Life as a game like system

If you know the book series “DAEMON”, you know what I mean. I already wrote about this sometimes I think.

What is the problem with the game of life theory so far and why is daemon (despite the radical and brutal approach) a way better idea, worth working on?

At the moment life is more like: “We need people to work, but we don’t necessarily need you.”

I mean, I think people usually don’t say this, but if you look into many areas, countries, companies – this is and was the case. They of course need people to work for them, but if you don’t do it, someone else will.

Would life be a game based on this perspective, then the designer of the game would have put almost no effort into menus, tutorials and other things, like extra content and collector mode and such things. Or is there?

It depends on the view, but for me the usual way how life seems to work, tells me, that there wasn’t a good game designer or developer.

This doesn’t mean that the “game” is bad, but that there are simply some things missing which would help a lot.

So if for example there would be a list of open positions for every job, like in a big system, for everyone to check out, wouldn’t that be helpful?

The main goal should be to support local people (like farmers, shop owners, etc.) or individuals who could have a high and good impact on our future and or people around them.

I can imagine, that many people would be way happier, would there be such a thing because in my case, this would actually motivate to either help people to find a job they like or find one for myself even.

This of course wouldn’t always grant a dream job, but maybe your “dream” job, isn’t actually what you want in the end.

Let’s say, you always wanted to become a doctor, but your grades weren’t that good or there were others who took the job and such things. Then you maybe feel useless or disappointed (understandable). Would there now be a single source like a platform with shared data available for everyone around jobs and missions, wouldn’t that be great?

Maybe there are a lot of empty positions in a foreign country, maybe in another town and they maybe even have something cool over there, like a big cinema, a big park or just some peaceful landscape.

Of course, that isn’t always the case, but maybe a start?

Because when you look at many games mainly around multiplayer role play or games with an open world, there usually are so called “quests” or “missions”. And you can either do them, or ignore them and sometimes they might get triggered by something you do or did.

Real life also has such “quests” and “missions”, but usually they are not labeled as such and also don’t look to interesting or obvious. Maybe they don’t even seem to be worth the risk or work. But why? I mean, if you can give a dog a stick in a game and maybe get a good feeling, why can’t you give a homeless guy a soup? (okay this maybe could be interpreted wrong, I didn’t mean to say that giving a dog a stick is the same like… okay never mind)

We know dystopic approaches for this, like “social score” and such things, which calculate based on behavior how good you are. But if a psychopath can trick the system, the whole system is rubbish and those who could actually do good, would loose because it stresses them too much.

In good games, you are not (always) forced to do the right thing or to do anything. Sometimes you can just watch the birds, walk down a beach or simply run around and through a bunch of people like a weirdo, just because you can. 😀 Because it is a game and it is meant to be fun (in the games).

In reality the part with running through or around people might not be the best way to make friends (if you know what I mean).

I grew up without a real choice, while I of course had all the possibilities. But the things I wanted or at least could imagine I would want, always implied things I hated, really hated and feared. Because my experience of life usually was either forgetting about everything and just having fun while playing games or always just “must do” and “have to” and so on.

Many people obviously get broken because of this or become criminals or brain-washed, you name it.

Children usually have dreams, ideas and they know what they want to do. Maybe what they want changes a little over time, but if you don’t always tell them what they can’t do, they might actually be able to do what they want.

In other words, if a young adult knows what kinds of jobs or things they are interested in and what they could do and so on, they have an idea on what they want (if they have that). So imagine we would have this global, shared platform, database thing, then you could just search for some keywords and maybe select some filters, like region and search. Then you could find things around what you could do, where people like you are needed.

Now you could say “but we already have a lot of these websites and apps”, why making another one?”

Well, I think, that we don’t have what I am talking about. Because what we have are a lot of “job” hunting websites. Mainly supported or used from companies to search for new employees. This is the problem I think. Because the local farmer Bobby would be ignored. Why? Because Bobby either has no clue about how the internet works or because he has no time and money to set up websites and talk with such companies. Poor Bobby (or whatever the name is).

The “system” could select people based on their actual skills and not on what they write in these strange “advertisment” folders (called “application documents”). Certificates are useless, school degrees are useless, because you can cheat on them, or you could fail on them because of stress and such things. At least the common and usual used testing methods.

