Games are the future

The most important thing I realized as a kid, that playing is learning. But no one else around me did understand this (anymore).

I don’t mean it in the way of playing stupid games, in which you just do the same over and over again, like Casino machines or such things. No, I mean playing around in general and playing complex games.

The school never taught me things. Some open minded people did, some other people I met and games.

But the sad thing is, whenever I start talking about games and how I learned things from them and how we could use some ideas in the real world, people usually are just laughing and ignoring it. They probably think I am a fool or something because they can’t think out of the box anymore.

Those who play games don’t stop learning. I am talking about complex games and about playing new games, not just one over and over again. Eventhough it could be enough, should the game be complex enough.

If you would ask me, what we need in modern school, I would just say: Games!

Or like panem et circenses, only that for me this is not about people watching games, but playing games. Because in the Roman Empire and to this day, many use stupid games or stupid things, like watching people play soccer to make the people stay calm and short-minded.

While for example, at least for me, even watching someone play a complex or unconventional video game inspired me, taught me things and even made me feel and weep or laugh in some cases.

I think that most people still think that games or in my case video games, are just stupid games like cookie-clicker games or shooter. Don’t get this wrong, I also played such games, because why not, but the ones I am talking about are heavy.

Most people don’t look into gaming because they probably got convinced that it is a waste of time. But some scientists or open minded people discovered that people who play games are actually smarter or at least have higher skills in some areas. Eye movement, eye hand coordination, fast data processing, understanding of complex structures, out of box thinking and so on. I mean maybe not many scientists, but there are people out there and people like me who finally want to break the silence because it literally almost killed me not to talk about these things because no one seemed to understand.

What can people learn in modern video games? Well, I think everything.

What can people learn in most school systems? Well, it is cool that you are here, but no go get a job and work for the system.

As I wrote in previous posts, I learned that too much fear will bring you down. I learned that failing is okay because depending on the game you could start over again or just lost some things, but not the game.

Even if the game was a game which could only played without saving, you would be able to play it again and therefor try again.

But what does school teach us or most political and economy system?

-> You have to succeed, you have to be good, you have to have to have to do what we want.

Of course some governments are more open minded than others and not everyone working in higher seats is bad. And I also want to point out, that violence won’t solve these problems.

Because if you look back in history, each time people started to use violence in order to accomplish change, it only got worse at first and then it just looked different. But in the end there always was the same again in a way.

For example the Roman Empire. It was big, it was modern, I mean the only thing they didn’t have was internet, when it comes to living standard. But they failed because not everyone was equal and some again used the system to get rich and control others. The Romans were some kind of out of box thinkers at some point, but they also weren’t perfect and also did horrible things. So let’s not do that. But in games you can experience these times. You can rule the empire, you can fight the empire you can experience it as a soldier, as a citizen, heck you can be what you want in some games and do what you want.

You can build your own worlds, you can even build solutions which could be useful in real life.

In many modern games you learn about psychology, about how not to “help” people and that decisions are important, while not every decision has to be too important. You learn that resources are limited, you learn that you can get more resources again, when you find ways.

For example, when you only have dirt or stones, but you need food or iron or something. In reality, you would probably say: “Well, shit.” But in some games you just use a device which changes the molecular structure and atomic energy in order to get something else. I mean at the moment in reality we don’t have something like this, am I right? But why should it be impossible? Just hundred years ago people would have called you crazy just thinking about wireless phones. And where are we now?

How did we accomplish that? Not because of companies, not because of school education, not because of well educated people, well maybe some, but it depends on what “well educated” means.

Albert Einstein wasn’t concidered smart at first, they even thought he might have problems later because he was a slow learner in school time. He first just did basic job in a patent department. When he got bored there and finally had free time, he started thinking about concepts and out of box theories and ideas. Today you usually hear that he also went to school, was very smart, IQ around 160 (or something) and we just recently were able to investigate his theories because science and technology was not developed enough back then.

Tesla was talking about free energy, about frequencies and a source, a core with wisdom and such things. But I didn’t really learn much about him in school, I am not even sure whether he even got mentioned. Without him, we wouldn’t have electricity in the way we have it now and many other things.

What do all these famous or special people have in common? They played games. Back then it mainly were mind games or “paper games” because there wasn’t much else. And basically trying out things with different materials until something worked.

What do you learn in good video games? Try everything until something works and don’t always just do what the game tells you to do.

For example, if the game says: “GO to castle X”, you could also just go to a near by river and watch some fishes and maybe wait until it is night time, then maybe sing a little or fight back some wolves and THEN go to the castle. But only if you want. A game in which there is only ONE way, you usually loose the interest after some time because the game would actually just be some kind of book or movie in which you can’t interact. (Because there are books and movies with interaction)

A good game is better than reality because you can do things you wouldn’t be able to do in reality. Good things, bad things, just things.

Therefor games are also some kind of heaven, not all games, but the games I am talking about. And some games are like hell, while you will get stronger after fighting your way through.

