Music and “something worth taking home” :)

When you don’t know what to believe, because everything seems weird and out to get you. When what actually should be got, was used for bad, so you can’t see the difference anymore. When you feel lost and hopeless.

Don’t choose to be evil because it won’t help you. It will only make things worse. And then, what is evil in your eyes? I think you know.

When there isn’t justice, when there isn’t actual love. When meanings of words were changed so often, that you don’t know whether there ever was an actual meaning to it.

Still… you know, what you don’t want. At least some part of you. And maybe another knows, what you actually want. Still, no matter what happened. I didn’t want much from my perspective, but what I wanted, was said to be wrong. But now I know, that not all of it was.

This actually gave me the chills again in a good way and some water in my eyes. It is so powerful and true. Why do most people not know about this series? Probably because they are not ready yet. I can only assume.

I can only hope. Hope and pray.

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