But if the testing would be made automatically or even by yourself (how is that?), then there would be way less problems. I mean, some jobs might still need some kind of extra check, like doctors, but that is another topic I think. So many people already use their smartphones way too much (for me it is my computer) or let’s just say, technology conneted to the internet. So if we would (because we use it anyways) use this for our advantage, we could validate our progress based on actual progress and knowledge and not on some standard tests, stupid questions or bad days.

I even had a principal in secondary school who said, that he would be more happy with validating actual progress instead of using tests, in which some hours or minutes decide whether some months of learning or years were worth it. I know people who learned many years for a certificate / exam, only to fail the exam, while they took it very serious. And then I see other people who take it more easy, just get the damn thing and life goes on… that is unfair. Because usually the one who takes it more serious, is more stressed, at least from my perspective.

And I mean, the “system” could be modified, so that people who already know things in some areas, could calibrate the validation of someones progress and whether they are able to do it or not and such things.

There is always a negative possibility, but come on, look into the world, there is chaos, war, rape and all this money corruption going on. So how should it get much worse? The system could either get hacked or used to do what was done all the decades, centuries before or maybe actually work becuse then everyone else (who isn’t a dickhead or asshole) wants to support it, optimize it and repair possible vulnerabilities or bugs.

In games you have something like: “5/8 slots” and because the other slots are taken, you sometimes have to choose what is available. But then you would actually easily see what is available. I guess most of the time we don’t even know what is available because many people offer jobs just by asking or just in their local area and such things. So you would probably not even know that there is someone searching and they won’t know that you would want the job. Sad, but that is how real life used to work and still works in many areas.

For example:

What is better?

Classic: “We need new, young and motivated fire fighters! Take a seat and fight the heat!”

System: “3 of 20 open seats – fire fighter – region 15, validate via system”

or alternative System message: “17 / 20 seats taken, fire fighter, region 15”

I mean, I would probably go for the last one, but actually I am not that much into fire fighting. But why is that? I think, in my case mainly because I “know” what people are fire fighters. And that is actually an assult and could count as rude, if you understand what I mean. Because actually anyone could become a firefigher. All you need is a more or less healthy body, maybe not too much fear of smoke and fire and some strength. But most of these things can be either trained, learned or overcome. So why am I no fire fighter? Despite the “people”, nothing would speak against it.

Sure I actually wouldn’t be able to do the job with my current health situation, but would I recover and then want to help fighting the fire, I could.

My experience with the given “application” and job advertisement systems was disappointing. For example, I wrote some companies about their ad and then found out that they didn’t even know about this. Then I had one ad which was actually labeled wrong, so I got there only to find out, that they actually search someone for another job (in the same area, but totally different in my opinion). Others said, that they could need someone one year earlier or later and so on. So mainly it was all over the place because no one really took the time to work out the texts and data or update it and such things.

“Let’s give it to the new one” or sometimes it wasn’t even them, but other people who thought they could get customers for their job service maybe.

But imagine, if there would be a system, which would be handled by everyone, like Wikipedia for example or Linux systems. Sometimes it works better, sometimes there is the possibility for clowns or mistakes. That is how it is… but at least better than trusting in a small group of people or putting pressure on them, right?

So there could be people just walking by and updating the current offers, while others create new ones and so on.

If you would for example know, that someone in your family needs someone to help with something, but they have no clue how to use it. You could either explain them (should be pretty user friendly) or do it yourself together with them.

Ideas and thoughts.

But yeah, for those of you who read (or in my case listened to) the “DAEMON” book series, know that it could get messy. And no, I don’t want saw blade motor cycles. xD Really, that would be only good in a movie or book. And also I don’t want people to be killed. And I think that many different approaches for the same goal, can actually make it better, than just choosing one and thats it. Brain storming and things like that…

The best revolutions, are those which weren’t even noticed, but everyone profited from them. The best revolitons take place in the heads, not by fighting with weapons or beating people up.

Movies, books, art, ideas and thoughts – those are the future, those are the things which should show us how we were, are and could become. Use it, don’t ignore it. Because soon enough, there could be another one who claims that by fighting with weapons for freedom, freedom will come. But freedom will never come, if there is not freedom in the mind.

