Asimov – twing gechi

Tel buri al megda,
tre lurchi sen kahla,
volunte sit karomu na,
el tente sim sa montera.

Kaldechi sille so,
mesonte fille da,
avori versi vantero,
pu stij deri de va.

Kai sa frille senter lo.
Mi blosa mar keto.
Al bresi wille win der sai,
de frille fi san so ser bai.

And really guys, this one is just random.

The words might be words in some language, but the “poem” is just nothing. Just a bunch of words, letters and a fitting ending. Should you see or find a meaning within it, congratulation, you created meaning! 😀

Because I just wanted to make something meaningless. In a way it still has meaning, but not within the words.

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