Nothing changed so far

In school you get told that we are more developed, more advanced than previous civilizations and in general.

But this is actually not true, when it comes to mindsets – most of the time.

I have to again use the:

“The world never changed, it only looks different.”

What do I mean with that?

From my perspective the average human is trapped in a small mindset. Usually because he gets held back by parents, teachers, friends etc. only to become trapped as well.

So most people are actually not free, while they think they are. And those who realize that they are not free are actually free.

“If you have nothing to loose, you are free.”

Let me explain, why the world at the core still works like many centuries before or maybe even worse.

What is your first thought, when you are asked about work, retirement, school, health, politics and so on?

I am not sure about you because I can’t look into your head (at least not really 😀 ), but I bet it is either something negative or a lie. Only if you of course know what is going on and are free, but just live in the system because you want to help those who can’t help themselves. But usually at some point you are probably angry, sad or confused in a way.

This is good and bad. It is good because you understood that something is not going the way you want it. It’s bad should you stop on this negative, aggressive thinking and take action from there.

Let us quickly analyze the past up to this point (without going into detail and knowing every detail).

As I said, let’s just assume that every attempt to make people actually free failed for the most part. Why is that?

And for this we have to look at things objective or something like that, at least not subjective and out of range or commitment.

Let us start with the Roman Empire again (there were other before it like Babylon and so on, but it is all the same in a way).

What was good, what was okay, what was a little weird and what was totally wrong?

Let us just assume that the Romans were the good ones in the story.

The Romans wanted to unite the world. They didn’t force people to change their habits, religion and clothing for the most part. You even got the chance to become Roman citizen while you first were a war slave. They had politicians in the senat. A lot of cool things like floor heating, baths, water systems, laws and a lot of possibilities on how to live.

But why did it fail and why shouldn’t we do it like the Romans?

Well, the first mistake was, they used weapons – meaning real weapons like swords, arrows etc.

In other words, they tried to fight fire with fire.

I mean I don’t think that back then they were thinking much about it, but that is the point. The people back then weren’t dumber than us, some of them were even smarter when you think about the philosophy and creativity. Still they were trapped or maybe even wanted to do it this way. Who could blame them, I mean we aren’t really better, as I said. But I think it is time to finally actually learn from the past.

What else did they do wrong? Well, they did the over-trust mistake (is that a word? 😀 ) When they put a ceasar in place, the idea behind it was good, but also the potential for misuse and failiure was high. Many rulers used war laws to gain even more power. Where did I see that recently? A right, Nazi-Germany, USA, EU, ISIS, basically everywhere. So what did we learn from the past? Not much, I suppose. At least most of us. And those who did, got either killed or were too scared and didn’t speak up. (For example me until now)

So the Roman Empire is actually the best example to learn from because most empires after it, weren’t as advanced as it. At least when I didn’t forget one. And with advanced I don’t mean the weapons or machines necessarily, but the overall thinking and acting. People in the past weren’t stupid, they usually were as smart as us. But maybe then they actually usually were stupid because this is how we are most of the time, most of us.

Moving forward to Hitler and Stalin.

What did they do good? (How can you say that, they were dictators and killed millions of people!?!?!?)

Well, what did I say before? We have to look at it from an outside perspective and only on the facts or at least what we know about it.

Hitler wanted to also make an empire. He even used Roman names and things. For example the greeting “Hail Hitler.” could be seen as “Ave Ceasar.” which means “Ave” means “Hail”. He also used roman strategies in a way and names for troops in some cases. Hitler thought wanted to bring peace and as a kid I believed that he might have actually planned that, but because he got overwhelmed by his rage, he didn’t think right about it.

What did Hitler wrong and why did he do even worse than the Romans?

Hitler excluded people. He and his party wanted to eliminate jews as they said and they also used racism to value a humans life and such things. He also used weapons again and he or his men let kill everyone who was against it. Big mistake. In general, killing was always the main problem. Killing and anger towards the enemy. Also people follow him and had no plan on how the empire should be in the end. They just fought for the fight. (Not all soldiers and people, because there were people against it, but yeah… 😦 many died anyway, as always)

Luckily Hitler got stopped.

Now what about Stalin? Well, Stalin was like Hitler. He used communism, while Hitler used nationalsocialism. Both told people that they would give them freedom, peace and wealth when the war is won, or something.

But while Hitler at least gave those people who were good for his plans wealth, built streets and such things. Stalin, while promising more, actually gave less. Most people were pretty poor, the resources often weren’t enough. He also was against jews because they didn’t want to take weapons. (Well there was a group who fought with weapons, but yeah…)

So Stalin and Hitler were like most people over the centuries – the jews are the problem. Or the christians, or basically there was always someone else who was the problem. Always.