Should you ask, why is there so much “Control Z”, well I watched this series this week and I must say, I liked it. Perfectly shows, how things can go wrong, when someone tries to force things while minds aren’t ready for it, while the thought be hind the approach was partially with a good intention. Still it will never work this way. If you want to live with a lie, it should be your choice, but usually lies or secrets should be avoided. Still we often see them, everyone seems to have them. Why? Because we are scared, broken or taught to be this way. But not everyone is this way or wants to be this way.

It always depends on the perspectives, but in my opinion a secret should be revealed by the one holding it and not by someone else (except for heavy crimes of course).

Because while you or I maybe would understand another persons secrets, many other people would probably be scared of them, hate them, think it is disgusting or what else. And at worst people could die because of that.

I mean, my mother told me a story which was about an old friend of one of her sisters I think. This friend once as a child stole some candy or from a local shop, when I remember correctly. And after many years, this “secret” still was in this friends head. So the woman decided to go to the shop owner and told about it. Instead of what I would have reacted like or maybe you, the shop owner called her a thief and what else, so that she probably had to get the hell out of there. I mean she just stole some candy as a kid, that is nothing serious and she felt guilty for it after so many years.

So I don’t know what was better, telling the truth because it had to get out or letting it stay a secret. Because I don’t know whether it got better for this friend after this “talk”.

It isn’t always this easy. Would I have been that shop keeper, I probably would have said something like: “Ah… forget about it. But I appreciate your honesty. If all people would be like that.” And then probably would have wished her a good day. But yeah, maybe I am wrong…. I don’t know.

The system I talking about is basically some kind of anarchy, but anarchy isn’t what people think. Anarchy isn’t total chaos, but actually communism without a government, but everyone agreeing about some basic rules, while maybe having their own in their local groups, regions, communities.

Anarchy in the pure form might be different, but maybe we don’t need it, yet. Maybe we can achieve mixtures and take the good things from already known systems. Radical change will always cause some kind of violence and I think violence one of the least things we could need right now.

I hope we can all agree on that.

But we should also not forget, that right now, we still have good against evil and people against people. Sometimes because of oil, because of religions, sometimes because of money, sometimes because of people like me, who didn’t push the brakes and gone full fanatic or rebellious.

We can’t get something new, if we try to do it, like we used to do.

We used to destroy what we don’t like, we used to say that we are better than the ones before us. But have we really learned? Some of us, but are we enough?

Are we really better than our grand, grand parents? I don’t know. Maybe.

But for now I will stay with the words: “The world never changed, it only looks different.”

Not everything has to change, if people who don’t like each other could just go the other way or find a way to get alone with each other, so many conflicts would be solved. If people would be okay with having something, instead of wanting all (or always more), man would this place be great. If no one would have to fear to get bombed, raped or hungry, what a heaven earth could be.

Learn from the past for once and don’t do what everyone does.

Did the revolutions really bring the change? I doubt it. I mean, sure they made change possible, but in the end there were some people who decided about everyone else again, in some way. And all the blood was for nothing.

What are human rights, when you can just ignore them?

You should want to have them and maybe improve things like this out of free will because it is good for us, but instead there are people fighting wars to this day. Often not really knowing why, for how long or what they are actually fighting for.

Why not fight fire, fight death or hunger? Enough people died already and I mean the “we have too many people already” excuse is really rude and unethical (in my eyes) because there can’t be too many people, would it be possible to live on other planets. But first we should be able to at least survive on one. Because wasting planets is easy. Living in harmony with them, is hard, but better. Isn’t this how most things are?

(Drops the imaginary pen – while typing on a keyboard – and thinks that writing posts on the internet really isn’t something I should continue, should I?)

(I mean, I know that what I write isn’t all that new, so it could either be boring, dangerous or inspiring. But still it wouldn’t change the world in a good way, just buy writing, would it? Maybe it only works, when you write dystopic or dramatic stories. Is this how it works? Writing the bad things, to get the good things? I don’t think so, but in the past I usually thought that watching horror movies and strange sci-fi movies would make me stronger. Did it really make me stronger? Well, I learned things about myself and society, but I didn’t really get stronger or did I? I just know, that by doing nothing, the world would also not get a better place, so I at least do something and hope for something good.)

Maybe one day, I will know the actual worth of my words and work. For now I know it could be brilliant or complete rubbish or a gray salad, not really useful or original. Basically, I could be anyone and anything, but I am writing because words are coming out of my hands until something else happens one day. 🙂

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