Resignation and Truth

When I was a kid, the relatives of a neighbor visited sometimes. So basically the son of the woman living across the street together with his wife and son.

As a kid I never had a problem with them, because well, they just had darker skin. But for me the only thing which was a little of a problem for me, was that I sadly couldn’t speak english very well (they live in the US). So I could only talk with the son and his father. That was my only problem, that I couldn’t talk with everyone and share experiences and have fun.

But over the years I got more and more convinced that people from other countries are bad, or people with other skin color. And even in school I usually didn’t see many people with other skin color. It was weird… And usually people would talk bad about them. And what was even weirder that they also often behaved as expected. Each time I noticed that, I felt so in the wrong movie. But I was scared to say something because in the past also no one listened.

I felt so alone.

And I even looked at other people in a mean way more and more because I always had to forget about who I was or so I thought. A part of me never died, but I wanted it to die so badly because I felt so horrible. I thought it would never end.

The thing is that whenever I wanted to tell everything, no one wanted to hear the truth. No one around me. So I didn’t want to tell it anymore. Why should I… people would only call me crazy. And so I just did it myself, was much easier.

My problems never were the problems most people have. But because I felt so alone with my actual truth no one wanted to hear, I got problems most people have, only to get out of it again. And then I was alone again, at first. But luckily I just told the truth to the right person. It was a long ride again because I forgot most of it over all these years and now I am actually free again. I was free so many times, but yeah, I was so alone with it.

When this man tells it, he talks about normal secrets and truths. But what about the lies told for centuries? How do you tell the truth about them, without getting called a crazy one?

But then I thought: Well… just tell them anyways and should I die, then I have nothing to fear again and should I survive and stay alive, then I also have nothing to fear anymore. So it is actually a win, win for me.

The first secret and truth I wanted to say, was actually the one I shared last.

Why? Because I learned, that people usually ignored it because it was too much truth, too far away from their everyday life and manipulated thinking pattern, so I first had to work my way there. Interestingly enough, I was so trapped myself this time, that even I was suprised by the truth again. While I knew it for so many years.

And I still think that it could be pointless. But now that I am sharing it with you and my family again, it gets better. This time, I know that just telling it, doesn’t work. I have to show them and tell them. Only telling doesn’t work on the fundamental lies of humanity. Even the bible tells us this. So I started to tell the truth by acting in the way of truth. Because the action and the word together make it true. The words alone are dead and an action without words could just be seen as crazy.

I hope it makes sense in a way. If not, well I am used to it. ^^

If we all would shutdown the critical things, like nuclear plants and such things and then go on the streets together and dance. We wouldn’t die. The world would still spin and we would be happy.

And should you ask, but where do we get food? Well, for the moment you wouldn’t need some and well then we would find ways pretty soon. But if you think that you need hundreds of years, it will never end.

Think about it, the bible says that for God 1000 years are like 1 one and vise versa. And if you know that we are God, we humans together. Well, then we can achieve 1000 years of work in 1 one day, would we finally united as one and just work together with love in our hearts, empathy and joy.

So would we just shut down the critical things first (because otherwise something could explode – maybe), we would maybe only need one day. And we can survive one day without water and food.

Can you follow me?

We all want to help, want change, want a better life. But actually not everyone wants it and most people are trapped in boxes and overcomplicated nonsense.

One day is needed to make all the worlds problems go away, maybe a little more or a little less.

But when it just comes to the basics, well you could also just eat grass, flowers and such things, should one day not be enough. And should you be in the desert, the rain may fall down.

If we are God, then we can let it rain.

If we are God, then we can end the pain.

We are and we will be

_ God is alive again. The humans revived themselves. _

And the actual Jesus might also come one day soon.

But if we just wait for him to solve it all, then we will wait forever.

Because this is not what he said, at least not from what I read and felt.

There could also be aliens out there, the bible also talks about them.

There are so many things in the bible no one talks about. Only about all this bullshit which was actually part of the riddle.

And sadly most people always searched for answers while it was right in front of them. But they always just wanted to see what they wanted to see.

And I saw God in everything, I saw love, beauty, hope and life. But instead people praied to an old man or whatever somewhere up there (whereever up there is). I mean there could be other creatures and I believe there are. But we are also not nothing. Who said that there could only be one truth?

God exists. God is proven. God simply was searched where no God was and usually misinterpreted because the actualy meaning of the word God is misleading. Love = God = Connection = Humanity = Life = Hope = We = Us etc.


(I always wanted to do this)

Q.E.D –> Quod erat demonstrandum –> It can be shown

(Or: Which was to be proved)

People said, God can’t be proven and I said: “Hold my beer.”

Well actually I don’t like beer for reasons, but I just wanted to use this meme.


Well, I actually would say: “I always tried to tell you, but you never really listened. Were always too busy doing nonsense.”

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