You are champions

Not everyone is born as a champion, but everyone can become one, if they want. At least in my eyes.

In this community I see many champions already.

A champion doesn’t have to be strong with muscles or look good in the eyes of others. For me, a champion just fights it way through, stands up again. Risks something and doesn’t give up. But someone who always wins, isn’t a champion, at least not in my eyes.

Looking back into things like the Colosseum (great theater of the Roman Empire), what happened to champions or gladiators who fought like champions? When they lost a fight, but the fought good, the people could let him live and did sometimes. Because the gladiator was better than most of the others and could give a good fight again or even win next time.

Of course nowadays it is or shouldn’t be about brutal war games in which people kill or hurt each other just to amuse some crazy audience.

I think, we often see champions or heros as strong, smart and good looking people or beings and they do everything right or at least we want them to. But the best part is, when you loose as a champion and you are still alive because you did what was possible and gave your best. In our community this would mean to just keep sharing, caring and listening / reading to others. And in my case, almost each post I publish feels like a risk and powerful as well. Be it just for myself because I processed something again, or for the people – you – reading. Even when I wrote complete crazy things from my perspective at the moment of writing, there was no one who judged me or things like that. Instead I sometimes even got good feedback and found people who could relate.

A champion is strong in the mind and heart. The height, the speed, the appearance, doesn’t have much to do with it. When you are fighting like a champion it might change over time, but the important parts are usually invisible for the most people.

So if you can really love and trust people you didn’t even see in person, it could mean that you are either pretty naive or that you see the actual presence behind the masks, the body and all what the eye can see.

But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not look at his appearance or at the height of his stature, because I have rejected him; for God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”

1 Samuel 16:7 (New American Standard Bible)

It is not about religion, it is not about tradition, not about forcing people and not about how you look. It is simply about what you are inside. And the people in this community, at least those I “investigated” so far. 😀 Are beautiful inside and even outside if you ask me.

And to make it even better, I called myself a Lord when I was starting to play online games. But that is just a title and were just names, of course.

I hope I didn’t scare people away again because I used bible quotes.

For my part, I see a lot of positive value in the bible, despite all the misinterpretation, violence and hate which was and still is related with it.

For me the bible is just a book. A special book, but nothing to use as an excuse to do strange things in order to harm people.

The core values of a champion is (for me): Stand up again, take your time to heal your wounds, challenge yourself, don’t just fight for yourself.

(But the last one could be seen different in some cases, it depends on your perspective and how you feel.)

Maybe for you a champion is something completely different.

And I am glad, that I found out again, that I am indeed a champion in a way. A very damaged and almost crazy champion, but nothing which can’t be repaired. I mean my brain did it the last two decades, so why should it stop now? But for now, I should give it space and time to strengthen and heal the rediscovered powers and abilities. I didn’t do it the last years because I felt like a slave, acted like a slave and became one in a way.

Looking back again to the Roman Empire, many if not all gladiators were slaves at first. Usually catched during wars, because of crimes or no money etc. So they were usually worth nothing at first and many died. But those who knew they could be free and had the will to fight for it, at least took the chance. And some actually became free citizens in the end. I am not sure whether this was always possible in the Roman Empire, but at least at some point.

And luckily not all of us have to actually fight like gladiators with real weapons and so on, in order to become free. Not every part of the world is safe and not every part is peaceful. But be it a fight with words, with hands, arts or whatsoever. Together we can win and make the world better.

Because the gladiators in the arena also weren’t alone. And we as a community are also not alone.

Who said heros and champions have to fight alone?

Even in the movies the fictional ones often have their helpers or allies.

You guys are great! I wish you a good “fight” in your battles and hope to fight side by side with you for a better world. A fight with words against fears, old views and all the problems no one wants or could solve so far.

Don’t forget to relax sometimes and to feel good! 😀

Make yourself a good day in a way, you earned it! ❤️

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  1. “A champion is strong in the mind and heart.” Very well said. Your post is very well written and insightful. Champions/Heroes don’t have to do something great. They can be someone who shows up everyday and gives it their best effort.

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