The dilemma of “dualism”

If you are trapped in dualism you only see two sides the whole time.

When you look into the world, you usually learn as a kid, that there isn’t such a thing like “two sides” (e.g. bad and good).

(Because of my unhealthy family sitatuation and my out of it resulting broken mindset, I at some points surrendered to this stupid and completely irrational views. For example the view, that only christians are good, or only bad people succeed and such nonsense.)

The thing is, that the question for myself would be, when did I start to surrender? Answer would be: Each time when the amount of problems I couldn’t solve and had to work around was too much. I solved problems, but I always got reminded of problems I already knew and thought about myself.

What is the dilemma with dualism or the way of singing only two sides?

The answer is pretty simple. The amount of sides is theoretically as high as there are beings to argue or create. So from a human perspective this would be something between 1 million up to the number of people currently living at this very moment (a little less than 8 billion people), plus already dead people (sum this up by yourself, just know, the number is high).

This said, it makes no sense that there are only two things, yet we over simplify things to these two things in some cases. Usually to support propaganda, to support products, to support our own believes and so on.

Let’s start with some basics in electricity and the whole technology sector used to work and still does in most cases, while I will probably use wrong words, explanations and examples as always (or not, but I think I do… yeaaa… okay stop here).

We have two states at the bottom, we have 0 and 1, on and off, true or false (Hint: 0 not necessarily means off, it depends on the logic or system behind it)

And now I come in (the idiot from the hall, because that is what I usually act and think in a way because of my broken self-image).

And I tell you, that it is just us, the humans who made it this way. In reality the actual value of the 0 and 1 is usually not measured and most of the time different. This means, that there is the actual point of now power in the wires and a possible maximum (given by the material, electrical elements etc.) and then someone just said: “Okay, how can we tell it to only respond with ‘YES’ or ‘NO’?” Because these are the very basic answers we humans usually give and are asked for. But what is, with the people who say: “I don’t know.” or those who say nothing at all?

When I heard about the quantum computers, and that they had 4 states per unit (some years ago), I thought, well okay and how does that work?

Man… I was already trapped in dualism again or in the box(es).

As a kid I tried around with everything, whenever I could. When my father locked the living room with the TV and put the key away, I simply tried every other key until I found one which somehow fit in and unlocked the door. Many people would have been angry or gave up or something, at least this is what I later found out. And then they would have waited or resignated or whatever, or maybe tried to get the key. I simply did the “hacker” method and just everything people usually don’t do. But I didn’t think much about it because it was logical or at least possible for me.

So in my real life scenario as a kid I naturally solved the dualism dilemma because I simply didn’t pay attention to it. Now you could say, okay then you just avoided it. But this would only make sense, if you would have to find the solution for the problem within the problem. (It depends on the subject maybe, but usually you find the solution outside of the actual problem.)

My scenario with the keys in a dual state world would be the following:

Key number 9 is in door 9 -> door open = true

Key number 9 is not in door 9 -> door open = ?

-> check door handle

-> door moves -> door open = true
-> door doesn’t move -> door open = false

And then the usual process stops. I mean of course there could be many children who go beyond this and I hope this is they case, but yeah…

My process didn’t stop there, so I came up with:

Key number 11 is in door 9 -> key moveable?

(and I tried this until I reached key 20)

So then I had

Is key number 20 in door 9? -> door open = true

What does this teach us about technology?

It tells us, that we usually waste most of the capacity or resources because we only stick (or at least used to stick) to over simplified approaches like dualism or two states, which is actually something from the stone ages. At least when it comes to “can everyone understand it?”.

And this brings us to the actual problems of dualism (is dualism even a word?)

No, eh the actual problems.

If you are forced to work in a world, in which you can only answer with “YES” or “NO”, what happens to the people who don’t use words? What happens to people who see no problem or decision and therefor no need to make one?

I don’t know how the softwares and the actual hardware of quantum computers work in detail, but I know, that there is still potential in the technology we currently have. This doesn’t mean that we have to stop searching for new things, that would be nonsense, but maybe to be more aware of the details and possibilities within what we use and used.

The famous question: “Why doesn’t everyone do this?” is pretty good on this one. Why? Because I find that there is usually no room for out of box thinking, while out of box thinking usually gives us new approaches, solutions and in general ideas (basically creativity at its best). We kind of want children to be creative, but only to a controllable level in which you can give them 1 or a 0 (in an over simplified way). Sure we give them grades in a range from usually 5 levels.

Music break….

How do humans work? – Single processor, one question at a time, one state at a time.

Really? Is this the only way? Isn’t this dualism again?

Of course.

The problem with the dualism is, that we need it everywhere, but actually don’t want it because it doesn’t really is how the actual reality work. Yet there are people who want it this way, either to point with a finger towards someone or because others want you to do so.

What is the solution to go against dualism, while not making it too complicated?

First thing: Don’t think just in two states.

