What war should be

Not how war has been

> Spread love not hate

(The following is what I wrote last Saturday night.)

The man with gun can only kill you, if you believe that you are dead, when he pulls the trigger.

Should a bear be at your door, you can either invite him or close the door. But maybe he wanted your honey.

A number is just a number, a value to count, to compare.

The numbers representing people, will never show the character, the face, the eyes and life behind it all.

If you see behind the numbers, then it is hard, but better, than ignoring them all.

When I play video games in which I am commanding units, soldiers, I am counting on them. And when they die, I am paying respect to them.

In games where I could either fight with them and command them myself or choose automatic battle, I almost always play myself. I always valued the impact and “life” one of the troops could have. I even played a 2 vs 400 battle. I just had the two. Well, this one really was pointless because there was no chance to win the fight. I just wanted to see whether they could at least get down some enemies before they either die or get captured. I payed respect.

You could say “computer games are not real life, but maybe you haven’t seen what I have seen. This means, that I sometimes or often was totally in the game(s). To a point when for me each life actually matters.

So in my case, I would probably have a high problem with deciding, when others could have a better plan. But when it is clear, that I am the one to command and to develop a plan, I do it. As best as possible. (I can’t do things under pressure or in general, if other people are involved in my decisions.)

For example: Would I have to protect a bunch of people against a horde of evil enemies, I would try to make it possible to win, no matter what. Or find a way to escape with them, if possible.

But my problem is, that I usually can’t explain what I am doing while in action. Usually this would mean that someone has no plan or idea, but in my case this often is the lack of confidence and the ability to find words for my thoughts. Writing helped with that. (Because by the amount of what I am writing, you could think that I am confident, that I always speak what I think and all, but the reality is, that I usually didn’t speak at all or just stupid things because I thought I could be wrong.)

Rules usually make my life a lot harder, especially if they don’t make sense to me. This means, that I already have a high standard and moral codex inside of me and other rules only block me or interfere.

Some rules could be good and then I accept them, but if the rule is strange or against my believe / moral codex, I could ignore it.

(The reality is, that I valued other people’s rules way too high for most of my life, to a point in which I called them always right, even though I thought they are probably wrong. Even my driving teacher once said: “You have to accept yourself as part of the traffic.” or something like that, because I was waiting and letting others drive, while I actually could have. I always felt weird and guilty when I wanted something because my life taught me that I have no right to do what I want. I still did things I wanted, but it was often pretty weird.)

Should I be an officer in the military and my task would be to execute enemies, I would reject.

For those of you who don’t know, in military it is usually against the rules, if you don’t follow commands.

Depending on the impact and maybe how often this happens, you will get thrown out or even killed.

This is why I can’t go to the military because it usually implies some kind of immoral things. (And I in general don’t like concept of military)

If I could safe every life, I would.

The problem is, you usually can’t.

Because of my life and games other people and their stories, I learned a lot.

In a war, I would have the ability to motivate people to fight or maybe even to bring peace.

Because it is about the “Why?”, “How?”, “Why not?” and most important at last, “Can you do it?”.

One can laugh about war (when seen as easy, honorable and like a game), you can cry (when you see the nonsense and pain and all horrible things it brings) or you can do both. When you cry and laugh because you love each one of the people you try to defend and safe, you can fight.

The usual military approach would be emotionless, “rational”, success driven and more about numbers and less about people.

Whenever you can stop a war or even pretend, you should do it (if the solution is better and not to the very disadvantage to one of the parties).

A war is not pretended, not stopped, if there is not a clearance and somewhat equal outcome. (This is difficult and not always possible.)

If you start (or better before) a war yourself, consider that you could be wrong about the reason. Also think, that there could at any time someone else start a war against you.

Be it a 1vs1, a war between nations or some groups.

In my case, I would only “start” a war, if there already is a war ongoing. So actually just to help on one side or trying to stop the war, as a “neutral” / peacemaker party. (Like UN troops or red cross are meant or were meant to be)

The usage of the word “love” in or with war, could sound crazy, irrational and not plausible.

-> Where in war is love?

But when you can safe a life and you do it, isn’t that love?

More empathy in general, the love for people / humans and their lives.

In order to survive war, without going crazy, you have to know why you fight.

-> “For what do I fight?”

It should never be a promise (someone made to you), dead things or money. Fight for your loved ones, defend them and don’t forget the other side also has loved ones (usually).

But if you know, they don’t have some, still don’t kill for the killing. Only kill, if there is no other way to defend. (Often there is.)

The best solution is, to scare the enemy away. Also traps are good, traps which catch, but not kill. (A few people can scare a whole army, if the army doesn’t know they are being attack by just a few people.)

If you want to win no matter what, you will loose one day. If you want to defend and win, if the cause and cost is acceptable, you will win.

The solution for winning always, is to know the risk and all questions with their answers. But it doesn’t always have to be written down, doesn’t have to be clear in numbers or words. In order to know, what you can accomplish, you just have to open your heart and feel what would be, should you “just” give up.

If you win, when you defeat the enemy, if you win when you surrender, if you win when you die, you always win.

Now you might think “But when you die, you lost!”.

Sure, you usually see it this way, but if all people would be willing to die for peace, no one would have to die.

The “war” is only lost, if you give up.

And it is important that whatever “war” you fight: peace, hunger, freedom, justice, child care, human rights, etc., don’t forget that the enemy should never be seen as unequal. Your enemy is always just as strong as you are, otherwise you would have won already. Also don’t forget: Lives are more important than goals. Don’t let others die for your goals. Fight with them, show everyone on your side how to command, how to defend and what the questions and answers are. Don’t let them blind. Only if you see the same as the others on your side, you are one. Should you die, everyone else should continue.

This means, that there can’t be one who leads all, because if the “one” falls, all fall.

In other words, everyone fights together alone, but for the same cause. Some could work together, some can work alone, but the goal and rules should all be seen the same way. Don’t forget, it is about understanding and not propaganda or “we are”/”you are”/”I am” right. This way, you have to find a way to fight, but to teach and not to eliminate your enemy. If everyone understands, there would be no reason to fight against each other.

Your enemies: Death, monsters, fear

Your “weapons”: look in the mirror, or let someone else help you to see them

Your special “weapon” and booster: Love!

(I listened to this multiple times)

Thank you for going through this wall of text. 🙂

And should I confused you again: I don’t want people to die, I want people to live and I want peace. But sometimes you have to defend yourself and fight against others in order to accomplish peace and love. And you have to teach other people, but by killing them, you don’t do that.

Inspired by: IP MAN, La Casa de Papel / Money heist, Stargate and many more

Spread the love! ❤

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