Let the heart burn for love

Most of us changed their hearts against stones, ice cubes or maybe some kind of oily black mass.

I did that myself too many times because I felt alone. ignored and misunderstood. I feared to speak the truth inside of me.

Finally I let the fire of love burn inside of me again. Thank you to all the people who prayed for me throughout my life. Who helped me along the way and showed me that I at least wasn’t alone with everything.

And now I am not alone anymore and never again will be.

As long as there is life, I won’t be alone. As long as I am alive, I am not alone, but it is even better with others like you, like us.

The more, the better, when it comes to love! 💖

Thank you everyone! Thank you to myself.

You are great, we are great, everyone is and can be.

We will be free, we will win, let the fires burn inside our hearts to be the eyes in the storms and let peace win one day in the near future. Hopefully. 🙂

We just have to believe in it. Everyone does their part, you especially.

Yes YOU, especially when you think you are doing nothing. Sometimes doing nothing is the best you can do, instead of just forcing yourself to do what everyone else does, only to realize that it is shit.

Do your thing and let us shine together and if it is just to love yourself. 🙂

We have to remind each other what marvelous creatures we are, how big and beautiful the world once was and can be again. Nothing is lost. Everything can be repair again, can be healed, can be rebuilt.

Nothing is lost because we are still here, still alive and we can tell our stories, we can cheer each other up.

Our common enemies are weak, if no one supports them anymore.

The money, the rage, the need to control others or the fear to be alone.

I had a dream today, I could fly again, but the people around me wanted to drag me down, while I wanted them to fly with me. But no one listened, as usual. But I somehow got out there and then I came together with other people and then we were talking about how most people are hypnotized and trapped, but that now this will end and we started something.

I can’t remember all details, but I had to cry because of the love I felt.

And I am weeping again right now.

All the data is there, the stories we wrote, the games, the movies, all the things people call fiction, irrelevant and just playing around. This is what actually is what teaches us, what helps us. If we stop listening to the money, we are free like birds.

But yes, first make it simple and find someone with whom you don’t feel alone anymore. This is someone who you can tell everything about you, everything and they won’t judge you, will listen and even tell them the same about themselves. This is love people, this is friendship, this is God and this is connection.

We are life, we are love, we are family.

“I Have a Dream” – Martin Luther King

And I have many dreams and you have many dreams and one day in the near future they will come true. The good ones I should say, not the nightmares.

The nightmares are there to tell us what we don’t want, what we have to fight.

“Reality is a nightmare.”

And what I have learned about lucid dreaming is, that you can think the evil away or change it. Why not just try it in real life as well? 🙂

I did that whenever I could because I had no need to lucid dream most of the time. And now it is time to let the good dreams come to life.

Through love! 💖💖💖

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