Second: Create scenarios in which you don’t need just two states. (multiple keys for one lock)

Then: Create scenarios in which you actually need dualism (e.g. door locked?)

After that: Try to make it as simple as possible, but also optionally complex (for intelligent or at least very interested people).

Then: Test it at first with some close friends or your company.

After that: Test it with some other people, who have no idea about it.

Finally: Publish it or at least use it.

Second music break…

(I heard parts of this song in my head, while I was doing my ~30 km walk through the night last year. And man, how motivating it was.)

Most people want simple solutions, only to realize that nothing is simple.

When it comes to technology, you usually start with the basics and the basic is: “on” or “off”.

Let me tell you something, my house has some old wires and some lights are never fully “off”. The sometimes make noise, have a low red glow or such things. What would the electrician say to this state?

The lights a onff? Or probably something like: ompff!? Maybe Oof

And now we are talking. I also talked about “strange” but possible problems like “why doesn’t my TV receiver work, when my notebook is getting recharged?” with an uncle today.

I mean he actually had to figure out, that it was the charger, but you usually don’t consider these things because usually these things are like boxes. The TV is the TV, the notebook is for notebook stuff and with some apps you can somehow merge these things to watch videos for example.

Only to realize that there are so many unknown factors you didn’t pay attention to.

I did pay attention to some of them, but because I didn’t see people around me paying attention to these things (at least most of the time), I thought, well I must be stupid or at least weird.

I was right and wrong because would I say only one of these words, I would apply to dualism again. You see? It is hard to avoid dualism.

But the good thing is, that dualism is of course needed sometimes and also not just bad. I just usually only see dualism everywhere I go or even “single-path” things (e.g. we always made this, it aways worked, it has to work all the time). Sometimes I see people trying to avoid dualism and they make team projects and such things. But often in the companies there is still a “YES” or “NO” when it comes to products, employees and basically the whole economy. What about 21.51% YES, 41.49% Still thinking, 20.1% NO and 16.9% Imma outta here?

We are actually getting into politics again, okay. Let’s stop here.

If we look at humans for example. We tend to see us in different ways.

Single-path = we are all humans

Dualism = women and men

Multi(whatever) = everyone has unique characteristics and there can’t be just two things

Over simplified multi(whatever) = “we are all uniquely different” (which could be true, but actually is just another way to say = “we are all humans”

(from single to single while nothing is just one thing)

I know, this is far from scientific, academic, or any kind of normal and intellectual talk. I would probably label it as “trivial” or “primitive” or even “failed”.

Because the possibilities are endless, but we limit ourselves or I should say, we sometimes get limited. Maybe willingly or just because no one really knows, but everyone thinks they know.

I know for sure, that I know some things about my past and that I have some qualities. Because otherwise, what is the point of this all, right?

So, dualism makes us waste resources, makes us think strange things, makes us waste a lot of things in general and over all is outdated like hell. Maybe literally, maybe in a methaphorical way (if that even makes sense).

Usually people ask: “things work, why change?”

While actually things don’t really work, only for some.

(I probably make myself a fool because there are probably already a lot of solutions on how to avoid dualism in a healthy way, but yeah… I am a fool if you want or I am smart, I don’t know. I just know, that I can do things, a lot of things and that I am not willing to stop now. But I will also never really understand how I do the things because I just do them. At least I can more and more explain them now, through all my writing and talking lately.)

I recently thought again about many things I lost the interest during my secondary school time or later times.

One would be: Why can’t we apply multiple systems on the same topic?

I mean, this is usually done or at least should be done (e.g. medicine), but still, the important things on top, aren’t really working with these methods. Do they? Some do, of course.

Every thing can be use in multiple ways.

-> What can you do with a nail?

Average Answer: combine wood material with a hammer.

other answers: play games, kill people (don’t do that), watch, eat (also don’t do that), throw away, remove, …

You would probably label the “other” answers as unusual and not useful and might be right in some cases. But when you look into history, the unusual things made the overall life quality better, at least in some areas, depending on the impact on the whole world.

Yet, most people hold these things back, fear them even or simply want to use them for their own advantage.

But isn’t that just some kind of dualism again? Usual vs. unusual?

And then what about the average, what about the 1/5 usual, 2/5 average and 3/5 unusual?

(Uses bad examples to try to explain something… oh boy. Time for the last sentence.)

Many people can only live with dualism, some live simple-minded, some have multiple perspectives, some have it all together and many more pespectives I didn’t consider in detail.

If life would only be about two things, why not just make it simple and leave it again?

I hope someone can make sense of it. And I hope it is not all just nonsense or way too complicated.

Have a good night (or day) and hugs for all of you! 🙂


  1. I can relate to this way of thinking for being borderline. I used to see the see the world just as black and white, but with years I’m discovering more colors. You make me rethink the whole borderline again and the depths of this way of thinking. Thanks for sharing in such detailed way.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It makes me happy that it helped you in a way. As long as it makes you feel better or just more understood. Here is some love for reading and even writing a comment! ❤️ Thank you! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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