Hope in – patience and trust – yourself

I know that technology is often a “fear” topic, when it comes to jobs, like said in this TEDx talk about AI for example.

The reason for this is mainly based in the education, tradition or mindsets which resulted out of these things. Also through other people in the media who either want the fear or are simply scared themselves.

When I thought about the future and AI, I thought: “Well, it could get scary and it could get problematic. But because we started to think about the problems a long time ago (scifi stories exist since 19th century I think), we now know what we don’t want. Why not start working on what we want?”

So for me technology was always something fascinating when I was younger and I am still interested in it, but after my break downs and all, I more and more came into dystopic thinking as well. (Despite the part of me which wanted to die anyways.) But recently and also on the other side, I had thoughts like: “Would machines do the hard work, we know and did for so long, we could work on more important things, like human lives.”

I even thought, that the loss in work places / jobs could be a good thing, when you realize that the people all have experiences they could share. So sure, the job would be lost, but not what you learned and what you know, at least if you don’t damage the brain or something.

I think the main problem is, loosing a job is seen as a problem because of the way how most societies work (not all) and the industries who more or less dictate the societies, at least in most regions of the world (one way or another). If you have no job, you get no money, you can’t pay your rent and food (and for your children in case you have a family) and so on. Then there is this fear of loosing the job, of course.

But would we just forget about how the world works at the moment or at least seems to work most of the time, we have a lot of positive possibilities. If instead of working for a concern or local imbiss for example, you would start to work with people, to help them, this would actually be way more productive and usefull.

So many young people have no clue on what to do with their lives (me included sometimes), but many of them just need someone who supports them or gives them possibilities and hope. Would these 800 million people who will propably loose their job, be able to (instead of searching a new job – they probably don’t really like) help or just share their experiences with people, man this would be great.

Why do we fear technology?

In my case, I fear technology for many reasons.

Mainly because it is usually not perfect, so there are either risks like possible long term illnesses or consequences, like atomic waste (from old nuclear plants), computers can theoretically get hacked by anyone (even nuclear plants, should they be in some way connected to internet) and such things. It is scary. But knowing this and knowing why this usually happens or is possible, gives the opportunity to make it better, am I right?

Usually technology was made by few people, at least in the past or from what you hear. (Maybe I am wrong). But nowadays anyone can make new technology. Be it software, tools, gadgets, inventions. It got a lot easier, when it comes to the “how to start” and “where can I get”. The internet has so many useful benefits, I mean I learned programming this way on my own and many other things.

So if the people who worked in a conventional job for many years / decades, can’t use this technology, it is a shame. But they can learn, if they want to and even if they might never use it like teenagers and younger people, it could still help them. Wouldn’t there be all the other people who want to trick those who don’t know what is good and what is a trap.

If a 55 year old mechanic for example would loose his job. The chances are not too high, that he would get a new job. Would this man instead get the chance to teach young people, about what he learned and maybe learn something from them, there could be the possibility for a new invention. Or at least some young people who find interest in building or interacting with mechanical parts / things. While the mechanic might learn something about music, about art or just that he is not worthless as well as the young people.

I know that this is a nice thought and that reality usually is different, but why is that?

For me, this possibility is actually something I would want to achieve. And this is something which has to change in the heads.

The darkness of the world is not all, the light is not all, the balance is worth questioning (balance between good and bad things) and the perspectives make the differences or bring people together.

If the human creates an AI, which shall help to solve problems not even the human was able to solve: How should other humans trust in the AI, if they can not even trust in each other?

AI was and is useful, don’t get this wrong, but we should never forget, that the AI learns either from us or the data we give it or make available for it. Be it a simple AI which scans for specific colors on a screen, or a system which should understand human behavior.

There were some experiments with AIs in social media, which got cancelled because the AIs either got into racist behavior or did other strange things. I even heard from AI software used or at least tested in court and then also turned out to be racist (giving people with colored skin way higher prison sentences). And in the end this was all traced back onto us, the humans. The AIs learned either from books we wrote, things we said and posts people do on the internet (like me for example).

Would an AI learn from what I write, I am not sure what it will do, because what I wrote in the past and just in this blog, was pretty strange and sometimes even crazy, while other things could be inspirering and positive.

We can’t expect an AI to solve our human problems, because the AI must be “God” or godlike without learning anything from us. But because AI usually uses already given data and then calculates and compares, the result could actually be: “Eliminate all humans.”. Like in some dystopic sci-fi movies (e.g. Terminator). Because we humans create usually more problems, while solving or pretending to solve another. Instead of pushing technology, we should focus more on our human fellows. Technology will develop one way or another. Someone will always invent something or have a new idea, but if there is only Dystopia and hopelessness awaiting us, what could technology help with that? Your phone, your tablet or TV can’t remove the pain inside your heart, it can only make you forget about it for some time or even make it worse. The technology is not the problem, but if we only focus on it, instead of the living beings behind it and around us, we soon and already have a big problem.

“Eliminate all humans.”

I don’t think so and I hope, that this is not a future which will happen. Therefor be more open towards each other, care for each other and show that you are not a monster (or are sick of being one). Mistakes will always be done, but we don’t have to make things worse than they are. Often the original mistakes or problems one human has or made, weren’t that bad or much of a problem. But because this human either feels alone or gets rejected by ohers, this problems could grow and then become actual problems. From fear could evolve hate, from pain could evolve heartless actions, from stress could evolve cancer and many other things.

And again, I am just a guy with thoughts in his head. I have no certificate or something to say that I am right or something. I just want to say what is inside my head. And most importantly for me, I don’t want anyone to be hurt or to do something radical. If you look back in history, radical things, like revolutions and wars, usually didn’t change much. It was more the contrast of before and after and the people who were already thinking different. Often the revolutions and such things get called as THE major change, while actually the realization afterwards made a difference or often individuals, who did unexpected things. Maybe not even knowing themselves what it could cause. Like the end of the USSR or the Berlin wall opening. These were more or less peaceful changes, actually caused by mistakes.

(Gorbatschow just wanted to do something good by giving the option to be independent (I think) and caused the end of the whole USSR.)

(The man who said, people could travel outside of the DDR, didn’t read the last part of the new law. This lead to him answering the question with: “I think, it is valid from this point on.” (or something like that). So everyone who wanted, did rush to the check points.)

(To be fair, the systems were already pretty run down, but without these people, the situations could have been a lot different and worse.)

“Violence causes only more violence.”

Love should “cause” more love.

Peace in mind, is peace – not killing everyone else who has a different opinion.

Living together in harmony while having different ideas and opinions is peace.

If every cell in your brain would do the same, you are probably brain dead or should question, why you need so many, while in the end just one would be enough for the job.

People used to die, brain cells used to die, but there also used to grow new ones. If they die, before the old ones die, we soon be dead altogether. Brain dead or dead as humanity. Let’s not work on that, instead let us work on making the future better and brighter again. 🙂

You guys already do this, I am not sure what I do, but I also hope to do something good. I want people to get hope and not loose the last bit of hope, should they have some left.

💜 Love you, people of the internet, people of the world! 😀

(Old, but gold)

I already weeped a little today and I feel like it again now. And each time I can weep, it feels so good because the pain shrinks.

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