U decide – We decide (because w is a double u)

I am not able anymore.

Maybe because I alone can’t decide it and shouldn’t decide it.

It never worked this way in the end. So why should it work now?

But what I have learned is, that many lone survivors who became champions and heroes can work together and attract more and more (wake them up).

If an army of champions and heros just walks – the heart of the whole world is beating.

If everyone except the evil is a hero in a way, why should we lose?

If we can’t die because we have legends on our side, why should we lose?

In the end the good will be called bad… The bible said it and you see it.

I didn’t want to write anymore, but I just have to.

As a child I asked myself, why do I need tooth paste, when people just hundred years ago didn’t even use it and still had teeth? I asked all these questions and found my answers.

But no one wanted to listen, no one wanted to hear the truth.

People were waving with the truth in their hands, were telling me that I should finally grow up or that I should really give myself to God. But I was the one who was with the actual truth the whole time. The truth about all truths. Maybe some are scary, maybe some are magical and some truths might be wide in the open, not stable, just some energy there to be formed by your will and wishes.

People said to me, that God is no wish machine, but they never really knew what or who God could be. Many things. Probably more than I can imagine or see at the moment. I am limited after all, but there is so much time to explore, to create and to see. Why don’t we just share it together instead of robbing it or crying because of the loss of it?

If we come together, the dead can live again, the earth will be a place full of wonder, magic, love and peace again. When people come together to build, to play, to share and care. Where life is about adventure, about joy and experiencing new things and not about death, fear and destruction.

And if you want to life forever, you can live forever, but you don’t have to. I just thought, that I wouldn’t want to live in the current world forever because it is more like hell than like heaven at the moment.

Not always, not for everyone, but for the most part.

If I tell you that God is your left brain and the devil your right, would you believe me?

If I tell you that God is an alien human like, while the devil is as well, would you believe me?

If I tell you, that you could be one with God or the devil, would you believe me?

And if I tell you, that we are Gods and angels and legends and whatever there is, would you believe me?

Maybe a vampire is only a vampire because of the rage towards all the people who are actually evil. Maybe a vampire is actually more human than the ones who think they are. If only the vampire would stop to drink blood because they could live without it, if they want to.

Our brains learn and if one of us learns, the others can learn it faster, but we forgot about it or maybe never really knew.

If even animals in the sea can use their thoughts to change their DNA, why shouldn’t we be able to?

I will only make one thing clear: When Jesus will come back on earth one day, I won’t be the one who will stand in his way. I wouldn’t want to because of what I know and have seen. What I am able to and what I have experienced is beyond good and evil, beyond science and religions, beyond this earth. So if I experienced these things and can do things, what else could Jesus do – being more powerful than me.

And yet we work for money, fear the lack of it, while we should fear the powers of the universe, the powers of God(s). We are the last. And those who call them the most holy and worthy, maybe they are farther away from the truth than they thought.

Maybe science was wrong about the “we have no control about our thoughts, we can only deal with it”, because they only tested people who weren’t thinking for themselves.

For me the things are clear, I shouldn’t use words like “maybe”, but some people need it because otherwise they can’t handle it, I suppose.

But it is good to be skeptical and question everything, Jesus did say the same. If you don’t believe me, read your bible.

I am way beyond this, so don’t tell me to read it, don’t tell me to rethink, to work for companies, to go back in the system(s).

We weren’t made to be slaves, weren’t made to be scared, to be dumb and egoistic. We were made to love, to live and to create and enjoy what there is.

Sadly people call destruction, evolution and following other people’s opinions, “thinking for themselves”.

Don’t follow me (unless you just want to follow the blog) because how should you know that I am not just another wanna be world leader?

And also, Jesus said that in the end many wanna be Jesus’s will appear and even the believers will do marvelous things, but that the people shouldn’t follow them.

But it is also said, that Jesus will rule the world WITH the ones who did face the tests (in other words, but for it means this). So there won’t be one leader who will just say and people do, but many together.

Call it communism if you want, but for me it is something else. As I said, I usually put everything what already is together and find common ground (the things they have in common and what they lack).

God isn’t dead, Jesus is alive and we are not going to die. If what I have seen is true, then even if our body should die now, we could come to life again. No one is lost forever, only if they want to be.