When “Nothing” is written in stone

After a walk, relatively long, the wanderer reached a wide and open field. In front of it a stone stood out. Formed like a dragon, but still like a plate or something round.

The wanderer looked closer, there were letters in the middle. They said “Nothing”. Obviously confused, the wanderer started thinking, moved his eyes around, over the field and back to the stone. This clearly is not nothing. And the stone, formed so magically, the field so bright and beautiful.

Then in the distance with his eyes, he catched a castle of some sort. Suddenly a farmer came towards the wanderer, still standing statue like, in front of the stone-plate-thingy. The farmer went to the field and when he noticed the man in front of the stone, he said: “There is no ham.”

Our wanderer responded: “Of course! I know.”, while still confused he started walking again.

What the wanderer didn’t see or recognized, next to the “Nothing” – on the right side – some parts of the stone were missing. The “ham”.

Spoiler / Explanation:

What the farmer didn’t know, the “h” should have been a “t”.
When “Nothing” is written in stone, maybe someone misspelled and or didn’t finish the word.


It is less about the word, as you probably noticed, but more about how the people react towards it or them. And while for some it might was “obviously” this, or that. The other one could have “obviously” seen something else. Sometimes we are in our own worlds, but yet we are here together.

My latest track to relax (at least in my case) 😀

[Unsettled pain while peace might end]

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