All done, all thought

When all the words had meaning,
all the things already done,
from playing games to great spring cleaning,
it seems the interest ‘s all gone.

Thinking through is not living through,
but at some point it feels like the same.

So if the same feeling was usually pain,
why not just laugh as if you lost your mind,
but first wait – and let it rain,
isn’t it then to stay because it is kind?

The actual point in living is up to you,
so when you can’t do what you want,
at least try to laugh about what you do,
especially when it seems irrelevant!

Relevant things usually were irrelevant,
until people started to understand the value.

Is a plane without a cockpit okay?
No, because a pilot needs to be in front.
Why is it important to plant things before May?
In winter it’s cold, so you can’t and you don’t.

Questions with answers to laugh about soon.
Like – what are stars, how close is the moon?
To early is a problem, if you can’t trust yourself,
Seems your thoughts are just like fiction – your favorite shelf.

The less important, the less relevant,
could soon be dead and then forgotten,
could some day be all what they want,
while the flesh and bones are already rotten.

Therefor laugh and try the funny side,
isn’t it better, isn’t it worth a ride?
Others give you pain and sorrow,
So give them laughter, maybe tomorrow.

Is it a poem? Is it even literature? Is this word or thought?

Not sure, not sure. But it is out and it is loud.

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