Some examples from my own experience:

  • Life is Strange
  • Medieval II Total War
  • The Settlers II (Gold Edition 1997)
  • Minecraft
  • Mount&Blade Warband
  • GTA V
  • Stronghold 1 up to Legends
  • UK Truck simulator
  • Need for Speed series
  • Left 4 Dead 2
  • Garry’s Mod
  • Thomas was alone
  • Warframe
  • Heroes & Generals
  • Portal + Portal 2
  • Superhot
  • Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice
  • Bioshock series
  • Uncharted series
  • Tomb Raider series
  • Hacknet
  • Arma 2 + 3
  • Company of Heroes 2
  • TIS-100
  • Space Engineers
  • Race the Sun
  • Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Editon
  • Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth (what I have seen so far)
  • Deponia series
  • Edna & Harvey: The Breakout
  • Assassin’s Creed (first hand full of titles)
  • Orwell
  • and many many more

So would games be subjects to study, I had way too many in a good way.

And I didn’t even mention possible mods and modding in general, which basically is about modifying the original game to make it do something else. I played many mods and also wrote my owns. I create maps to play on and even small games on my own or with friends.

And then I also didn’t mention hacking games. Because if a game doesn’t allow modding by house, you could still modify it, by “simply” hacking it.

I found out about some programs free for everyone and started experimenting around with it. I was able to hack some games and even if not that great, I still had a lot of fun and felt pretty cool. I mean I know that there are way better hackers, modders and such, but for me we have way too few. And many of those we have are using it for their own advantage and are mean sometimes. But I also met many cool hackers and funny ones.

I think, in order to become a hacker, you just have to forget everything you learned in school or at least most of it.

When a teacher in secondary school wanted to show us a movie about oil and how people tried to create oil and other things, he couldn’t find the movie anymore in the internet. I thought, well maybe I could find it. And within some hours of going through all kinds of possible keyword combinations and some websites, I finally found a video on YouTube and showed it to him the next day.

I didn’t learn that in school. But that was the only thing I needed to learn, in order to learn or find whatever I needed to accomplish what I wanted.

But overcoming the system was way too hard, so I resignated. And also all the people who weren’t thinking for themselves, while telling so.

You need your own mind, your hands and feet, your senses to learn, not pieces of paper with predefined tasks and solutions.

I learned through observation, I first looked what already is there and then tried to modify it until I could create things on my own, without the need for already given things. Okay well maybe some, but I think you know what I mean, at least I hope.

A master becomes a master through training, but then most people say that school is the training and long work experience and all that. Maybe for some people, but not for me. For me, it is the opposite. When I have no idea about something, I usually put the most effort in it and learn the most in the first hours. And only by always rethinking or trying new things I became some kind of master in many areas. But I have no paper, no certificate. Is that important? Well, only if you want to work for and in the system(s). I never wanted that, so why should I have a problem with that? 😀

I know what I know, at least when I am not pushed and pressured that much. I did many things and I have a lot of ideas, dreams and hopes. So why should I want those stupid certificates?

For me it is better to have nothing to proof that you can something, but that you have the ability to understand new situations fast and learn how to master them. So I could learn anything, would I want to or have to in a certain situation. I would be a surgeon, should I be the only one who would be able to learn that fast and no one else would be there to help a dying one, for example. Because would the other one die anyway, I at least tried to help, than just by standing around doing nothing but complaining or whatever. (This doesn’t meant that this is totally wrong. But I think we can agree, that would you know that you maybe could help instead of doing nothing, you would do whatever you could do in order to help a loved one or maybe even a stranger.)

Games… “playing is learning”

And I of course didn’t only play games, I am into all kinds of topics. From theology to science and art, even sports, eventhough I hated sport most of the time because I HAD TO do it and it was about grades/marks again.

Playing football with friends just for fun is also playing, learning and sports. But playing football/soccer for money and fame is usually not sports, but wasting time and hurting yourself or others. (At least from my point of view) This doesn’t mean that a football player is evil or bad, no there are fair players and good-hearted ones, everywhere are people who are good in a way. But as soon as there is money, power, fame etc. involved, many people start to get greedy or start to even hurt themselves or others in order to succeed. And then? When they succeeded, they fall down because the didn’t think about something else the whole time.

For me it was like this:

Today I hack this game -> I hacked parts of the game -> I felt good.

Then I listened to music, then I maybe continued developing one of my programs and did other things as well. So I succeeded all the time you could say. Because I knew that I was doing things I want to do, which could help me later or even others. Most people are just going out there in the world with one big goal, if even and when they can’t reach it, they get down and when the reach it they have nothing else to do and then get down.

When I was a kid I started to also partially think this way, only that in my case my main goal was to die. Luckily not always, otherwise I wouldn’t be here today. But it is still a big part of me because it developed in the background throughout my whole live, just because I felt alone and misunderstood and then useless. I knew I wasn’t when I was clear, but the pressure was too big. And when the brain has too much pressure (basically how school, work and life seems to work – at least in my country), it is no wonder that people get sick, complain, are short-minded and way behind when it comes to innovation, internet and in general. We need a lot of people from outside in order to keep the system running, while on the other side people here complain about them.

If you want life to be a game, than it is a game.

And if you played a lot of complex games, you know what to do.

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