Machine vs Human

Brain vs Heart

Flesh vs Soul

Dead vs Alive

It is then, when you understand that you are lost alone. Not always, but usually. It is then when you see, that you have the power to make a change. But the change has to be inside you and maybe through the help of others. Not meaning that you have to become evil, while was good before, but that it won’t help, when everything is seen as evil.

Not all is evil, many things are good or something in between when you look closer. Humans for example.

We can be good or evil, we can act like machines or beings with feelings. We can also work together or against each other.

The fight might seem endless, but it isn’t. It just seems this way for now. Good times will come, good times are here. Good is what is good for you, but often not what you think, at first. Sometimes a mixture out of the experiences you had to this point until a major change in your life or the world around, will give you a new one.

Without the bad things, good things can exist, but many won’t recognize them and don’t recognize them, even though they are right in front of them.

A few just need good, just are good, just do good, would you let them.

If you have seen all the dark already, figured out all the lies, the paradox things, it is time for the bright.

Not meaning a fake smile, but a real smile.

Not meaning a fake life, but a real life.

What is real? -> When you can say: This is who I am. But not who I always have to be, not who I always was.

People can change, they really do sometimes, but many just pretend. Don’t pretend, be real with real people and yourself. If you are not real with yourself, what is the point of living, if it is not for you but someone else?

It is your life, do what you can do, find ways to do what you want to do and don’t give it all up. But don’t forget to take your breaks, to take time for your emotions an feelings. You need them, otherwise you either become a machine, a monster or whatever heartless thing.

Wasting time in others eyes, might be the most productive time in your case. When they run towards the doctors later, consuming drugs and other things, you could be one of those who can live without it, but you always know, you can do what you want. But not all is good for you. A human without rest, is a machine on overclock. At some point it breaks, at some point the human breaks. The faster, the earlier. It depends on you, how fast you want to ride and it depends on you whether you want to do good or bad things.

Don’t forget, that your enemy could be just like you, so start by yourself. If you have to, alone. If you can, with people who you can trust and who support you.

I did it a hard way, some people I know did too. But not everyone needs to learn things the hard way. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be hard, just normal, right?

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