Donkeys are smart

All the time the word “donkey” gets used as something bad. At least as far as I noticed.

“You stupid donkey!”

But when I once read a random story in the bible, I realized that getting called a donkey should be an honor. Why? Well, I hope I remember the scene correct.

Sadly I don’t know where it was in the bible, but maybe some of you can search it for themselves or know it already. And again, this is not about me trying to convince to be a christian or something. I am just open minded and try to actually understand the things I am talking about. So are you, I guess.

The scene in the bible goes like this:

A man wanted to go somewhere and had only a donkey to travel. So he was riding the donkey and probably wanted it to move faster. At one point the donkey stopped pretty harsh. The man shouted at him something like: “Stupid donkey, move!” And tried to get him to move. Then all of a sudden the donkey started to speak, God gave him a voice. And the donkey said something like: “Don’t you see the angel standing in front of you? He points a sword towards you. Wouldn’t I have stopped, the sword would have killed you. Just a little move and you could have been dead.”

Then the man was obviously pretty confused and scared and all. I don’t really know where he wanted to go and what after this happened. But God wanted him to do something else instead, so he sent an angel. But the man was so focused on his own target / goal, that he wasn’t able to see the big angel. So the donkey had to tell him and had to save him. If the donkey would have not, against his “master’s” will, stopped, the master would have been dead.

What tells us this scenery? Nothing indeed is as it seems. And donkeys aren’t stupid. 😀

So the next time someone calls you a “stupid donkey”, you could say: “Yes, I am a donkey.” (maybe just to yourself).

I hope it helped. This just came in mind, so I wrote it down.

Sometimes I think, that no one actually has interest in the things they use to believe. But then I find people who think similar, who actually dig deeper and so I know that not all is lost.


And when you just look at a genre or how people look, you will never know.

Sometimes you might burn your hands, but often you could find soulmates in places, where everyone else just sees monsters and darkness.

But it depends. Don’t get yourself into trouble, if you are not ready. Don’t trust the wrong people, they could act like angel. Don’t trust me, I could be a monster. If you are strong, if you have love, if you search love, you will find. But if you believe everyone wants this, well I guess you know what I mean.

Don’t expect someone in a black suit to be your friend, but also don’t just see an enemy, just because they look different. Be it the skin, the face, the gender, the cloths, be it the believe they have or the way they act. You always have to decide for yourself, feel for yourself and think for yourself. If I tell you, go into the forest, because it helped me, maybe you will get killed or ran over by a bunch of animals. I don’t know what is good for you, I only know, what could be bad.

The donkey only gets called dumb and stupid, because the donkey thinks it is stupid. But when it knows, it isn’t, the world will change. Will it? I don’t know. I can only hope, hope for the better, but I expect the worst.

The next time you might see a donkey or maybe when you look into the mirror, be aware of its power, be aware of its kindness.

In my eyes, Jesus was a donkey, when it comes to “Donkeys are smart”.

He even mentioned something like: “Would you save your donkey, when he is in a whole on Sabbath?” When people called him names, just because he helped people on the Sabbath. People… people probably would let the donkey die.

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