When you only look on these topics from this (more or less) objective perspective, you might come to the conclusion that Hitler was actually a good guy who simply had the wrong friends. Because while Stalin was a criminal before he got the leader of the soviet union, Hitler even fought in the first world war, was an artist and also was happy around children.

Jesus also supported children and open minded people. But let’s not compare Jesus with Hitler or shall we?

Well, as a kid I thought (yes I watched all kinds of documentaries about wars and basically every topic I could get) that Hitler might have been a good guy, wouldn’t he have been treated so badly throughout his whole life until the point when he met his bad friends. And I am still having this opinion, which doesn’t mean that what he did was good, it was horrible, it was diabolic. But what he could have done and probably would have done.

Stalin wasn’t like him, he just wanted profit, built a lot of underground high society things and was living like a zar, while talking to his people as if they would be the ones who benefit from his war.

Hitler actually was the better one, while he turned into a monster. Maybe he himself didn’t even realize that it was wrong because he believed in it and the people around him convinced him, that the jews were the problem.

So what do we learn from this? We learn, that you should never let your rage guide you or you become evil. We also learn, that wrong friends can make you a monster. Also we found out that there also was a common enemy (in a way) and that some people might not have been all that evil at first or after all, when you look what happened through history and to this day around the world.

So what are the things we should learn and take to heart:

  • Don’t use the same weapons – only to defend maybe
  • Don’t use actual weapons at all – if possible
  • Don’t blame others – maybe they aren’t all that different from you
  • Don’t kill people – always try to find a better solution first
  • Don’t start a war, end the war
  • Fight with your heart – use music, poems, kind acts of love
  • Don’t use propaganda
  • Don’t give some people too much power – no matter how what
  • Don’t let the people in the unknown, tell them the truth (your life experience, not what others call truth)
  • Be open towards others, but know who you are
  • Don’t fight for others, fight for yourself with other like-minded ones
  • Always know what you want in the end, not what is wrong right now
  • Think outside of the box(es) – most people didn’t and don’t
  • A visionary usually thinks outside the box
  • Don’t think inside the system, just think what would be without it
  • Follow your actual dreams and not what others told you
  • Find common ground with some people
  • Don’t always fight alone.
  • Never start a revolution with violence
  • Never exclude other people
  • In order to succeed you can’t fight alone
  • In order to actually change the world, you have to unite through differences and diversity and be equal in being different
  • You can only win, if all “attack” at the same time around the world
  • Always see your enemy as a possible future friend
  • Know your enemy, so you can help him to get free
  • The more enemies want to be allies the faster the whole thing is over

Man, that was a lot. Maybe don’t overreact or read it in a rage. It is not about do things right, but actually doing a lot of things wrong in order to learn and feel good about it. People on iceland used to do this over many hundred years, at least in the past. And it was a good thing. Mistakes are good, laughing about them is also good and learning only works through mistakes, a lot of them. Success actually means failing most of the time, while for you it won’t be failing, just an opportunity to do it better next time or maybe even discover something completely new.

Inventions often were found as side products of the original intention. And also through not thinking inside the box. Look at good old Tesla or Einstein.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself, that you are like them, if you want to be and you will be. But only if you start to risk, start to face the fears and start to finally stop doing what everyone does.

I naturally did that whenever I could and my brain repaired the negative idiologies and all again. I might actually be a super human. But maybe you are too, but you don’t know it yet? Even if you are not, that is not a problem because just by reading this without getting pissed, or angry you are special and even more if you actually understand it.

Don’t loose the hope or maybe I should say, find the hope again. It is somewhere inside you and maybe nearby.

Fight your demons, I did it myself most of the time, but if you can’t do this, no problem, I am here. It is always better to have someone who fights with you and helps you. Most of the time, just someone who listens and doesn’t judge. Should I judge sometimes, please forgive me, I am also just human like you are.

When you get right of the concept of good and bad. You are open for learning.

When you see that failure is success and actually both words are invalid. You are a learner.

When you just do what you wanted as a child, you are a grown up.

We have to go back to move forward. Without the past we are nothing. But even without it, we could do something, something better.

Stories shouldn’t just entertain, but between the lines teach us.

Listen, listen closely to music, to stories, games and the people around you. If you find flaws, learn from them and maybe start to speak the truth. People will judge, people will get angry, people will maybe even hurt you, but this is the only way. If all of us would tell what they experienced throughout their lives, man it would be heaven and hell, it would be freedom.

