Don’t reinvent the wheel

I already wrote about this, as I already wrote about many things.

(Well… like a good old convincer… okaaayy)

So, about the title. This is what I usually hear from people, when I started to talk about different approaches.

In my head I usually had something like: “But what if the wheel wasn’t round, while everyone just thought it is?”

Not meaning the actual wheel, but I usually didn’t hear this sentence in the context of an actual wheel, but more in general.

For example, I want to create everything by myself. This is just my nature. This doesn’t mean literally everthing, but for example in the areas I have my priorities at the moment. Music, programming and writing.

So when I actually see something which is already done and which works, I at least take a look at it. But often it either didn’t really work or I had to adjust it anyways in the end. So I usually do my own thing and in the end it is usually way better. Not always, but it happens. You can’t always win with the first move.

In general, we should actually reinvent things on a regular basis because things are usually not perfect, at least not so far. Because most of us don’t really think out of the box. So when you tell someone, that it would be much better to walk to work instead of driving to work with a car, just to drive to a fitness center later and pay twice, while walking would have been free… they usually call you crazy. Why? Because it totally makes sense to them to waste money.

Almost everyone around me thinks this way. No wonder the world is not making progress.

I think, when Jesus said that maybe the current generation could reach the end of the world, meaning the beginning of heaven on earth, he was serious and hope it would be literal. Well, little did he know (while he of course knew way more than most people, if not all so far), that it would take us 2000 years only to still follow the same patterns. I mean, not us, who actually understand that most people are trapped in systems, but the trapped ones.

For me the bible was like some kind of puzzle as well as everything else. And this is why I solved more than one puzzle I think, while most people didn’t even solve the first. Or if so, they thought, wait, that can’t be it, I must be wrong.

The cool thing about it is, that it is solveable in many different ways.

But those who don’t question the puzzle, the system, God and everything basically, well they are the ones who are lost, actually.

And those who feel lost, are actually those who aren’t.

Because they realized that there is something wrong.

It is hard to tell how many people are actually lost and how many feel lost because they have no one to really talk to.

The people around me usually are all in this: “I need to work, this is how it is.” kind of thinking. And whith almost everything I say, they simply ignore me. They think I don’t know what I am talking about, while they actually have no idea.

It is how Jesus said:

Man I almost cried. I wish it would have happened. At least some water is in the eyes.

And for me, father could also mean master or God, or higher entity or shared consciousness and so on.

As a kid I usually thought, why do people always separate things and make them even more complicated. But in the end they told me the complicated one… oooff.

I mean, why are there so many different subjects in school, while most of them interact with each other anyways?

I mean, in order to understand theology, you have to understand science, and then you first have to understand that physics, biology and so on, are all talking about the same things. Then there is sports which is working together with science and then maths as well, also the languages because ohterwise you wouldn’t be able to understand everything in the first place and finally the break. Why is there a break in school? All these stupid things… man.

Why can’t they just stop teaching old and outdated stuff, or over complicated stuff (which at some point doesn’t even make sense anymore in some cases)?

Would you give children real life problems and just let them solve them, maybe we would have reinvented the wheel centuries ago. Instead we do what we always did… at least most of the people, most of the time.

While actually school teaches you, when you read between the lines, that it can’t work.

School tells you in biology, that the brain shuts down or only works on a low level, when you are stressed. But on the other hand, you get stressed in school almost all the time. Find the erreur. Logic 404 not found.

And then everyone of course says, but I am thinking logical. While in reality most people think in a given pattern. Because this is what school does and work does and almost everything. Luckily there are also some out of box thinkers and people who take some risks sometimes and keep on going.

Otherwise I would have probably escaped this world.

Because I always had this will to overcome these strange patterns, but because I never saw someone like me or at least didn’t recognize others on my level of thinking, I blocked myself.

For example, I thought many times about how to solve all major problems in the world and I remember that I sometimes woke up from a dream and just remembered that I solved something. But then I thought, well if I am the only one who is able to do this and no one else listens to me anyways, why should I even try. I still did, but it got lower and lower until I almost commited myself to the system.

Did you also think about the IKEA ad (in case you got some) “Work, life, sleep balance?”

Well, I thought, this is actually wrong. Because The words work and sleep and balance, have no reason to be there. Only life.

Because what is balance? For me balance is nonsense. There is no balance. You can maybe hold balance while walking over a rope which is connecting to sides of a river or something, but life is without balance.

I mean, of course you could see balance in it, but when you just do, what you want (what you actually want, not what the system made you want), you don’t need any balance. Because then there would be no such thing as work. For you it would be an enjoyable task, for example painting (should you love painting). And then you would paint all day, while maybe another one loves to bake. And in the end you maybe share your experiences with each other and then you also bake and the other one starts to paint. And so on.

And in case you search God. I mean as I said, there are many ways in which I see God. For the word actually is painful because it actually isn’t what most people think. When I say God, I don’t mean a strange old man in the skies somewhere. And also not a punishing evil spirit or whatever. For me two or three people are God. Or sometimes even one human could be God. And we all together are God, as well as maybe some community are God.

God basically means that there is connection between people or beings.

And connection between people or beings in general is called love. Therefor God is love.

And we are all children of God, children of love – would we finally see it…. 😦

Basically there is no such thing as a father in the heavens, because we are the father.

“God is dead. The humans killed him.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

I think it is important to add the second sentence which is usually not added in the quotes I see or when people talk about it.

The whole meaning is clearer when they are together.

I of course can’t be 100% sure what Nietzsche meant with this, but I guess he was on the right track. When I was younger, partially trapped in the systems and wrong believes, I often was scared or confused. I thought that this man was crazy or evil. While I actually knew the whole time what was going on, but said to myself, this can’t be. Everyone around me has a different opinion. (Basically me almost all the time with other people… 😦 )

If Nietzsche actually was thinking about love or the shared consciousness, but accidently got confused because everyone else was talking about God the father and a man etc, it makes sense.

Well, maybe not dead completely, but pretty broken I would say.

So if you ask me now, I would correct Nietzsche and change the quote into:

“God is broken. The humans broke it. The humans stopped loving, caring and sharing their actual truth and experiences. Everyone just fights for themselves or their own profit.”

And when you pray, be it to the trees, to the big ghost, to God etc. you are actually talking to yourself, to all the people around and to all the people on the world and maybe even outside of it. If you pray for help, while you don’t see an escape at the moment. Someone could receive this prayer in form of a dream, a thought or just a feeling and then help you, maybe not even knowing for sure why they do so. This is God working, this is my God. And whatever churches say, whatever people say, they usually don’t listen anyways… and just want to believe their own lies. You probably know that, I know that and some others as well. And therefor, we are God, we are connected in a way and we love each other (maybe not as strong because we are still scared, but we do in a way).

And don’t forget, I don’t know all, you don’t know all, but I guess together we know way more than most people.

Stay strong my friends, keep breathing, don’t let the other people who don’t listen drag you down. Because later we might be able to make them all see. But first we have to fight our way out and don’t believe their lies.

And please, don’t just believe me. Otherwise it would all be pointless.

Reinvent the wheel and if it takes time, then it takes time. But do it. 😀 Okay?

And first maybe just believe that you are strong and that you are free, if you want to be free. It is hard to risk it, but first make yourself feel good about yourself and what you did so far. Even if so far you only failed, maybe even harmed others or just betrayed yourself because you feared that you are alone with this as well (like I used to think).

It’s alright. Because now you are not alone anymore. 🙂

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