Meant to be – a liar?

If everything is meant to be,

the heavens are gold, the souls are free.

Would we all lie – why do we live?

Only to die, while nothing we give?

Would we all lie and always lie,

why do we hate to wear a tie?

The one who wants to be perfect in all,

is the one who will cry and scream in the fall.

Better not telling a word of truth,

than hundred words disguising it.

And then, is the truth bad or good?

If you cut down a tree, you get wood.

If you plant trees, you are building a forest.

It is the truth, you do what you can – your best?

Lies towards others try to hide your mistakes.

Lies towards yourself try to make you not go insane.

Until the brain can’t stand it and breaks,

Until the heart only feels pain.

You are meant to be, to learn and teach.

Either yourself or the ones who harmed you.

Either yourself or the ones in your reach,

Your are meant to be, not as a liar, but you.

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