And maybe tell the truth not alone, maybe do it together with someone who thinks the same way. And be it just through another story. I like stories, I like music. But I don’t like cheap plastic garbage which is called toy.

You gotta build your own toys. You gotta build your own worlds and probably already did in a way. If you are still alive, this means a part of you did always learn and didn’t give up. Otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to live. If you can die, you can live. Don’t fear death, don’t fear life, use fear as a tool. No fear is also not good. Whereever is fear, is either something dangerous or an opportunity to learn, maybe both. But don’t ignore the fear because without any sense of fear, you could run into a trap or get killed. Know your feelings, know yourself and then you know enough. But first maybe just be kind to yourself because whatever you did so far, you are still alive and you can still do whatever you want. Even if you are let’s say 81 years old or older. The age has no meaning, when you are free.

Our “revolution” is without violence, is without much action. Well in some cases, but not by hurting others. We fight from our safe spaces, we fight with our minds, while many of us even fight themselves or have to defend against the people around them. We actually are fighting a war since we were born, while most people simply surrendered, we didn’t or only parts of us. We were overwhelmed and convinced that we are weak, while we aren’t.

Who ever you are, whatever you are (yes even if you should actually be a machine or something), we are all in the same boat. And we are already working together, we are already doing the right thing, while we are not sure most of the time that we are even doing anything.

Even those who just read, just listen, they are on the front lines because they observe, like I used to do through my life.

Without those who do “nothing”, who just observe, we would be apes.

What is the worst what could happen? The ones who are trapped could start fighting us, should they see the power we have.

They could kill us and they will at some point, should something go wrong. Some of us could die, but let’s hope we don’t. We have to learn how to defend ourselves and how to use our bodies, really use them. Not just how others told us to do so.

I for my part have a very good hearing, when I want to. I can also block every sound I don’t want to hear, for example when I want to listen to music or just have a quiet mind in order to work. But it is hard when there are too many different frequencies and sound types. I have a problem with looking into distance, but I can see all the colors (at least I think 😀 ). I can learn new things in a short time. But I have a problem on doing so if people want me to do it a certain way. I always have to find my own way. My body heals pretty fast in some cases and I survived some possible deaths. I can ignore pain, when I know what it is or when I have to. I have a very high pain resistance. I have the ability to make people tired. 😀 (wow the last one is pretty good, let’s improve it – just kidding ^^)

I mean I once walked 30 km with only one small can of soup and I did it in one walk, just with one or two breaks to just sit. My feet were a little hurt, but I just did that and survived, on my own. I can surive at least two days without drinking, probably more (but that is nothing you should “just” try, it is dangerous). I can survive in cold, in heat. So I mean, I am pretty taugh, but usually I felt so weak and useless because no one seemed to understand and I didn’t speak up again because whenever I did in the past, people pushed me down again or got angry.

What are your super powers?

Let me know. 😀

And stay safe, only try something if you know what you are doing. But most people just think they know. If you collected enough data about a topic, you know what you are doing, is what I mean with that. (at least if the data is not all just supporting each other).

If you want to win a war you didn’t start, you only have to know how to defend yourself. Just believe that you will survive and do the right thing. Try to teach the enemy, if you can. Not everyone can be safed, but maybe they can. Be open for something new. 🙂

He defended himself because otherwise they would have killed him. But whenever possible, don’t do it by killing the enemy. Disarming might be enough.

The true warriors are the introverts or those who think they are weak because they didn’t use their power to harm others whenever they could. If you know that you are stronger than the ones who has the muscles and strong gear, you can’t loose. Because they fight with fear and anger, but you just defend, fight or think about solutions, while they don’t think.

You are better and in the end maybe all are better, all can be working together. I wish to live in a future in which everyone can be friends if they want and there is no hate, no violence. Stargate really was one of the best teachers, families and overall things I ever found. You really should take a look on it, at least the Stargate SG1 series and then maybe go farther from there. 🙂

I believe in you, do you believe in yourself? 💓

Even if you feel numb, feel pain and just horrible in general. As long as you keep on doing something, your brain will find a way to repair and learn and therefor be free again. Over and over again.

You will face many critical states, you mind will break thousands of times in a lifetime, or at least it could be, but you can always heal or even use the so called “damage” as an advantage. It is only an illness or problem, if you believe it is. Usually because the people around you tell you so. Just don’t believe them. Believe yourself and maybe try to find people who are similar. It is hard at first, but when you observe people, you might find someone in no time. I know it from my experience, but I did the mistake to not open up towards them because I was scared to much. Not everyone is open for it at first, but at some point.

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