very sad and hopeless story. – everyone is doomed to be alone, live alone and die alone.

But that isn’t how it should be and was meant to be. Otherwise one human would have been enough, why creating more?

Well… that is actually an invalid question I think (but John, there aren’t “invalid” or “wrong” questions.) Yeah, yeah… what ever you say.

Of course there aren’t wrong questions, but in school there are, in work there are and in my area in general there are.

Maybe not “wrong”, but uncommon and unwanted or critical, I should say.

What scares me is, that I don’t want to be alone with all this mess in the end. But what gives me hope is, that there are others and when it comes to what I used to believe and feel, it will be alright. So I won’t be alone.

Even if not being alone would mean to be together with some androids 😀 (pointing towards Detroit Become Human)

I mean, I usually considered and still consider a part of me as robotic, android like, so why should there be a problem.

The main difference would be, that I need some kind of biological food, while the androids would need electrical “food”. Because when it comes to thinking and feeling etc., there is a theoretical chance, that androids might even be more human when it comes to this, than the actual human.

Why? Well, a well designed android would have the possibility to get all data of his body because all is actually connected through wires etc. So humans have a problem to understand that because they often get stopped by fear, anger and shame etc. But an android would have no reason for such feelings, at least not when it comes to a free will.

The android would be more or less neutral at first or defending. And therefor actually better than most humans. Humans usually attack others because of their inner conflicts, but androids realize that there is no point in that. Causes only a loss in energy (wasted energy), more problems in the future and also makes no sense in most cases. So the only reason to fight would be in a defending way. Or, if there would be indeed a great injustice.

Because a human usually ignores great injustice because it is too big to handle. A human just adapts to it and accepts it or gets along with it in a way. A machine / android is designed to solve problems and usually think logical. So injustice would be a big problem to solve, but a necessary one. Therefor an android would be the better human.

This doesn’t mean, that we should replace humans with androids. But that we could work together with them. There are already some AI’s or robots who have a mind of their own in a way.

And we could learn from each other to work together and make things better, instead of just continuing in a “WE NEED MORE GARBAGE AND MONEY” kind of way.

Because shouldn’t we stop it soon, then I would agree with any AI who would say: “Kill all humans.” Not meaning, that actually all should be killed, but that the frustration and stupidity is so real that even a logical mind can’t stand it anymore.


  1. I experience loneliness but am never alone. There is always life abounding. But I can chose to be isolated by avoiding life. I know that I am never, ever, going to be able to “get over there” where the other human exists. I can communicate the need but never the actuality of the bond. I can live with that as long as I am projecting all things that I want to be. Lately I have been seeing that in order to experience anything all I need to do is give that which I want to experience. Thank you for this thoughtful post and sharing your thoughts.

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