Music making – just need a computer

As some of you might know, since I was a little child of just 2 or 3 years old, I wanted to make music. I liked pianos a lot and keyboards. But I also tried other instruments. Sadly I had no chance to really use them at home. I had some instruments, guitars, a trumpet and a keyboard either from my father or my mother. But while my father had these things, he never used them and when I wanted to he usually stopped me. Sadly I broke the keyboard and no one repaired it or bought a new one.

So I lost the hope in making music more and more. As if making music or sounds was annoying. My father usually wanted things to be quiet.

Long years past, decades went by and now it is back since last year.

What did I need to make music without “annoying” people? Well, just a laptop or computer, some programs and headphones. That was all.

I sometimes recorded a cheap and later broken guitar and even my voice, but mainy I just used and still just use the programs.

These are the tools / the software I use:

Now you heard and have seen and read what you can do with these things. But the images are another story.

(And I know that some tones are a little strange, not really fitting. But it depends on your experience and ears. Maybe you don’t hear the mistakes.)

The background images are the result many things working together.

First my cousin made some interesting photos of landscapes, night sky, forests and such. I wrote a program which was first intended to find similarities in images like some kind of AI. But then it “just” turned into some kind of image merger. I called it CAI (calculate average image) because this is basically what happens. The tool tries to find a good resolution for a folder with images, then it goes through all pixels of each image and calculates through more or less simple math finds the middle value or average value / color. And this in the given resolution for each pixel. In the end you have very strange and interesting peaces of art. Sometimes it is just rubbish because you still have to find some images which could look good together. Maybe I could improve this one day.

And then I use the mirror effects (left, right, whole) in the musicvid tool.

All the images you just saw (if you watched and listened to my videos) were made this way. CAI is not really user-friendly because I stopped developing it one or two years ago, like most of my things. Should I publish a user-friendly and improved version with more features, I will let you know. 🙂

And now you know, how to make music and music videos without the need for big instruments, without any money and a little bit of creativity ( actually a lot, but yeah 😀 )

And maybe it was even not that bad (the music, not the tools). ^^

Well, this is the story how I made my dream of playing music come true with what was in my reach. With real instruments you of course could make other music and also would have other sounds and effects, but for me it was more about in general making some music. And I mean, nothing holds you back to use the same tools, but with an electrical guitar, should you have one. But I recommend a good microphone.

(Me, not having any idea about music theory and what I am doing most of the time. Also me, giving advise on how to make music)

But somehow it works, I guess. 😀

But really, should my music be “hearable”, meaning: your ears don’t bleed and it might even sound good, then it is okay. It isn’t perfect, it wasn’t meant to be. Just okay or just something. Even music no one wants to listen, could be music, at least in your ears, in your mind. Who knows, right?